Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Semester 3---END!!!
NOW---Semester 1... for degree

Yes, now I proceed to degree already. My degree life will be started next Monday. Arh... I also don't know what is my feeling now @_@ Fees, X.X Now just hope I can get ptptn loan as lesser the burden for my dad to pay all at once. A bit feel like so bad to study so expensive, not such a rich person and clever in study but need to spend so much to study. Arh... Now, as not to disappoint my parents, I think I should study 'properly', how 'properly' should I study? I also don't know, may be add more effort as compare to my foundation??!

One day burn that much of money, but my dad got to work for don't know how many months only can get that amount. I really feel bad with it. Sorry!! Well, I also quite scare to discuss the fees with my parents before the day of enrolment. But need to thanks my dad to support it. I will do fewer unnecessary 'burn money activity' compare to last time lah..

My timetable, another thing we are so @_@ with it. In 5 days of classes, almost 4 days are 8am-6pm... ALAMAK!!! More even, in between there are 4 hours break T_T If I am living around college, I won't blame with it, but the fact is NOT... aiyo... 16 hours wasted 1 week. Some more everyday need to suffer from traffic jam when go and also back. aih... Hope there are changes when college reopen!

Monday, 27 April 2009

吴卓羲 RON NG!!!

昨天RON来大马在金河广场为《TVB巨星MEGA LIVE》做造势活动。我又再次跟我弟一起到现场去支持他哟^_^ 续上次跟我弟去支持他都已两年了,这次我弟又陪我一起去,因为都没认识其他fans可以一起去呀!哈哈!有认识人也会叫我弟一起去的咯^^ Same thing. Haha! Well, RON昨天穿得很红,刚巧颜莞倩的fans也是穿红衣的,有点像做了莞倩的fans那样。哈哈!昨天都没相机,因为我哥拿了,所以唯有用手机来拍。还可以看喇!只是小了点,因为zoom in就不美了。希望下次去支持他是带部专业相机去咯!哈哈!或者带我哥去,but他是帮忙拍照的喇^_^ 昨天站的位子不是对正舞台的,但是还可以喇!还好香港艺人就只有他,不然场面就失控咯!各派fans都到场到时站都没有我的份儿了。哈哈!那场造势活动也未免太快了吧?访问一会、玩游戏、三个人各唱一首歌,RON唱了男人之苦主题曲-金刚,差不多半个小时就结束了。




Redang Trip ~3rd day~

Last day, nobody set alarm. So everyone woke up quite late. But actually I already woke up 6am for packing and some purpose(just in case one of my roommate can't wake up then I got to help her packing). But luckily she woke up. After preparing, I went out to corridor walk around. I saw all rooms were cold like hell, the window and even the door knob also full of water droplets. While our room's air-cond remote control gone. At last they said another room took already, so our room's air-cond just force to off it. By the time, still nobody wake up. Our boat would be dapart at 9.30am. I sms Lay Peng, Edward and David, but no one reply. lol... Then suddenly saw Tze How came out from his room. He is the one who wake up only. I go and knock Sam's room, cant believe Poh Jin is the one who open the door. lol... Seems like everyone is still in their dream, so Terence, Tze How, David, Fui Teng, Bee Yee and me go for our breakfast first. Totally no appetite for that morning, but force to eat so, cause I scare I would dizzy in the boat again. The boat for that day is different with the first day one, so I felt relieved. Last fun for us is before we arrived at the jetty, the 'driver' of the boat drift here and there. haha!

Bus again, everyone looks like very sad with it, me too. One word-TIRED. When we arrived at the bus station, we went to McD to wait for another bus back to KL. Again-TIRED. We went back by Transnasional double-decker bus. We sat upstairs. Another word-HOT! What a hot bus was that? Can't even breath la! Everyone sweat around, and can't get into sleep although the sits are quite comfortable, everyone just looking for rest station.
Wah!! Take so long time already but we still not on the highway yet. hmmm... boring+tired. At last, we reach right at 8pm. Hooray!

Miss the trip so much, but now my hands get some dot and sometime quite itchy. Lip too, feel itchy. No cough but no sound. I think something I'm allergic to and also because of the hot weather. EVERYBODY, DRINK MORE H2O(WATER) ya! Everytime I went out for trip sure get some light sickness one. haizz... But get use to it already, everytime just get ready. Really enjoy with the trip^_^

Redang Trip ~2nd day~

Early in the morning, about 6am, Edward and David were knocking every room. They actually wake us up to look for the sunrise. But my roommates slept like a pig, no respond at all when they knocked the door and even my alarm was rings. lol... Fui Teng still ok, but THE Bee Yee-dai xiu jie, aih... really need to shake her up. Waiting and looking for the sunrise for almost 1 hours more, then someone went for jogging. Lately, we played volleyball. Haha!! I cannot run due to my injured toes, so I just stand still and wait for the ball^_^

Today had 2 session of snorkelling, 9.30am and 2.30pm. So, after breakfast, I went for a bath and wait for the session. Morning session's snorkelling, again, I followed one abang with Bee Yee. He bring us a lot of fun la!! I still remember is he swim under the water and take a sea cucumber to show us, when I ask him is't sea cucumber, he answer me:"NO! DON'T YOU SEE IT IS A MOTOROLA HANDPHONE." -.-lll Along the journey, he makes lots of joke, we got to get up to laugh before continue. lol... While 2.30pm, we went to marine park. There have more coral and fish, but more dangerous than previous one. This time, no abang at all, so we just follow and hold guys. Pity you all to take care us la!!^_^ Wave around over there, we almost float out of the limit already.

Tea time, then go and play for the last. Sam taught us swimming^_^ I have learned wa shi style(don't know ist call breast stroke) So happyXD Without life jacket, I can float here and there also. But in swimming pool I cant make it la^_^ Yeah!! So excited to swim.

Then, next round. I don't think it is a right choice for me to write it out. So, for those who are going, you must have a good memory!! ^_^

Redang Trip ~1st day~

Finally, I'm here to blog for my Redang trip.

They are 16 people went to this Redang trip, they are Sam, Poh Jin, Lay Peng, Lee Yee, Bee Yee, Fui Teng, Edward, David, Terence, Tze How, Weng Kit, Chris, KS, Jaz, Xian and me. We were getting there by bus. For the first night, we were actually having our "sweet time" in the bus. For a long journey, but I cant even get into sleep@_@ About 5am, we reach. What?? 5am!! We got to wait for another 2 hours until 7am only have bus to travel us to the jetty. lol... That time, everyone was actually quite tired because didn't get a good sleep along the journey. Then just blaming that why don't we go by aeroplane. haha! ok! 7am, get into another bus to jetty. This is also a long journey. But quite curious is, everyone was get into sleep although the bus is not as comfortable as the previous one. wow!! Don't know what time only we reach the jetty, then another 45minutes to travel to Redang Island by boat. No breakfast for that morning+the boat 'jump' here and there, make me feel dizzy and vomit@_@ By the time we reach, it was almost lunch time already.

Listening for short briefing, pay for snorkelling equipment, collect keys, change shirt, lunch then wait for snorkeling session. First time been to snorkelling, quite excited XD And can tell you one thing is all girls don't know swimming, except Sam, she is still learning. While all guys know swimming except 1 or 2 of them. But luckily is guys more than girls. haha! When snorkelling time, I followed a crew over there, normally we call them abang. If you are not scare to them, there are some advantages to follow them. That one I followed he bring me to see a lot of thing, include nemo fish.

After tea time, we went to look for small shark. But I think only 1 or 2 people saw it. Then swim to climb on a stone, bring by someone la! Don't know how to swim la^^ The stone is so slippery, so hard to get on it. When got it, I still think that "how I'm going to go back to the beach leh?" A while later, I saw Fui Teng's toes were bleeding, then I shout at her. So funny is, she look back to my toes, my toes seems like more serious than hers, cause more blood around. lol... Actually those blood on her toes is my blood -.-lll what the... 4 toes injured, the most serious one is my left leg's big toes, bleed none stop, but I had no feeling at all, until my friend hold me back to the beach only I felt the pain. He still want to open my wound. OMG! Another friend still scare me, he said if too serious need to stitch. wahT_T

Quite excited to have such fun, but this make our hair and lip so dry...

Saturday, 25 April 2009


Finally, I'm back from 3 days 3 nights Redang Trip. Actually I'm back on Thursday night. Why I didn't update yesterday or today about the trip? haha!! Yesterday, I almost sleep for the whole day. I was sleeping from 12.30am to 1.30pm. 13 hours!!! First time for me@_@ When I awake, I saw my younger brother was actually back from his school already. lol... That time I still think that ist my dad didn't go to work ar??! ^^ The other reason for today is my body very itchy la!!! I think there must be something I am allergic to. Thats why I cant even sit properly and concentrate to blog today, so I will blog it lately.

I found that there is really a lot of fun in Redang. Although it is the first time getting out with my college friends, I can feel the enjoyment when we all being together.

HAPPY HOLIDAY!! See you all 1 week later^_^

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Relax after exam

After exam, for sure we must relax. haha! So next week, I will be going to Redang with my college friends, and it is also the first time we are going to have overnight trip. Tomorrow night, we will be leave from KL. It is time for preparing now.

Recently, I was bought a pack of contact lens, it is also due to this trip only I requested for it. It is one day disposable type, and it is also the first time I bought it. Quite curious that when I requested for it, my mum didn't even mumble me, but ask me to go and ask. wow! unbelievable. For this time, my dad does mumble a bit. haha! He said waste money. aih... I just don't want to wear spec while having activities jek... Just 15 days to use it only. As the short-sightedness for my left eye and right eye not a big different, so the seller recommend me to buy one pack enough. If not, got to buy one pack for left eye and another pack for right eye. I also quite lucky, cause there are stock for me. hehe!!

this is the one... ^_^ 15 days for one pair of eyes... looks like toothpaste box hor?! haha!

Yesterday was my younger brother's birthday. Wish him a HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! Well, your beg will be get it soon la... hehe!! Finding... Yesterday I ask him to open a sparkling juice act as a small celebration. haha!! sott sott@_@

3rd semester exam is over

Finally, I've finished the last exam for my foundation. What I expect is to pass all the 4 subject then can smoothly let me progress into degree. Now I have 2 weeks holiday, and result will be announced soon in this 2 weeks holiday.

Well, the first subject was management. I still remember that day we were 5 minutes late to the classroom, I think it was not my fault just because some incident was happened suddenly. I don't know whether I had did well or not. There were 4 out of 6 questions must be done, luckily there were 4 questions I had full idea and points on writing it, but still need to see how my lecturer mark the paper. From the 2 test she marked before, we seems to be not so satisfy with her marking 'skill', don't know how to explain about it. haizz...

Second paper-English. 3 essays+comprehension+grammar in 2 hours!! wow!! We have to arrange our time properly, as to make each part to spend only 30 minutes. So, I start my comprehension at first, then memo+grammar for the other 30 minutes, then 1 hour left for business letter and contrast essay. Yes!! I did it in time. This time was not as tension as last time, so we felt relax while studying. I still remember my friends and I were studying together via Skype before the day of exam ^_^

Statistic... It was held on Friday evening:5-7pm. lol... so "early"!! So actually I was doing nothing on Thursday, Friday only studied for it. For me, this subject is the most easiest compare to the other 3 subjects. I was quite relax while studied it. But my friend make me felt so tension as he very nervous with it.

Last~Cost Accounting. Feel so tired after having statistic exam, almost 8pm something only back to my house. After dinner, bath... it was already 10pm something. So, study? Yup!! sure. Although pass already. So, I quickly studied those counting work, theory? I almost give up, just studied the advantages and disadvantages of LIFO, FIFO and AVG method. Luckily, it came out in the exam. For section A, we had to do 3 out of 5 questions. I had done all, because there were quite some time for me to finish it. But it seems like not a good job, cause my lecturer won't choose for the highest mark but the first 3 questions. ARH!!! I have more confident on the last 2 questions than the first 2 questions. DAMN it!!! now it means that, originally I can get an A- but now maybe down gred to B- already...

Friday, 17 April 2009

Exam week...

Haha! Late update for this. This week is my foundation 3rd semester final exam, and so it will be the last exam for my foundation. Just hope I can pass it then I can continue my degree for the next semester. All the best to my classmates and friends also!! tambah minyak!!

Management-Tuesday(14 Apr 09)

English-Wednesday(15 Apr 09)

Statistic-Friday(17 Apr 09)

Account-Saturday(18 Apr 09)

Stress? Tension? I also don't know. But a little of it sure have...

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Dinner for the night

wOw!! Just now all the dishes are yong tau fu food. All are homemade by my mum one. aih... A lazy daughter didn't even help with it. Feel so sorry. My mum seldom make yong tau fu one, normally will just eat or buy outside. Due to everyone is not that hungry because of the spaghetti at noon, so my mum just decide to make a light dinner.

this one is use the long bean roll and roll, if not mistaken I think is called bean curl, then put some filling(fish)...

normally we don't eat chili one, but mum still make it, cause fried chili normally not spicy...

the last but not the least, brinjal and bitter gourd with filling also.


今天我爸没上班,一整天就像星期日了,因为平时他都是星期日早上一辆一辆车驾去给人清洗的。今天一起床就看见大家都好像很忙酱,我妈去了菜市,接着就轮到我爸出了去,当时我猜他应该是去洗车吧,因为我以为今天是星期日嘛!^_^接着再接着,就我和我弟要去洗脸。出门之际,没想到要驾车去的,就叫我哥载我们去咯。怎知道原来家里只剩我爸的车哟。。@_@ 除了我爸和妈会驾我爸那辆老车以外,家里就没有人会驾了,虽然大家都会驾manual。Then? 等咯!aih... 一会儿就出了去。

整个月都不很得空,所以都已一个月没去洗脸了。伤咯伤咯!在洗脸的时候就一直有人拨电给我。大佬!当时我的眼都被盖着了呀!就任由它一直在振。过后看看原来是WK @_@ 急call急到酱。lol... 知道的朋友应该知道他要什么。今天没心情出去,so拖到明天才帮他了。过后他又要我的MGT note。上个semester也是last minute向我拿MGT note结果考到A咯!没有谢谢我。aih... 刚刚下午就来了我家拿note去复印。

刚刚下午天气好热哟!!热到顶不顺。But突然间阴沉沉,下起雨来。爽!!^_^ 我就去睡了个午觉。突然电话铃声响起,不是很想去接的,因为太大声了,不接不可哟!原来是Bee打来。她问我在不在家,要拿“炸弹”给我,我就说明天才给可以吗。。。。。。就是要我起来了。。walao!!怎好意思要你山长水远,还要你爸驾辆大车来送份“炸弹”给我leh??!lol... 不好意思咯!!真的谢谢你的皮萨^_^ 不讲也不知道,其实我已吃了三餐西餐,lol... 卡路里多到!!先是昨晚的鸡扒餐,再来今午的意大利面,然后就是Bee Yee homemade的皮萨。@_@





Sunday, 5 April 2009



上个星期,就实在是忙、忙还是忙咯!!三天都凌晨三点才睡,讨论Account's assignment之余还要兼顾到测验。aih... 为的不是什么高不高分,只是为了通过各科的及格率。

这个星期by right我应该跟我的家人回乡清明的,最后我们三兄弟姐妹都没跟。一个学校运动会,一个即将考试,一个纯粹是因为家里没车逼不得已在家。

不明白为什么好像很多人不很喜欢那大结局,可能是个人的眼光吧!但我就觉得ok,可以接受啊!hehe^_^ 希望也期待《学警4》的出现。很不错的一套警察戏,因为这样,Laughing哥变Laughing sir,他的角色也被邀请拍部电影了,真是深入民心。但我朋友一定讲我卖花赞花香的喇!不理他们了,因为我就是喜欢观赏警察戏嘛,还难得《学警》有延续下去,就希望有机会收藏,等有机会我一定会去买的。

要知道更多关于Laughing哥=Laughing sir的消息就快点到TVB网站去成为他的“靓”(手下)吧!!

好久没跟中学的gang一起见面、喝茶了。上个星期就被邀请去了Jeffrey的生日会,跟好久不见的同班同学聚一聚,庆祝Jeff生日。Jeffrey,迟来的祝福-Happy Belated Birthday^_^

全家福 =D

昨天也出了去跟另一gang喝茶,到的又是那几个咯!Yi Zhen, Bee Yee, Shi Yeong, Fui Teng, Huei Min和我咯!我们忘记做件事咯!~~拍照~~ 哎呀!然后想说对不起因为早走,SORRY!!