Sunday, 19 July 2009

Bon Odori event

Well, yesterday just went to the 33rd Bon Odori at Panasonic Sports Complex, Shah Alam. I went to this event before when I was Form 3. This time is requested by friends to go together. Actually every year is almost the same, my friends didn't go before, since I got car, so I drive and go with them. By the way, someone 'put aeroplane' lo... That is why I always don't promise people anything. Is ok. Haha!!

We depart at around 5.30pm from Federal Highway and reach at 6pm something(didn't notice what is the time^^). Wow! At the time we reached, there was already full of cars at the roadside. We have no choice to continue pass by those cars until turn in to the Shah Alam Nirvana Memorial Park to find for parking. lol~~~ Ok! After parking, another long journey to walk to the stadium @_@

(You can click for larger picture)

Go and take fan. You see this two fellow, one not enough, go and choose and take another 2 fans@_@

Me~Lay Peng~Fui Teng
(My younger brother-cameraman^^)

Yeah! The stage for the night...

Then, we look around to find Sze Yin. Find~Call~Find~Call~
Thought she was already up there...(the balloon)XD

Time to eat~~
We buy Takoyaki to share.
Quite a long queue, but... XD

Erm... You cannot expect any cheap food over there, what you deserve is just enjoy with it. Haha! We still buy japanese ice-cream, sausage, pancake (doraemon's favourite), green tea... Then find a place to sit and watch those people dance.

Japanese or Malaysian?
Their kimono (Japanese traditional clothes) are nice=D

They miss xut tiu (cantonese-雪条)so much...

Actually we want to find some Japanese who wear kimono to take photo one, but no result for it. When we found Sze Yin, she suggested us to walk around especially near the stage. So...

We met King and Izzad around those food stores... Haha!!
And some high school's friends...

And also my cousin sister^^ (I know she is going geh XD)

p/s: It is excited to go with friends.
p/s 2: Can see few dots on some of the photos, it is not my camera fault, is actually the environment over there, dusty+haze...

Friday, 17 July 2009

Bon Odori


Wish you have a nice and happy day ya!!!

Sunday, 12 July 2009


Luckily it had corrupted this weekend...
Luckily it was just last for 2 days...
Luckily my elder brother at home...
Luckily I'm not the last person who use it before it corrupted...
Really lucky...aih...

I still remember last Friday when I just back from Wangsa Maju, then my elder brother told me a bad news--our desktop computer corrupted. My first respond was "HUH! Can recover??" My elder brother then answer me "Luckily I found an OS to open it before I do reformat job..." Hu... Luckily... For me, there is not much important folders in the desktop, what I care is those 4GB photosss. Wow!! Thanks dai lou!!! If not, this few days I'm sure in bad mood.

Why I mention so much of luckily leh? Because this week I no need to rush for assignment yet, next week only is my rushing time; if my dai lou not coming back from campus this week, then I have no computer to use for the whole week [Don't know sai lou know how to gao dim or not??]; if I'm the last person before the computer corrupted, my sai lou sure blame me. haizz... haha!!

Well, my dai lou install another OS-Mandriva Linux to copy all important files then only reformat it. Now the computer have been finished reformat, so it has recovered^^ Thanks a lot!!

p/s: Don't you ask me how to do this type of job, cause I have 0% knowledge with it =D

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Happy Birthday BEE YEE

Leng Lui--BEE YEE
现在是不是幸福-ing- jek?? haha!!
Happy Everyday ya!!
Dont always laugh on my conversation la! I'm everyday also 'serious' de...

This blog title is for you today^_^

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Week 10

Now, it is already week 10. 3 assignments were passed up, now left 2 behind which should be passed up soon, and second test/quiz are coming. ARH!!! A busy life but boring ler... Everyday think think think, do do do, rush rush rush... But I should enjoy with it right?? A bit contradictory. Haha!! Besides busy for study, we also busy with friend's birthday. Prepare, think for present and places for celebrate. We should also enjoy with it right?? lol...haha!

After having holiday for 2 months time (I mean my elder brother), this week his University 3rd year life is started. Aih... I want him at home everyday!!! But I am already better than other people, I still can see my elder brother at least once a week. Again, contradiction. lol... =.=

p/s: 4 days of classes, most of the time are being spent in college, just hope to stay with family more frequent...

Wednesday, 1 July 2009