Sunday, 26 October 2008

last two days

Last day for every week of college...^_^ That day(24/10) was the only day I'd class until 1pm, starting from next week, every Friday I'll have class from 8-10am then 3-5pm. hate it... waste my time, toll money, petrol fees... Anywhere, we got to stand with this for 6 weeks. no choice. Last Friday, we were having our English presentation, my partner and I were decided to present as simple as we plan, anywhere don't know why I still felt nervous with it. aih... We really done it in a very simple way, read from the paper and show the slide in point form, not like others group, do such creative job, like draw comic...

That day we really felt very sleepy, although I got in bed early the day before; while there was an incident really happened on Bee Yee, so she was damn tired for that day. After the class, we quickly get back home to have a rest. really 'beh tahan' already...

Actually this few days I'll very busy with my management assignment, coz the deadline will be on the next Wednesday, but you may feel like why I'm so free to blog here, the reason is I haven't receive all those work from my groupmate!! alamak!! I think this time I got to rush for it again. I'll faint. Should ask them to provide chicken essence for me la!! A leader really not easy to be.

While we're rushing our assignment, one of my group mate--Bee Yee has already go and enjoy with her family at Thailand. haizz... but she has sent her work to me la! miss your SOUVENIR ya^_^ Yesterday was my dad's birthday, we didn't ever celebrate anything from the past until now, the only thing will do is take a good dinner together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!

Well, I still thought afternoon we will go anywhere, but at last... at home.

I wish today I'll receive those work from my group mate, but sure is impossible, I just wish it. It will be fine if tomorrow only they send it to me, but I sure will do until mad@_@

100th post--Thursday night...

好一段时间没跟朋友一起逛夜市了。大前天,Bee Yee,Fui Teng,Lay Peng,Janice和我就约去了OUG的夜市走走,虽然上课都已上了一整天,第二天又还有presentation,但我们还是坚持要去^_^ 8点多酱到了就去绕绕看有什么东西吃。我就吃了才去,因为等她们咯!等到我家人都开饭了,所以就先吃了。还给那个Bee Yee讲不遵守游戏规则??(阿Bee姐,什么游戏规则??)

感受到有一滴一滴雨水,so我们也赶快走走看要买什么吃的喝的然后找间茶餐室坐下。他们三个除了Janice和我就去买珍珠奶茶(我不很喜欢的一个饮品,喝一两口就无所谓,喝完整杯就真的会呕@_@)Then,她们就讲要去吃咖哩面(还好我已吃了,要我吃整碗咖哩面,那要了我的命好了。。。)吃下、喝下、谈下、废下。。。时间也很快地过了。其中逛的时候还遇到了Yi Zhen^_^ 我们知道又肯定中骂了,因为没有约她。哈哈!所以我帮了Yi Zhen打了那位约我们的人--Fui Teng。还想call她join我们的,哪里懂打电话给她的时候她都已经回家了。



Sunday, 19 October 2008


3/10 - Fui Teng & Huei Min (Secondary+Inti / Sunway friend)
5/10 - Hui Xin (Secondary+Inti friend)
9/10 - Weng Kit (primary[duno him]+secondary+Inti friend)
16/10 - Choon How (Primary+Secondary+Taylor's friend)
17/10 - Heu Lee (Primary[duno her]+Secondary friend) &
Sze Yin(Inti friend)
18/10 - Tien Yew (Secondary friend)
19/10 - Chun Lim (Inti friend)
20/10 - Emily & Sheryl (Secondary friend)
25/10 - MY DAD (since I born, 18 years ago)
28/10 - Yong Shen (Secondary friend)
29/10 - Kenneth, Shen Ee&Bee Yan (Secondary friend)

wow!! 16个人@_@ 一次过祝你们生日快乐^_^
前天拜五就跟了Sze Yin庆祝生日,她也应该很幸福吧!酱多人帮她庆祝生日,还要是第一次跟college的朋友一起庆祝^_^

那天我们六个人-Sam, Poh Jin, Sze Yin, Janice, Bee Yee&me-11点就上完课了,然后3-5pm才有课,而其他的就继续上到1点。So,我们六人也就先去了Sunway看电影-Eagle Eye。看完了也不是很明白它在讲什么。哈哈!问了问才懂XD

Then,我们看完戏他们也上完课了,就打算去meet他们。还以为只有两个人会跟着来的,以为男生都不到,哪里懂一来就整堆一起来。哈哈!好热闹。Sze都pai seh... 总共有16个人-Lay Peng, Fui Teng, Edward, Weng Kit, Terrance, Terrance嫂, Tze How, Chun Lim, Kai Loon&Mun Hooh-大家都到了。刚好当时又是lunch hour,很多restaurant都full了,走上走下都还不知道去吃什么,去了Kimgary, Pizza Hut, Sakae Sushi... 最后还是去回原本讲好的地方-gasoline。combine了两三间小房才足以容纳我们16个人。aih... 劲呀!!哈哈!然后,吃的吃、喝的喝、谈的谈、玩的玩。。。我那盘饭就真的吃到想反胃,很难吃。。。
black shirt for the day...^_^

饮胜for no purpose.haha!!

切蛋糕lu...蛋糕好大块哟!还好有男生帮忙啃,我都吃不下了,因为吃了那盘想呕的饭。。。大家都玩得很尽兴,我们3-5pm有课的都不是很想回去上课了,可是没办法,还是得回去的。回到去泊好车上个厕所都差不多接近4点了,我们就一起到课室去。ei??! 不是在A102 嘛?!又打电话这个那个的,原来在new block L4 -.-lll 进课室前,我们也想了要怎样解释leh?! Sam先进去,我也不知道她讲了什么,好像是说找不到课室。哈哈!!4.45pm酱就可以回家了,上了车,驶了一段路,就开始下大雨了。walao!! 当时我们还要载Janice回家嗒!!第一次要去她家而已,她自己又不是很认路,下酱大雨路又看不清楚,真考我们。Luckily最后有到达目的地。。。原来是酱容易的-.-lll

我回到家都6点咯!还好是拜五。wow!! 好累!!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Tagged by Elaine...

tagged people, so now being tagged...sobx...

Starting time: 21.45
Name: Tey Ee Von
Sisters: tak ada!!
Brothers: Jin Pin&Jin Sin

Shoe size: 5 or 6 (don't know why Elaine's foot so BIG^_^)
Height: Don't know. only will know when filled the family insurance form. about 16X

where do you live: W.P.

Favourite drinks: erm... don't like teh stuff, seldom drink carbonate drinks...whatever drinks la! when I'm thirsty, every drinks is my favourite.

Have you ever -
Been on a plane?:
ya. once upon a time... when I was 3 years old(don't know where I went) & 12 years old(Sarawak). only 2 times, also can say is 4 times, coz go and back mah^_^... Din't ever travel overseas even to Singapore T_T
Swam in the ocean: Don't know how to swim... but pernah 'sink' in the sea when played banana boat...
Fallen asleep at school: ya! at school, not college^_^
Broken someone's heart: ya! sure have...
Fell off your chair: forgotten???
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: erm... nope. quite tired to wait^_^
Saved e-mails: can't save la...just leave it...

What is your room like: as normal as you think... the wall is very clean... coz cant stick and hang anything, mum dislike...

the last thing you ate: rice, fish, meat, vege, dinner...
Ever had chicken pox: yup
Sore throat: now is already having a light sore throat... :-(
Stitches: nope...
Broken nose: tak ada...

Do you believe in love at first sight: i think no..
Like picnics: erm... yup.

Who was/were the last person/people you danced with: duno...
Last made you smile: my friend-Bee
You last yelled at: bro?? forgotten...

Today did you -
Talk to someone you like: haha!! everyday also talk...
Kiss anyone: nope...
Get sick: light sore throat, no appetite for the whole day...
Talk to an ex: what ex?? ex-friend?
Miss someone: yeah... very much
Eat: sure lo...

Best feeling in the world: comfortable?!don't know how to answer...
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: nope...
What's under your bed: same with Elaine, I think is dust...
Who do you really hate: don't know...

What time is it now? : 22.05

Random -
Is there a person who is on your mind now: erm... don't know...
Do you have any siblings: yup. 2. is mentioned at above...
Do you want children: I think so...
Do you smile often: smile often with friends...
Do you like your hand-writing: yeah... quite satisfy...

Are your toe nails painted: 2 months ago...
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: nope... always the same bed...
What color shirt are you wearing now: pink...
What were you doing at 7:00 p.m. yesterday: almost fall in sleep in front of the TV...coz 6pm only reach home from college...

I can't wait till: HOLIDAY!! wanna rest!!!
Are you a friendly person: can't answer you, you can try to ask any of my friends who knows me better^_^
Do you have any pets: nope for now...

Where is the person you have feelings for right now?: ??...
Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now?: nope...

Do you sleep with the TV on?: much radiation...
What are you doing right now?: reply this tag lo!!!
Have you ever crawled through a window?: don't know??...
Are you too forgiving?: I think yes gua?!
Are you closer to your mother or father?: don't know?! yes?!

Who was the last person you cried in front of?: My mom?! forgotten...
How many people can you say you've really loved?: duno... my family then...

Do you eat healthy?: yes, I think^_^ but pimples still around T_T
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?: No ex...
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you?: I think yes gua?!
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to?: don't know...stay in my room...
Are you loud or quiet most of the time?: quite quiet at home...
Are you confident?: not so...

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. studied in standard 2
2. did homeworks till mad
3. watch cartoons
4. tuition till mad
5. sleepZzz

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. go to my friend's house to do assignment
2. finish my English group assignment
3. online and do this tag
4. ask brother to explain for Maths
5. sleepZzz

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. m&m (seldom have snacks)
2. -
3. -
4. -
5. -

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. buy everything that I need and want
2. buy a big house which can fit all my friends
3. donate for needer
4. -
5. -

5 of my bad habits:
1. lazy
2. bad temper
3. obstinate
4. cry easily when people scold??
5. -

5 places I have lived in:
1. Happy Garden
2. Subang Jaya
3. Muar(hometown)
4. Liman Kati(hometown)
5. Penang(my uncle's house and hotels)

5 jobs I've had:
1. worked at a montessori type's kindergarten
2. -
3. -
4. -
5. -

5 people I tag:
1. Vivian
2. Yu Jia
3. Vin Nie
4. Li Yan
5. Mun Wai

Tagged by Yan Leng

RULE # 1
People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse.
These people must state who were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending it to other people.
1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be? take revenge?

- revenge? an action that tired myself ba! see how serious is it first -
2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
- traveling around with family, friends... -
3.Whose butt would you like to kick?
#1: Useless Guys
#3: non-gentlemen's'
4.Do u wake up during midnight to go to toilet?
- sometimes when emergency la -.-lll -
5.Will you fall in love with your best friend?
- you mean lesbian or?^_^ sure I love my friends so much. lol... -

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
- sure is being loved ba -
7.How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
- no idea(is an answer also ba^_^) -
8.If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
- wait for another?? duno... -
9.If you like to act with someone, who will it be? your gf/bf or an actress/actor?
- hehe! an actor or an actress lo! is just an 'if' question, if it is real, I also scare to do that ba?! no talent on acting also -
10. Will you invite for Ex bf/gf to your wedding dinner?
- I will. if we're still friends and his gf not mind -

next to be tagged: OYMY, Hui Xin, Chun Wei, Jia Wen, Hoe Keat, Elaine Tan

Thursday, 16 October 2008


昨天才去了洗牙,几个N年没做牙齿护理了,还记得上一次洗牙好像是在小学的时候。以前小时候就每半年都会去检查牙齿一次,过后慢慢就没了,唯有在学校检查而已,每次都A的^_^ means my teeth very healthy. hehe!! yii... 昨天洗牙时听到那些机器的tze tze声都觉得很geli~.~ 现在我也不知要怎样形容我的口腔,是很干净,then就。。。(不懂)

现在,management的测验过了,不知会不会有test 2,希望没有啦!还有一大堆的assignment工作都还没完成,惨咯!惨咯!
Then今天会计的第一个测验也过了,第二次测验也将会落在3、4个礼拜后。今天好高兴哟!一直想两个小时不够时间,没想到一个小时内就搞定了算的部份,还balance到^_^ 只不过有一个东西放错边,但只是$100的差距,还好还好^_^ 很满意今天的表现,希望下次也可以应付喇!(but听说会难过这次T_T)

今天不知为什么又没上Moral。aih... 等到下雨才走。But当中的时间就很废。。。哈哈!!


Sunday, 12 October 2008


上个礼拜是我second semester的week 6了,下个礼拜就week 7咯!时间过得真快,再多7个礼拜就考试了。aih... 通常到了一个semester的第6,第7个礼拜,就会开始特别的忙了。真的会忙到“盲”了!那两个礼拜都开始赶assignment,温习for测验。再多两个礼拜就要交第1份assignment咯!接着下去那几个礼拜就是做presentation。当时我看short semester的学生都放假了。

这次management又中了做leader,aih... 不是件简单的事,有难又不能说出口,唯有忍耐忍耐了,因为上一个semester尝试过那种滋味,就只能希望这一次全女组不会有太大的麻烦。我们已延迟开始我们的assignment了,就只有仅仅三个礼拜的时间,所以我也就做了个决定,第一个礼拜大家先了解题材,第二个礼拜开始分配工作,第三个礼拜做改正工作,然后就搞定了。我的安排是酱啦!希望真的可以做到。基本上我们都没什么开会,只是想到就讲讲酱,刚好每天都会见嘛!因为这个semester根本没有一天有break给我们坐下来认真谈谈,除非放学后大家肯留下来咯!but没有人会想这样做吧?!包括我^_^。过后我又不知道为什么不打自招招了另外一个人进我这组,还是只有management课才会遇到她。惨咯!以后有什么麻烦关于她的我都得自己哽了T_T 因为自己招的嘛TT_TT 前天晚都已开始找资料准备下个礼拜的工作分配了。。。

昨天晚上也下了KL去,去Petaling Street走走顺便买书,还在凤凰饼店买了合桃酥、江苏饼、老公饼、chicken pie和kaya roll。看到好多饼哟!像在《家好月圆》里的饼店酱。江苏饼不是每个地方都有的哟!还有还有!在《家好月圆》里也听过盲公饼吧!在那有卖哟!我妈上了车才说早知就买些来试试。哈哈!下次吧!

明天就有management的测验了,而星期四轮到accounting。惨咯惨咯!!这两课都好难哟!对我来讲啦!but偏偏就不知道为什么上一个sem的f1就一直有人说我很厉害-.-lll lol... Janice!! 你害的咯!是你开始的!我什么都不会的咯!害死我了!昨晚还有人打电话来问我关于那个测验,我都还没温习,怎样答你leh?!认识我的人都懂我是临时抱佛脚的咯!以为我真的什么都会咩?!测验时是open book我就厉害喇!---厉害抄!!!^_^ 我看你还厉害过我咯!又勤劳。我真是服了上个semester的f1那班同学,跟我们上个semester的f2真的很不一样,我们爱玩得多,他们就勤劳得多。上了college求的成绩也就是pass,不像以前那样,除非看分数咯!I mean CGPA

okla!现在先去吃午餐-charge一charge电-看电视-做家务-骑脚车-搞定一些lap zap东西先,才开始温习。

Thursday, 9 October 2008


原本昨天只有一堂课-Management,10am-12pm而已,well,8-10am就有一堂replacement class for Maths,so基本上昨天的课就是从早上8点到下午12点喇!因为Maths是replacement class,我们又不知lecturer会教新东西还是讨论问题而已,so我们也打算迟点才到,刻意的喇^_^ 当时我不懂我朋友的迟是几迟才来载我,为了不让朋友来到时在等,我也就跟平时一样7点酱就准备好等她。没事做,就一面看电视一面等咯!这也是我第一次这样早看电视。哈哈!(sorry, a bit sott^_^) 7.45am酱,Bee Yee就到喇!我们也就浩浩荡荡地坐车去学院。路途中,就大概从我家出去1.5km,oh!!! ek ek ek... WHAT HAPPEN??! 差一点,就那么一点点就撞喇!!!如果撞,认真来看,不是我们的错,但规则上却是我们的错。当时我们驶在一条直路,红绿灯也是绿的,那当然就往前继续驶呀!突然间!lol... 有一辆车就不知何故,明明就是直路了,但他就要转弯,(Uncle! 那里可以转咩?!)then又没有转到,停了下来,刚好我们就跟在他后面。ek ek ek...刹车的声音,不知是我们的车还是跟在我们后面的车发出的,发出酱的刹车声了,可想当时的情况是多么的突然。还好Bee Yee踩brek踩得及,不然我看我们不是迟去上课而是不去上课了,当时我也真的没想过帮忙拉hand brek这回事,因为都没experience嘛!当时的情况我们都吓到了,头脑有点凌乱,目瞪口呆了一两秒,在Bee Yee还没回过神来之际,我也随即帮她鸣了鸣前面那辆害人之车,(Uncle!! 你有没有搞错leh?!不知道要驶去哪里也打一打灯吧!!唔好靠害喇!)如果真的撞的话,看下去真的绝对不是我们的错,前面那辆车就真的大错特错!But规则上我们撞上他的“屁股”就是我们的错啦!aih... luckily luckily nothing happen... 这又令Bee Yee多了个阴影,so bad!Bee Yee, be calm ya!!^_^

一天发生一件事,今天呢!就不是意外,只不过是一个小插曲。我也就跟平时一样,7点酱就等Bee Yee来载我。等呀等,等呀等。。。7.15am了。ei!WHY today so late also not yet come d?? 平时8点到学院的话,Bee Yee都会大概7.05-7.20am来载我的,今天好像有点迟hor?! 没关系,我就想可能她看到我的message写不用载另外一个人so她就迟点才来载我吧!等。。。等。。。等。。。7.30am。。。ei?! so means?? 就再sms她,也sms了Fui Teng跟她聊聊天,就跟她讲到Bee Yee还没来载我,没有reply我之类的,then她就叫我打电话给Bee Yee看看,可能还在梦中会周公。So,我也真的打去给Bee Yee问个究竟,听到她的声音,像是刚睡醒酱,谈话内容如下:
Bee:“huh?” (在blur-ing-)
Bee:“啊!” (还敢啊我)
Bee:“现在几点哦?” (还敢问我几点!!)
Bee:“今天有课咩?” (llllllllllllllllllllll-.-llllllllllllllllllllllll)


到学院哪里泊车加走路到班上都已8.30am了。哇!!so early!! Bee Yee, GOOD JOB^_^

上次还记得在LRT等了Cho Nee45分钟,那次是我第一次等一个人等那么久。Bee Yee!!你就劲咯!!帮了Cho Nee破纪录,我等了你1个小时!!!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


今天也是一样,but今天有数学测验呀!!每次讲到数学,我朋友都会酸我,都不知道是有意还是无意的酸我,还要大大声酱,其实我就不很喜欢咯!aih... 算了吧!我也做不到什么,唯有习惯那种言语吧!我就自问我每个科目就只有数学比较好,比较占优势,其他的远远都赶不上,有读有背平时有做功课那就是expert吗?!不见得。有时不知为什么我会很介意某些话甚至是自己讲过的话,听人家骂,听人家讲。。。还有自己讲过的话,如果觉得有点不对,我就会自己一直反复的在想。。。不讲这了。讲回今天的测验,有难度哦!只是测验罢了,都有点难度了,哇!考试不就死??还有,没有看了题目才做,还好题目不很重要,只是提了可以6题选5题,我就没看到,所以把问题全都做完了^_^ 每次都是酱,没先看题目就入题了。哈哈!

12点多回到家就跟我妈去了Sri Petaling吃午餐,我们去了Alison对面的那间茶餐室(不知叫什么名)吃鱼丸粉,顺便打包鸡饭给我弟。叫了面坐了下来,我妈就去打包饭。这时看到了平时只能在电视上或报纸上看到的人,不是在娱乐版喇!是体育版喇!哈哈!看到谁呢?先是看到了陈文宏,然后又看到了黄宗翰。懂是谁hor??!我国的羽球双打健将啊!!那是陈文宏。黄宗翰是男单老将啊!!希望你们懂啦!!^_^ 我看到他们时都有点吓到,哈哈!因为上上个礼拜,又是礼拜二我妈和哥才在夜市见到大马羽坛的一哥一姐。他们好像都在这个area。他们打完比赛也真是很快地就回国了,因为前几天他们都还在澳门羽球公开赛中。yeah!! 双打赢了回来,古陈打破了今年的冠军荒。不错!加油哟!都不知要怎样形容当我妈看到他们的时候的情景,我妈就在打包饭,我看她应该是先看到了黄宗翰,然在看看,又看到了陈文宏,又看看,应该是确认到底是不是他们leh?!哈哈!很好笑的是,我妈每次看了都会先讲一样东西,身材。哇哈哈!上次看到李宗伟和黄妙珠她就讲他们也不是很高喇!黄妙珠也跟我差不多酱喇!then今天也是,她就讲黄宗翰看到比较瘦了,陈文宏就真的好高哦!我看他真的有180吧!应该是我第一次这样近距离接触国手吧,还是有料的国手哦!哈哈!因为他们就刚好坐在我们的隔壁座。

就没拍到照喇!又不是明星,无端端去跟她们拍照拿签名咩?!哈哈!傻的。现在我就觉得做一位在体育版看到的人物好过娱乐版的咯!I mean有些体育版 or 娱乐版里的人物喇!不是全部。你看,他们多么自在,哪像娱乐版里的,去这里那里都被跟踪+追踪。


Monday, 6 October 2008


今天的天气还蛮不错,12点过后都凉凉的,因为下大雨咯!!在家还好,可惜下大雨时我还在学院呀!!哎哟哟!原本想做了投诉才回家的,看到下大雨,然后又得等到1点过后才见到我们要见的人,so也只好回家咯!下雨时总是看到去拿车的路特别遥远,哈哈!没有驾车也好的哟!因为今天又是两位驾车人士去拿车来载我们。hehe!! 谢咯!Honey Bee。哈哈!头发有落色吗?!^_^

今天我妈打包饭给我当午餐,Bee Yee载我回到家时我妈都还没回家。。。
then冲凉and then睡午觉charge一charge“电”。。。
我妈就在弄Banana cake。没帮上忙,因为去了charge电。

回到家,我就去做我很久都没做的事lu!就是运动喇!哈哈!我去骑脚车,在我家附近骑了两大圈,途中还遇到朋友。。。她在车上lol。。。-.-lll 好久没骑脚车了。哈哈!因为看我哥之前放假都去骑脚车,兴致又回来了,所以今天得空我也骑骑咯!做下运动嘛!现在才懂我脚车上的1-6号码是用来做么的喇!原来跟manual车的gear一样的。哈哈!1号上斜坡比较好上,then接下去的号码就跟驾manual车时一样咯!!现在终于明了懂了^_^ 脚没什么力,上斜坡也挺吃力,可是至少还上得到,以前我就真的完全上不到,知道为什么吗?!因为以前乱乱转那个号码咯!都不懂1或2号才上得到斜坡。哇哈哈!!骑得好累哟!回到家似乎很晕酱,脚步浮浮。真的累了。。。明天的脚肯定。。。

Sunday, 5 October 2008


前天拜五有两位朋友生日,是正日哟!如果还记得去年的post的话,认识她们的都应该懂她们是谁吧!就是Huei Min和Fui Teng了!!自从去年开始,我们几个就时常聚在一起,甚至为大家庆祝生日。太好了^_^

这天Fui Teng就约了我们几个去Low Yat的Red Box唱K。她约比较好,才会有人应约,又是寿星嘛!要给给面子才好。哈哈!没有啦!讲下罢了^_^ 约好了10点半之前在Sri Petaling的LRT Station等。aih... 总是会有人迟到的喇!没关系,因为是预料之内。So我先到,然后是Huei Min-她是永远不会迟到的那一位,Fui Teng到了过后我们也没等了。当时Cho Nee的电话又打不通,Yi Zhen又还未等到巴士,so我们只好叫Yi Zhen等Cho Nee和Wai San了。上了LRT,-.-lll thing is Cho Nee sms 来说她不能去了。So EARLY you tell us lol... 没关系啦!就下次不好酱咯!约好了临时ffk。But 还好晚上的庆生会你会到。哈哈!So还值得原谅。还以为lunch hour是11点唱到2点的,哪里懂只是到1点罢了,不爽咯!aih... nevermind. 最后我们商讨了要加时也就是到3点,so就唱到3点然后散场。我跟Fui Teng一起搭LRT回去,她们3个呢就去逛街。回家睡个觉先顺便准备点东西。哈哈!因为不想逛街。

晚上lu... 没去过海螺,怕哪里的东西很贵吃,so我先在家吃了晚饭才去,省一些,不然一出街就是走了50令吉,我家不是开ATM的喂!^_^ 7点多酱就出门去,载了朋友然后就去买蛋糕才去海螺。谈谈天啊!写写卡啊!叫叫吃的!时间就是这样过的。还没切蛋糕就已走了两位。一个是因为待会没人载回,另一个就有事做,大忙人来的。

10.30pm~~ 切蛋糕时间到。蛋糕出来了,兼职歌手也为她们唱了生日歌(其实是我们要求的。哈哈!)餐厅的服务员也不错,很nice,好像是认识的,但彼此都认不得。哈哈!算了吧!这次都不知道是吃还是玩蛋糕,唯有怡真的那一块最美。等下看照片就知道。酱子吃真的吃到想反胃。。。很geli.

大合照 yeah^_^

哈哈!那个bear的卡是Shi Yeong咯!还不要去学车
大家都无聊到在当license是扑克牌 -.-lll 以为海螺那里没有扑克牌。还要抽回自己的license。。。







yee... 还要互喂。还好我是拿相机的那一个,but最后还是不知道给谁喂了一口


礼物时间到。。。Huei Min收到了一件小外套和小beg,Cho Nee呢也是一件外套和手表,then Fui Teng就收到了她喜爱的Anime公仔--One piece里那个Chopper。“我们真的是上网bit回来哒!”
这就是Fui Teng的公仔啦!还有10个Chupa Chups的棒棒糖,只是想衬托公仔上的标志。哈哈!!


(Fui Teng,跟你讲为什么你的名给我们改成neng nut啦!是因为有一天我跟Bee Yee就讲到Jco,你喜欢Jco的doughnut嘛!Bee Yee就不喜欢,then讲讲下mai叫到你neng nut咯!!哈哈!)



还记得以前中学的时候,学校为了把马来人新年的那个礼拜弄成假期,所以当中有几个星期六都必须上课,当着补课。现在,在学院就读咯!哪里会有酱的事啦?!所以正式的假期也只不过是1和2号罢了,也就是星期三和四放假而已。有的人因为这样,就跟星期五有上课的lecturer们谈谈,看看他们肯不肯让我们星期五也放假,过后才补课。哈哈!谈得成哟!所以leh!! 星期五我们也放假啦!!hehe!! 就这样我们有一连五天的假期了,包括weekend。真开心!可是leh!又不知道要做什么。aih...


Spaghetti和绿豆汤 ^_^ yipee!! My mum won't cook seafood pasta d, some reason la. Well, tomato one not bad what?! haha!! I like it and my family also.


Saturday, 4 October 2008

after alone...

Alone了两天,第二天还得上课,唉,其实好懒leh... 就是懒人一个。
就是这一天--星期一,我跟朋友出街去。我们四个--Fui Teng, Bee Yee, Janice 和我,原本有约人D,but都没有人要去。aih... 随便啦!谁去都一样。先上了8点的课--英文,这一堂课好闷哟!因为没事做,我们也只不过上网找些英文练习来做做,两个小时就这样坐在那边。下个礼拜我看都得开始忙了,英文的assignment来了,Management和Moral的assignment也是时候开始了。英文课过后,是Management。我们就搭电梯到8楼去,还记得那时我们到了8楼,Fui Teng还很大声地说:“喂!呢度7楼啊!” lol... so pai seh leh!! 还给一位同班朋友听见,人家还在偷笑。哈哈!酱大个8字她也酱blur... 走到课室去,那男的就开灯开冷气,我们就准备选位子坐,然后leh... 就给我们看到了一张贴在门上的纸,写着postponent class. 仔细看清楚才知道原来10点的Management课postpone了。哎哟哟!!就酱,离开了那间课室去到楼下跟那班刚上完Economics课的朋友说声,哪里懂他们的第一个反应就是“骗我是吗?”因为之前大家都整天骗来骗去,所以彼此都不信任对方。哈哈!真的啦!lol...

看到时间还早,我们又不想酱早到Sunway去,因为不想付太贵的泊车费,所以就去了Fui Teng的姑妈家坐坐,看看电视。多好!哈哈!大概11点酱,我们就出发去。原本还以为只有我们4个人的,哪懂原来Poh Jin和Sam也有去。yeah!! 我们就约好买了Black Water的戏票,then去Kimgary吃午餐再去打一场bowling.

So unfortunately, 才刚打第4,5粒,就得退场了。so bad. 因为指甲太长咯!!弄伤了右手的拇指,流血。So退场让Janice来帮我打。hehe!! 所以我要奉劝大家下次如要打保龄球,切记指甲不好太长哟!!

。。。 。。。结论是。。。
没有戏看你也不好去看Black Water,存起来下一次看另一套戏更好。一点点恐怖而已咯!就是当那鳄鱼要吃人追人的时候咯!戏里最后只剩一个角色没死。。。

看完了,大家也就散场。但是,散场之际给我们看到了一个真人show。 哈哈!看到有人没有去上课但是原来去拍拖咯!真失败,不要给别人看到就别去Sunway啦!lol...

我们在Sunway呆了整半天,当中还一直拍照,在厕所里也要拍。。。-.-lll 看看没事做的家伙们。。。都已经第二个学期了,我们也还真是第一次一起拍照^_^

Thursday, 2 October 2008


上个拜六礼拜我独自一人在家。可怜呵?!不不不!!!是我自愿的。哎哟哟!哈哈!我家人都回了外婆家去,有亲戚结婚,应该是我的表姐呱?!hehe!! 不清楚。我就选择了不回咯!这样两天一夜来回也好累,因为当时第二天还要上课,so就不要回咯!

大概拜六下午12点他们就出发去,当时还有朋友约我出去陪我吃午餐。哈哈!我也就出了一会,谈下天,顺便帮车子添油。我没在外吃午餐喇!为了省些钱,就干脆在家自己煮碗面吃。^_^ 然后一整个下午就在家里上网呀、玩游戏。。。还记得那天整个傍晚都下大雨,我想睡个午觉的,但是到最后也只不过在床上滚来滚去,因为雨声太大了,就不知在担心什么,总之就睡不着。aih...

那天的晚餐也不必我来担心,我隔壁邻居是卖什饭的,我妈前一天已吩咐好叫她帮我打包晚饭。hehe!! 然后呢!吃了晚饭后,我想隔壁邻居也应该是想一个人走下夜市去,问问我有没有去哪里,应该是想我帮帮她看顾她的三个孩子。but我也想下去夜市买第二天的早餐,so最后我跟邻居一起去了。回到家,邻居的小孩又来到我家看卡通,玩玩具,也可算是陪我啦!哈哈!


第二天,也就是礼拜,我邻居又叫了我一起出去吃点心,我想拒绝的,不好意思嘛!我酱大吃,但最后还是跟着出了。回到家做了些功课,又继续了昨天的游戏。然后隔壁的小孩又过来我的家。他们玩他们的,我就做我的,他们也在我家呆了整个下午,整傍晚6点才回家。还以为晚上能跟家人一起吃晚饭D,哪里懂突然间一通电话就叫我自己吃晚餐。aih... so bad :-(


我的晚饭T_T 出去打包了焖饭

大概9点酱咯!我的家人才回到家,买了些糕点当宵夜。2 alone days 很快地过去了,过后我朋友的家人也刚巧想我一样,but她是要回乡没得回,因为要上课,她就好一点,有婆婆在家陪伴。

last tuesday...

No mood to update my blog for last week. hehe! so my blog hong liao liao. When the blog-ing- mood is here, I'll update sekali gus. hehe! can 一饱眼福 mah!! ^_^

What had I did for last tuesday leh?! erm... Actually not any big thing la, just went out gai gai. I still remember last tuesday my big bro back from his Uni for 2 weeks holiday. That day don't know why I was very tired, I sleep from 3pm to 7pm also didn't realise the time was so late. When I woke up, no one was at home except my younger bro still sleeping. oh! At last only know mum didn't cook dinner then my bro fetch my mum go Sri Petaling d night market to buy lap lap zap zap thing. Many food were bought, fried rice, fried noddle, 芋头糕, 萝卜糕, don't know what 中国汉堡包, 糯米饭... Well, I also don't know there are so many food in Sri Petaling's night market. One thing can't believe, my mum and bro saw 李宗伟 and 黄妙珠。wow!! haha!

After take our dinner with those lap lap zap zap food, my bro fetch my mum and I go to the night market again, not go to see Malaysia's badminton king and queen la, just want to go and buy a pant, and I also bought a shirt for RM10. Then we walked around again.

Following the few days, I was quite free, but didn't update my blog also. aih... 2 word, lazy and moodless. So I ask my brothers to play the mahjong card(that was bought on that tuesday at the night market) with me. haha! my house actuallly have the real mahjong, but no table to play la! Now, got the cards, haha! can play anytime anywhere liao. so good..

yeah!! can play lu. next time can bring to hometown. hehe!!

hello!! can't 摸牌 la!! all flat one. lol... ^_^

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Taggy by OYMY and Hui Xin

Last week totally dint touch anything on my blog. haha! Actually I'm free d, just no mood. Now let me reply for tag 1st. ^_^

/OYMY/-Hui Xin-
1. What is the relationship of you and her/him?
both also secondary schoolmate...

2. Your 5 impressions towards her/him?
erm.../IT guy/...-duno-...

3. The most memorable things she/he had done for you.
not the most la, just remember only.../borrow me TVB drama to past my holiday and help me in computing assignment/...-not so remember haha!!-...

4. The most memorable things she/he have said to you.
no memory on it...-8 something to me.haha!!-...

5. If she/he become your lover, you will..
totally wont be...haha!!

6. If she/he become your enemy, you will...
hope wont have such day ba!

7. If she/he become your lover, she/he has to improve on..
/be care on health/...-...-

8. If she/he become your enemy, the reason is...
did something very very very (X infinity) bad thing to me..

9. The most desirable thing to do on her/him is?
no idea...

10. The overall impression of her/him is..
/IT in-guy/...-friendly-

11. How do you think the people around you feel about you?
people talk bad about you also wont tell you gua?!

12. The character of you for yourself is?

13. What do you hate about yourself?
bad temper...lazy...

14. The most ideal person that you want to be is?
no temper...sociable...happy forever...

15. For the people who care about you and like you, say something to them
thanks for take care of me to TAG me^_^

Ten people to tag:
anyone who are willing to be tagged after read this post...(normally no people.haha!!freedom is here^_^)

Who is no.2 having a relationship with?
i dint make the position oh...

No.3 a male or a female?
female gua?!male gua?!...

If no.7 and no.10 were together, would it be a good thing?

How about no.5 and 8?

What is no.1 studying about?

Is no.4 single?
how I know oh??

Say something about no.6.
why so 8 leh?!

what question is that leh??!almost no answer...