Monday, 28 December 2009



这不长又不短的假期我也很享受在家的感觉,最开心的是有的去玩 XD 我没像朋友们那么勤奋地做工赚钱,因为我想享受一下学生假期生活,再多一年半载就没得享受了哦!哈哈!
11月头,北上槟城玩了一趟;接着南下麻坡探亲;12月北上江沙出席婚宴;再来北上泰国合艾吃喝玩乐;明天。。。^^ 跟朋友南下新加坡去走走玩玩 XD 这个假期就是特地去出了个人的旅游护照,以为只是出来摆美,派不上用场,呵呵!真的用得着哦!^^ 这19年以来,我也真的是第一次到北上南下的邻国去。我好像森林出来的朋友呵=D 因为我真的很happy有得去旅行嘛!以前小时候不知道为什么别人家就能出国旅行,而我家就不能甚至没机会,现在懂了,明白了,就希望日后还有机会吧!




Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Hat Yai 3D2N

Last Wednesday, my mum brought 3 of us went to Hat Yai, Thailand with her friends. I were so happy and excited with the trip. WooHoo!! I love travelling, while this was the first time I have my own passport to have oversea vacation^^ (Last time when I was kid got when somewhere la!but forgotten lu~~ that time was join passport with parents one) Well, 3 cars, drove from KL at 4.30am to Thailand. Luckily I'm not the driver =) Sitting private car to travel is so fun, but pity the drivers la! Departure day, we woke up at 3.30am@@ Feeling the darkness and freshness along north-south highway, it was shrouded in mist. In between, we had stopped for breakfast at Bidor and rest station. It is familiar to me along the highway to Penang, after Penang, I stayed clear to look around, while my bro stayed clear to follow car, speed up to 150km/h. If me, my heart sure jump out already.

As we know, Kedah is rich with rice straw, this was the first time I saw it along the highway...

Before passing the border of Malaysia and Thailand, we had stopped at one small restaurant at Kedah to arrange those document that need for boarding.

Thailand's customs, where we had to queue up for a chop. Before that, there is Malaysia's customs, but only do scanning work.

Yeah yeah!! After passing the border, it took an hour to reach our destination. It is just go straight, straight and straight.

Hotel that we stayed. It's not the grand one, but it looks good^^ Somemore near those places we were going, especially the small and big pasar, night market, places to eat.

lap lap zap zap things here and there... bags, shoes, slippers, handicraft, etc...
can you imagine the taste of fried durian chips and dried jack fruit@_@
and we can see many hawkers sell bird nest tong shui =.= (want to taste the real one better go to the shop la^^ it's not that expensive too)

We went to watch 'aqua' show on the 1st day too, at Hansa' Cafe Super Club. This is the small show la. Tiger show more different, cause got under 18, so...
They all are 'aqua', believe it or not??^^

Second day, we walked around everywhere, eat and visit around. We visited few temples. In the photo, the middle one is actually all made by steel, it will looks copper on sunset time when the sunshine is still very bright. (Left corner: the uncle funny lol XD) While night, we went to visit a lantern exhibition.

Makan makan makan...
I didn't even feel hungry over there, because...finish eat, then drink, finish drink then eat...
Pork satay, McD pork burger, yao zha guai with kaya, tom yam... ... fried chicken, chicken rice, coconut, hot milk, kuih-muih, mee soup... ... WAH! Really a lot@_@

The day we back, let's look at the Thailand's customs@_@ LONG QUEUE!! The day we went was just wait for 3 to 4 people only. Luckily we went on weekdays.Hoo...
Visited the duty free shop after passing customs, bought some chocolate but not wine, cause need to stay 4D3N only duty free.

We also discovered that most Thailand's people keep 'branded' dogs *.*

p/s: Too many photos to arrange, so I can just shared part of it. Between, thanks for visit^^