Monday, 31 August 2009

Busy day 4

Again, woke up early in the morning, cause have to go and collect the academy award gifted by the Malaysia Peng Siong Teh Clan Association. Since my elder brother and I also awarded, so whole family went together straight away to have lunch. We went around Masjid Jamek to collect our stuff then headed to KL to have lunch (the association treat the lunch to everyone who has reached). Aiyo! Jam here and there, haizz, especially at Jalan T.A.R and Masjid Jamek too@_@ Stalls here and there because Hari Raya is around the corner. But then, block the road woh!!! HAIZZ!!!

After lunch, we rush back cause relatives were coming oh! My 3rd uncle's family came to KL. So, busy mode never stop. hehe!! We headed to Pearl Point Hotel to meet them up. That was my first time step into Pearl Point Hotel and even the room oh!! Haha!! XD Just 3km from my house, but first time we was there. Wow! Their room scenery can see our house leh! Far distance la^^ I think KL scenery also not bad at night. Take a rest at our house and together with my 4th uncle's family went out to have dinner. 3 families=17 people had seafood dinner at Telok Gong, Klang^^ But this night went back quite early her... haha!! Cause?? Another busy day at the following day@_@

p/s: aiyoyo! busy but happy^^