Wednesday, 11 June 2008


After the week I update my blog, I'd started with my computing individual assignment. haizz...not my favourite subject, ask me to learn better than ask me to study. Girls usually are not familiar with those computer items or knowledges, like me lo! I don't like the teaching way of my computing lecturer. He just prefer we know everything then when we say we don't know, he'll just ask us to find out ourselves. lolzz!! What such a "GOOD" teaching way?!

Luckily my elder brother has 2 months of sem break, so he can helps me whenever I need. I ask him everything what I have to do in my assignment eventhough the title also I ask him to think for me.hehe! cause I want a title that is familiar but easy for me to do. So I've choose the comparison between operating system-Windows Vista and Windows XP. But, what a "GOOD" problem appear when I'm going to start it after searching so many info. That is, I found out that my topic was same with someone when I was having a conversation with a friend. lol... Luckily that time I still not start so much on it yet, just started the intro part, so that time I decide to change to compare with Windows Vista and Mac OS X. But a problem appear later when I can't find so much info about Mac OS X then I find my friend-OYMY to help me about it. At last, he give me an idea to do Ubuntu Linux. So, my final title is the comparison between Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux.

I had done it sampai nak mati begitu.alamak!! I had started to do my assingment overnight since sir has change the deadline to the next Monday. Coz I have to go Penang on Friday to attend my cousin sister's wedding party and come back on Sunday. Totally no time for me to touch in between those days. But I also cant even finish it.

By the day I came back-Sunday, I start to feel nervous with it. At night I really rush and rush and rush. Do you know what time I done until?? I DINT SLEEP FOR THE WHOLE NIGHT!! T.T 6am have a while of break and have my breakfast then 6.30am print out my assignment.

This was the 2nd time I do that. I still remember last time when I was form 4 was the Add Maths project. Hope that this wont happen next time la! aih... really feel tired for the day after. I sleep whenever there is break.

another two weeks^_^

(broken English anywhere, just hope you can understand lah!^_^)
Another two weeks I'm inactive in my blog again after the 6 posts being posted continuously last month. Actually I'm not free to update it instead everyday I was doing my computing assignment which has to pass up on the 5th week, means last week. I really rush and rush on it after a "GOOD" and big problem I found it before the week of deadline. But luckily that time I still not yet start so many on it, it is just wasting my time to do so many searching. aih...

I prefer who are reading or just have a look in my blog may want to know what I'm doing recently. Since I'm not free for the weeks, so I may accumulate and update my blog later when I'm free, specifically for some events with picture lah!^_^