Monday, 31 August 2009

Busy day 5

~MON~31 AUG 2009~
ARH~~ Woke up at 8.30am @_@ The earliest time I woke up in the holiday... My 3rd uncle's family is going back today, so we take our break-lunch together with 4th uncle's family too.
Meet them up at hotel first then only we went to Taman Rashna to eat bak kut teh. haha!! 15 people but 3 tables cause all small tables lol...

Today is Malaysia 52th birthday, but this year sounds quiet because of AH1N1 virus and hari raya puasa I think. Normally this day, I will awake by the jet performance, but today's morning, not even heard my alarm sound lol... haha XD The weather is so nice and comfortable make me feel to continue my sweet dream.

Today only busy for half day at outside, but half day is busy with my ownself. After back from bak kut teh, my mum, younger brother and I went to Parkson to look for his slack, since the promoter said that there is sale tomorrow, so tomorrow only he go with mum to look for it again. His size ar... Hard to find lol...(size too small, normally minimum size is 30) Luckily Alain Delon have his size... Then went back home, hehe!! Is my entertainment time^^ Tomorrow start my short semester already, everything pack and pack, so enjoy enjoy first :-D TV time... Until night still TV time and blogging time...

p/s: woo... holiday end. busy around. But still so spirit yo^^

Busy day 4

Again, woke up early in the morning, cause have to go and collect the academy award gifted by the Malaysia Peng Siong Teh Clan Association. Since my elder brother and I also awarded, so whole family went together straight away to have lunch. We went around Masjid Jamek to collect our stuff then headed to KL to have lunch (the association treat the lunch to everyone who has reached). Aiyo! Jam here and there, haizz, especially at Jalan T.A.R and Masjid Jamek too@_@ Stalls here and there because Hari Raya is around the corner. But then, block the road woh!!! HAIZZ!!!

After lunch, we rush back cause relatives were coming oh! My 3rd uncle's family came to KL. So, busy mode never stop. hehe!! We headed to Pearl Point Hotel to meet them up. That was my first time step into Pearl Point Hotel and even the room oh!! Haha!! XD Just 3km from my house, but first time we was there. Wow! Their room scenery can see our house leh! Far distance la^^ I think KL scenery also not bad at night. Take a rest at our house and together with my 4th uncle's family went out to have dinner. 3 families=17 people had seafood dinner at Telok Gong, Klang^^ But this night went back quite early her... haha!! Cause?? Another busy day at the following day@_@

p/s: aiyoyo! busy but happy^^

Busy day 3

Aiyo! Everything were prepared and did by this day. Early in the morning, I woke up to wash everything, my bag, pencil case, jeans and shirts. Then, we went out to Jalan Loke Yew to have our breakfast. The purpose to go there was my dad has to buy a luggage for oversea and a sweater/jacket.
-Walk around in the shop-choose-buy-

Then, next round, we went to brickfield. I have 1 uncle who does pharmacy over there, so my dad went there to buy some sufficient medicine, and we just followed.

Next round again after that. Only left my dad and I, they dropped us at Mid Valley. I walked around with my dad to search something, almost every floor we had passed by, but he still cant find the teapot that his office needed. That time my legs were so tired already leh @_@ Find nothing but my dad still want to buy some shirts, so we walked around Jusco for his shirt, long sleeve, short sleeve and T-shirt, each one got one.

lol... pain pain pain la!! Finally can go back already. Haha! Went back by taxi pula. Then went back home, works coming. T_T sweep the floor. Cant even have a sit and rest yet lol T_T

Night, no cooking for the day, dinner at night market.

What such a busy day fulfill with activities for the whole day!

p/s: Luckily I'm free at that time.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Dad is 'flying' soon

Is a good news or bad news??
My dad will be going to work oversea very very soon. It has been talked for months ago, but it is confirm by this week only. He will follow his boss get over there, help to manage some of the management work. Well, he will go there by next Thursday, ya!! Is next Thursday!!! Walao!!! Really soon. Luggage not yet ready, and ... ... So, this few days, we walk around to search for everything. I think everything that he needs and wants to buy has to be prepare before Sunday as relatives will come over. Now, everyday also busy, everyone also busy. I am busy for my stuff and accompany mum for dad's stuff, younger brother is busy preparing his exam, elder brother also busy about his study, dad busy with his and family stuff and mum too. Here and there everyday...

My dad will be going there for 2 months, around 8 weeks, while my semester will be ended after 7 weeks. Then it means that when my dad came back, I am already in holiday. lol... -.-

Elder brother comes back every Thursday if there is nothing special for him to stay at Uni, so in normal days, left only my mum, younger brother and me at home. Wow!! Never experience such quiet days like that...

Hope everything will be fine soon. Good Luck to my dad! Yea^^

Busy day 2

Yesterday was also a busy day. Bee, Teng and me have planned to make our enrollment by yesterday. The feeling was back. Scared~~~ Scare I will retake @_@ Arh... As my mum not free to follow me to make payment, so my dad accompanied me. I wait him back from office at around 10am then we depart to college.

When I arrived, 2 of my friends were already in college. Bee sms asked me straight away go to level 3, no need to take result at level 2. Nervous nervous nervous~~~ So, I headed to level 3 as I reached. 2 of them have passed, me leh me leh?!?! ARH!!! Fortunately, passed all. Oh!! Luckily... But we don't know what is our gred yet, need to wait for the official result lately. Pass is enough!!! Wow!! Pass ENL207, but ENL208 is the toughest one T_T

Next semester will be a short semester, 7 weeks only with 3 subjects. Wow! It is not easy to pass the days. Ok! Do enrollment work. Sign for the subjects, walk around different department for signature or chop too then make payment, update our student ID, print out the timetable, finish.

As it will be a short semester, study weeks have been divided into half mean there are 7 weeks only, but each subjects' study period have been doubled. Almost everyday also study and meet the same subject and lecturer -.- Hope I can take it on. But I really scare ENL208, Mr Oliver is teaching us T_T Difficult, tough, suffer and hard to get a good mark but we get a good and responsible lecturer -.-

By the way, my friend called and ask me why don't we take only 2 subjects as it is a short semester, but 3 of us didn't think of it before, just proceed with what the people in-charged have chosen for us. Think it deeply, for us, it is actually same. Touch wood first. We think that IF we fail ENL208 in this Sept semester, we still can retake it in Jan semester; but IF only we start to take ENL208 in Jan semester, IF fail, then the time have to be delayed to retake. So, suffer it first, there is always the risk. Scare~~~ Aih...

Holiday is ended soon, so fast... aih... But after the short semester, there is almost 2+ months of holiday. Aiyo! Too much la -.- Suffer to wait for the dead or live of the result T_T

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Busy day 1

这天我们4位-Bee, Nee, Teng和我约好了一起出去逛街。这次去了Sg. Wang。现在大家都会驾车了,都不会想搭电动火车去,可能也是因为她们的缺点吧!哈哈!太有钱了^_^ 不包括我哟!因为我的优点=缺点=没有钱。哎!整天跟这几位富小姐一起都不知几时会破产哟!@_@ 为什么都在讲缺点太有钱呢?!因为那几位上个星期有去云顶的都在讲她们的缺点是太有钱、太多时间,所以我也要update一下她们的话题,and这是事实咯!我就因为没钱没时间,所以没跟她们上去咯!哎!^^ 还难得我上一个月整RMXX的零用钱都还没用到,好让我能跟富小姐们一起逛街去 XD

就知道有人会不想搭电动火车的了,所以我事先也有问清楚,Teng就一定不会想驾车下的啦!So最后还是搭电动火车去。去到那里逛呀逛、买呀买。刚开始Bee就在Parkson扫了4件衣物,因为是用voucher付款,难怪下手那么重啦!我们其他3位还很谨慎地选购。走到外面的店铺还有很多有的选leh!! 大家都在选购去上课普普通通、便便宜宜的T恤,还便宜过夜市的都有,RM7.90、RM8.90罢了,还有出街衣裤等。Wow!!^^ 买买买、休息吃午餐、再继续买买买。。。到最后,我总共用了RM50买了1件T恤、1件背心、1件短裤和1件外套哟!好开心野^_^ 可惜的是没买到看中的1间上衣和短裤。哎。。。

晚餐又一起解决,回到Kuchai的cafe去,也叫了其他朋友来join join。Wow!! 跟朋友满载而归的一天,节目排得满满的一天,好开心的一天,既是好忙的一天。哈哈!!



上个拜五,我弟又不知何故自己放假了,所以早上11点多我们一家就出发去。很喜欢回到乡下去,很喜欢那里的空气,早晚都那么地凉爽,可能因为那边比较多山吧!早上起床还可以看到蒙蒙的雾,就像云顶高原那样^_^ (哎! 去到哪都会听到一些人与人的是非,最讨厌的了) 回到去,休息一会,我们就走到路口的一间店铺去,外婆在那里摆大寿,我们去那里吃大餐。吃吃吃,拍照拍照拍照。表姐还问我们有没有带相机,哈哈!有!当然有!!我哥就当了当晚的camera man。哈哈!


枕头太硬啦!我两天都好像没睡好,翻来翻去,半夜还要被我妈拿走我带去的枕头T_T 没有东西抱着睡,唯有抱着我的被子了。第三天早上,又谈起天来了。十一点多那样我们就出发回KL。好舍不得哟!我现在放假在家没事做嘛,所以舍不得咯!半路又驶进了Kampar走马看花,其实也没什么好看,哈哈!去那里吃了一餐还像家里菜饭的午餐,好久没吃家里煮的饭菜了~.~ 在那里买饼,我喜欢吃的鸡仔饼:-D

回到家,哎哟!好累哟!吃好但没有睡好,头晕晕@_@ 还帮我哥做了一部分的assignment,第二天他要交哟!他帮了我酱多次,这次那么简单的剪纸工就由我来吧^^ 毕竟举手之劳嘛!


Friday, 21 August 2009

Laughing Gor之變節


p/s: balik kampung-ing-...

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Hehe^^ 19th ler... Today is my 19th birthday. Nothing special, just as normal.
But this year had celebration with friends. Haha!! Long time didn't cut cake, blow candle lol... In my memory one was last and last time when I was still studying in kindergarden.. haha!!
THANKS my secondary gang and college gang^^

My cake and present for this year^^ THANKS very much..YEA!!

One thing special for this year is, my birthday is at the same day according to both lunar(农历) and solar(阳历)calendar... Haha!! 八月十八日 and 六月廿八. Every 19 year will be like this for everyone, sometime also need to depends on the lunar calendar...

p/s: Happy^^

Yesterday night at Bukit Rimau

Yeah!! Yesterday night, with college friends had our BBQ gathering at Bukit Rimau Club House (KS's housing area). 3 of us went there quite late. Haha!! Sorry for that, cause... (don't ask me^^). First time been there, quite smooth on the way, cause I have checked properly for the way. Well, Bee drove, and we reached at around 8pm, sorry for late... Well, again sorry, cause didn't help for anything, except eat, really sorry.

Suddenly, I was wonder don't know who ask me something, then everyone was singing happy birthday song. lol... Haha!! I also don't know what respond should I give. keke^^ But really thanks you all, don't know you all will celebrate with me too. Actually I'm not so used to have any celebration one, so many people, scary scary, somemore have some people I don't know one... keke.. OK! Then, I make a wish, blow cake, following sure being force to pull the candle by mouth de la..haha!! And then hor, don't know who again, change the candle on the cake to watermelon, really push by someone to the watermelon, those watermelon juice... blek... But better than the creamy cake a lot more la.. Haha!! I'm lucky^^ Can do facial with watermelon juice XD Then sim somewhere else to avoid the 'cream war'. But also got kena little... My face smell milky ler... Then don't know why the feeling a bit weird weird, no people want to eat the cake, finally I have to bring the whole cake back...@_@
THANKS for the present, THANKS for the cake, THANKS for the celebration...
I don't have everyone contact, so I'll THANKS everyone over here...


Monday, 17 August 2009

Yesterday night at SS2 Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Hey!! Gang~~ Thanks for the celebration at yesterday night from Wai San, Yi Zhen, Bee Yee, Shi Yeong, Huei Min, Fui Teng and Helen!!
Haha!!^^ Thanks for the present too. I'm not don't wear, just not so like but wear and seldom wear only, depends on going wear mah... hehe!!
Well, Yeong, your present ok hor...^^ I feel like toy, so a bit pai seh to give you XD Hope you like it so...


~our present~

THANX my friends
from left to right: Wai San, Bee Yee, Shi Yeong, Yi Zhen, Helen, ME (EV), Huei Min & Fui Teng

Again, THANK YOU!!!
Lastly, THANKS^^

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Not officially mine, just have a touch^^

That day... Don't know when, in between my exam week la... Hehe!! Have a touch on a new Dell laptop. arlol... Really NICE! NICE!! and NICE!!! Dell Studio 15... wOw! The design really looks nicer than my dad's office one, Dell Inspiron 1420 @_@ Not bad if I get one^^ But upgrade my home desktop also ok for me already. Hehe!! So just dreaming enough =D
This laptop is actually owned by my uncle (last time take care of us one). So good, have a good laptop ^_^

This design is only the one that no need to pay additional $$

Button-less-, find and find... lol... The switch on button is at the side

NICE!! @_@

Another thing is car... new car-Viva Elite. Not officially mine but my brother^^ Also NICE!!! Nicer than the old design of Viva XD
His old car-Proton Iswara

Viva Elite

~HIS new car~
New manual car... I have to practice practice first, still not get used with the tide gear yet^^

Saturday, 15 August 2009


Finally, today is the last day of exam for my first semester of degree. How's my feeling now? Feel relief from the stress of studying those difficult stuff, but still worrying about the result of ENL and ECO. I just hope a pass, not more than that, it is enough for me already T_T aih... I am still confident in other subjects, only ENL is what I am worrying. Last week before exam, lecturer didn't even go to class, we didn't even have any last revision before the exam... She is just like suddenly disappear. lol... Under the condition of don't know the exam format, not enough time for me to write properly and think off the idea, I really scare I can't score for it. If the paper is not marked by our lecturer, I think I have only 1% of chance to score only T_T Then, have to undergo the retake process T_T

Arh... sad ar... Today also feel a bit unhappy. But my mood will recover very fast when there is any happy thing happens. So now, haha!! I'm in normal mood^_^

2 weeks holiday... But deduct the days of outgoing, actually can consider as one week holiday only... So, what am I going to do?? Hang gai gai with friends, family... ... and reactivate my facebook^^ Being scolded by many people already. Haha!!!

Left out some wishing before, make it now, sorry for late =D

10 Aug
(my leng lui cousin sis)
12 Aug
(my leng lui friend)

Wish dreams come true ya!!!

Monday, 10 August 2009

I'm having "fever"

I'm really having 'fever'! My classmates and course mates having 'fever' too!!!

we are having

Exam week... ... 10/8-15/8/2009

Friday, 7 August 2009

Random post for the week

After working for 3 days, it was still ok for the next Monday, but a bit tired, maybe not get used with it as I woke up late, cause the 3 working days I also slept at 12+am, wake up at 7am and took my breakfast outside. Haha!! That time I was still excited with the job^^ So, purposely skip the lab class at 10-12pm as it was the last lab class and go to college at 2pm. What a "good" thing happen was, 4-6pm presentation postpone as lecturer absent. lol... All of us actually just went for the presentation only, if we knew it early, I think we wont go college for the day. aih... So, my friends decided to go Mid Valley to have a walk. I went to the Apple store to have a look about those products I have sold in PC Fair too, WOW!! much more different with the prices@_@

Tuesday, have to go to the Finance class at 8am as lecturer not yet finish the syllabus yet. By right we have to wait for 4 hours for the presentation at 2pm, again, we were in formal wear but the lecturer absent. Luckily my friends went to check about it. So, went back home at 10am.

In ecampus website, I checked that there was a replacement class on Wed for ENL, so I asked my friends whether going or not, but marks is given, so we just follow what have been posted in ecampus. BUT!!! AGAIN!!! Put aeroplane!!! [just translate from cantonese] lol... Our formal wear is limited la!!! aih... Many people beh song about it. So, it means that we no need to do presentation. But how is she going to give the marks?? Ok! Don't bother about it already, is not our fault from ignoring the presentation.

Last day for yesterday before the exam week, feel nervous already. It seems like every subject is not easy to score. So, same as last time, pass is more than enough, hope I have the chance to pass.
Finance, wow! The calculation and tabulate it is not that easy@_@
English, wow! Paraphrasing, summarising... @_@
Statistic, wow! Hard! 50 MCQ in 2 hours. Although is MCQ, all are COUNTing stuff@_@
Computing, wow! So many terms and processes to remember T_T @_@
Economics, wow! So many graft to remember @_@
Every subject will just make me suffocate. Really will pengsan @_@

Yesterday night, Min and me went to have dinner with our boss and supervisor. We went at 8pm to the office. Salary for that day was also given. Hehe!! Cant believe we got a good pay for the job. THANKS a lot to our boss and supervisors^^ For this time, Min and me are actually prefer E is more than M [E-experience; M-money], but both also we got it. A happy job I have worked for^^ They brought us to the nearest steamboat restaurant to actually just eat together. Boss treat us for the dinner. Hehe! Chit-chat some funny stuff... ... Haha!! One of the supervisor is in sick, that's why they always ask us do we feel not comfortable or sick?! But we are fine^^ [cause the anti-virus booth was just opposite my standing position XD] And also talk about the following fair and so. Next fair will be more and more promoters, it is really a good memory for this time and everything =D

Today, 123456789 will appear in 1 second time. It is not anything special la... But it is hard to meet this time^^
12:34:56pm 07day 08month 09year

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Working @ PC Fair

31 July-3 August 2009
Yeah! Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was having my part time job at Pikom PC Fair, KLCC. It was the first time I worked at a fair with XPEAK company. By the way, thanks Huei Min about the job, she is the one who ask me about it. hehe^^ It is such a good experience for us.

Before the week of PC Fair, we were having a small briefing about the products. We were actually selling those PDA accessories like screen protector, casing, batteries, car charger, IPHONE accessories and others under the brand of CAPDASE, MELKCO and MOMAX.

~1st day~
Working for the first day, we always think that we should be early no matter there is anything to do or not. Supervisor asked us to reach at 9.30am, so we just follow the instruction and reach KLCC on time. We were going by LRT and change to Putra line at station Masjid Jamek. It was the first time I went to KLCC by train^^ There are a lot of people outside the convention centre by that time, they were also one of the crew who worked for different booth and companies. Over there, we met our friends too. Then, we met up with our supervisors and took the pass as permission to go in to the centre. It was also the first time I no need to pack with people in the centre. Haha!! So many experience...

OK!! Start to work... At first, I don't even know how to sell. Haha!! So just try my best to do it. 2 of us take some products and just keep on 'shout' : "phone accessories! phone accessories!..." Until there are customers, then only we try our best to introduce, explain, and sell. Most of the time we are not sure about the price of the products, so just keep on asking to verify about it.

Wow! Really tired for the first day, my LEG... PAIN!!! When went back home, I just rush to take my bath, drink soup, bla bla bla and SIT!!! For the whole day, I just have few minutes to sit only, do you know when is the time for me to have a sit? Ans: WASH ROOM time... XD

~2nd day~
A new day, but I don't even feel tired =D Before that, we plan to drive, but still choose to go by train cause scare about traffic jam. Well, lastly Huei Min's mum fetch us. Haha!! THANKS a lot!!! Cant believe we reached there in 30 minutes time. I still remember that day there was a demonstration about ISA in KL, luckily we didn't go by train, if not we sure stuck somewhere else cause police have block some places. It was just a routine work, so we continue our job like yesterday. I'm satisfy with my performance at 2nd day, cause a lot of customers to serve and I have sold lots of products^^ It seems like 2nd day not that tired as compare to the 1st day after standing for the whole day.

~3rd day(last day)~
Same as yesterday, Huei Min's mum fetch, again, THANKS^^ Late and late, haha! As don't want to wait for so long, but we still early, we still have time to walk around the Taman KLCC for a short journey. Then, take pass and go in. Again, work. The lunch for the day, Min and me have to eat separately. Wow! First time take my lunch alone, really feel lonely~.~ End, we also help to pack then only we leave. Totally satisfy and happy with the part time job, not so willing to leave for the last day^^ Having a small celebration among Min, Teng, Sin May, Min's parents and me after working. Hehe!! Min's parents brought us to Jalan Imbi to have supper[can consider as our dinner XD]

Some photos have been taken...


As a KL-ian-, this was my first time to take the photo of Twin Towers at this distance...

Wow!! I just at the ground of Twin Towers^^
[like kampung girl XD]

Jokes around..haha!! This is Fui Teng's housing area-Taman KLCC

She said this is her basin -.- such "small"??

Well, I have made some mistake in between too, hope it was fine T_T And we can actually keep fit. Haha!! But it is not good for health, cause we normally take our lunch at tea time, then didn't take dinner.

Actually I'm happy to work for this first time, may be small company small booth easy to handle, and the supervisors and boss are also good and not much restriction like big booth we see. It is happy to cooperate. They also expect us to help in the next fair, just hope we can do so.

Not to expect anything about the pay, as long as it is reasonable. By the way, the more important thing is I have gained some experience from the fair. WoW!! Don't know why I'm so happy to have such try. But, if there is the option, I may still choose my life now. Hehe!! Working everyday also boring what XD