Friday, 18 June 2010

A Happy Discussion

I have only 1 class for today, which is the eco subject. This subject really make everyone geram, why? Because we always feel that it is such a waste of time to go for class, as the lecturer can even just gives 2 questions and let it be for the 2 hours. WHAT?? @@ aih.. So for today, as dad is back, so my younger bro and me can only just either one of us drive to college. No choice! I have to stay for my group discussion after class, so I decided to fetch him went his college at Cheras and go Subang. It took me 1 hour for the journey as the way to my bro college was jam-ing- around as Malaysian like to look on those accident @.@ Again, jam because of accident.. faint... So I get into class at 11am which the class was actually at 10am. Just because of the subject, if not I won't go in that late. hehe =D In the class, again, some note and 2 questions for today.. walao!!! I don't know am I able to even pass this subject or not lol...

After class, my MGT338 group - G-Force have stayed back for discussion. wOw!! Happy group happy discussion. Love my group^^ We followed our plan as Venasa and Eddie went to Eddie's house first, Dongmei and me went Dongmei's place, while Huan Yik drove to Dongmei's place help to move those cardboard tube and we headed to Eddie's house. lol... don't know why describe mai the process =.= Then everything move into Eddie's house while I was the photographer for the day..haha!

Discuss, piece up those cardboard tube and boxes for illustration and trying purpose at first as we didn't bring any tools to start up our 'construction' as well. king har king har, then finish our planning work, Ah Chan (driver) drove us to collect some cardboard tube again, then we headed for our lunch at McD. Crapping around, talked about McD background, people, nonsense everywhere... before leaving only touch on the written assignment part.. haha! lol... Good Job from us lol... GOOD!! haha!! Distributing work for Monday break time and class de.. Really felt happy to have discussion and crapped around with G-Force!! Yeah!! A good start for our business^^

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

'Utilize' the 4 hours break

ok.. another 4 hours break of the day.. haizz.. what to do for the break?

At first, my entrepreneur assignment group (G-Force) would like to have discussion and do something, but end up cause there were group members still got class, so we said postpone and make it lately. So?...

Sure treat our stomach first la! So we went to the mamak restaurant-Silva that we have not been for this semester to take our brunch.. tik tok tik tok (time passed)

Some people plan to have a movie while some don't know what to do. At last, Sam and Jinn went to part time work; Max, Venasa, Natalie and Yie Theng went Puchong; Bee, Teng and me went Sunway; Steven and Peng wait for Sze and Ah Chan only went to Sunway also...

Since already been there, so 3 of us walked around and look for dress and shoe. Window shopping and try, while end up buy nothing.. hehe!! We prefer to buy it next time sekali gus lol.. I damn don't like those promoter that show the face when people try clothes already but didn't buy it.. What an attitude??! You are paid to work and serve nicely, don't show such 'black monk' (黑人僧) face =.=  aih.. employees nowadays... lack of soft skills mah!

Round and round and round... I didn't try la, just feel sick today, so pass to Bee and Teng for helping, and also help themselves mah.. haha! those dress ar, are actually quite nice one, just the matters are always that not fit, means too loose la; if not then too expensive, means over budget already lo.. aih... Still searching the nice piece, but lack of time already, need to do a lot of thing, especially that entrepreneurship group work... Our gang of ji mui like totally placed into different group, so everyone need to adjust the time for their own group as well as myself lo...

Wonder that I have some time to update my blog now while tomorrow there is an assignment deadline.. Feel so free now as I have finish 1 day before, just edit the references and content for today. Don't know whether it is a good thing, cause so free while people are rushing, later marks been distributed that time all shit come back@_@

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Accident - NPE

Just now after class went back home around 6pm, it was a nice evening without raining, along the way of NPE, it was quite smooth. Well, something happening going down from the bridge of NPE where beside the KTM railway. Bee and me were so wonder that why there was a sudden jam down the bridge while we can't see any car in front of the place there was a jam.. weird @@ (it's too late to take a snap on the situation that time)

Opps!! Then we saw...
this was the situation that we saw... (apa berlaku??)

see the tyres which were upside down beside KTM...

accident... but why jam leh??

let's see...
were they trying to give a helping hand? apa la ni abang, 'geh bo' tengah tengah highway =.= this is Malaysian style lo, when there is an accident, there will possibly have traffic jam as they like to watch such 'live show' some more discuss at the scene. really swt they all =.=lll  while we 'geh' in the car^^ like that much more better mah!

I think 3 cars involved... this is one of the car that was at the right lane...

while this was the upside down one, at the left lane...
another kancil/kelisa also get involved which kena front side and stop at the left lane (unable to take it)

I do wonder how this accident happened huh? as those cars involved were so far away from each other...

p/s: drive at the right speed, driving down the bridge has actually accelerated, so why still want to speed leh?!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Today's 4 hours break

Thursday, another day with 4 hours break = boring, wasting time & $$. Earlier, decided to go back home as I did not know that my friends had decided to Sg. Wang yesterday, after discussing, ok! Following.. haha!! This time quite a lot of people. Barry, KL, Bee, Teng, Max, Yie Theng, Venasa, Natalie, Sam, Peng, Steven, Vinz and me. 3 cars headed to KL...
T-bowl restaurant

Natalie's tom yam toilet bowl set @@

don't know whose one the 'shit' set @@ geli-nya~~

After enjoying such a lunch that I couldn't describe as well, everyone headed and separated to shop for a while. Searching a dress for the prom night. lol... I walked around with Bee and Teng and tested 2 pieces of dress. At last, hehe! Next time first la.. haha!! Window shopping dulu, lately only buy^^ 

p/s: Just feel interesting on the restaurant concept only we went to have a try, but what I can say is just ok, normal lo, and not to say very very tasty la! While the concept is alright.
Rating for it ☆ 

Monday, 31 May 2010

Long long gasssss

4days 8am classes while 3 days 4 hours break per week for my college life in this semester... WHAT THE X!!! Wasting money and time all the way, but can't do anything also. It is really difficult to arrange the time to do something useful, if not every 4 hours break also hide in the library??! Now I think it is great if my house is just nearby. Aih... A bit regret that I reject to live outside when dad searched and asked for it last time. lol...

As usual for today, 8am-4pm class while 10am-2pm is my 4 hours break. Let's see what the event for today? Watch movie... My bro doubt that am I go for class or entertainment? lol... I really have no idea but just follow my friends. We went to Pyramid to take our breakfast or brunch or lunch and watch Prince of Persia as I don't know what is the story of movie at first. Getting the seat in the theatre, the front seats were my Diploma Mass Comm's friends while the back seats were my Marketing friends who were all having 4 hours break as us. I was just wonder, ist INTI have not enough classroom for us so make such sucks arrangement of 4 hours break@@

2pm... Back to the 'long gas' lecture, feel sleepy. Get in late so have to be a kind person to donate for the 'tabung haji' as well =.= Talk talk talk talk non-stop... lol... Everyone feeling is just the same I think, waiting her to stop!! We have really no chance and even right no speak, once you speak, she will argue, explain, discuss, suggest... ...with you. lol... Just ask one question, she will link to the other planet and talk talk talk talk. Really feel dizzy to listen and act to give some response. Aih... Sometime I also don't know how to response, because no mood to listen and can't get it. I think marathon should be suit her as it need long gas people XD

Thursday, 27 May 2010

男人魅 All About Men Live in Genting - 22May2010

迟了些更新 hehe^^ 原本想买票去观赏这场演唱会的,上网查询,只剩RM360的票位,当时也惟有放弃了。这场演唱会的指定电台是myfm,恰巧演唱会前个星期电台有有奖游戏单元和sms的,就去搏下运气,还叫了堂姐帮帮忙守住myfm。每一次都有尝试拨通,但却没人接听,所以最后就惟有看看sms那里会否传来好消息了。也只不过是想尝试,因为知道不可能的了,要斗快回答甚至回复短讯喔!也只好等待,心里也有数了的啦!

最后,我还记得那天下很大雨,missed了两通电话,号码是9543 XXXX的,就心想“会不会是myfm那里打来的呢?” 好像是喔!可是我却missed了,啊!我以为就这样工作人员不会再打来的了,还好一阵子又来电了,不然就这样白白断送此票了。好开心哟当知道sms那里赢了!


So,5月22日当天下午就跟了哥哥、弟弟、堂姐和堂弟一起上云顶去。哥哥开车。。。还以为会很多人,check-in要等很久的,因为以前的一场噩梦。。哈哈!还记得是前年年尾,也就是说我整年没上云顶了@@ 但现在check-in一间房都可以机器来操作了,so不用15分钟搞定。上房休息一会Zzz...
发现原来我们5位都是Sony Ericsson使用者。。。=.=

 我弟最近都爱扭蛋,but specific on anime toy only la

让轮椅上下的machine,as you know,在某个地方穿梭,一直有escalator,but我还是很怀疑它到底怎样操作???

演唱会时间到!!Arena of Stars


my leng lui cousin^^

 me >.<

cousin and me XD

opening of the concert

Moses 陈豪

Ron 吴卓羲 =)

Ron 吴卓羲 XD

 Ron 吴卓羲 ^^


 Kevin 郑嘉颖

All About Men 男人魅

 hehe!! The products were sold at Genting in front of Arena of Stars. Aih! Hard to get it at KL supermarket lol...


p/s: I just familiar to those songs that were presented by Ron Ng the most..haha!! The rest, only 1 or 2 songs la..
Rating for the concert

Friday, 7 May 2010



刚开课,学生总爱问讲师:“这科容易过关吗?” 然后每个讲师的答案都几乎一致,他们也总爱问:“你们不会只是想要过关吧?” 对我而言,这就得取决于各科的某种因素了。是,我承认我不只是想要过关那么简单,可是看情况。就像数学这一类的科目,我就不希望单单过关咯!认识我的人都会明白。其他没那么有信心的当然就得打算过不过了关先咯!^^



Thursday, 22 April 2010


HELLO!! 大家好!好久没上来更新了,只是想更大家打声招呼,不是话就当着我跟自己打招呼吧=.=

忙了整个学期,丢下了部落。哎!没办法呀!忙起来也没时间上来更新了。上个学期也真是我有史以来最忙的一个学期了。忙得喘不过气来。虽然assignments不很多,但有的给得慢,交得快,甚至有的还得忙足整个学期。@_@ 好!终于忙完了!考完试,也刚好有兼职,就去做做打发时间,然后---放假!!

上个学期好忙??是,比起以前的确是,但接下来更够厉吧!!@_@ 哎。。。成绩呢就下个星期才揭晓,可是已心里有数的啦!100% coursework那一科也不见得容易哟;LAW听起来难反而觉得它比ECO和MGT好背好进脑,但全部都有望过关罢了。我还蛮担心ECO,100% exam,虽然是选择题,但难度重重,因为我自foundation以来ECO都不好。lol... 又是自己衰的,放假就放假咯,还在烦这些已成事实的事=.= 好怕retake T_T


忙完了考试再忙完工作才够厉,因为生病了。lol... 还好放假可以歇一歇

Friday, 12 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Aiyoyo... about half a month dissapear from the planet, as I have went to the 'busy planet' =.=  Really really beh tahan with such busy status... Now, law assignment no longer exist, and management test was just over. WooHoo... Finally can rest for a week celebrate new year with my family, relatives and friends^^  Should enjoy hardly since I have done hardly for weeks. Work HARD, Play HARD, Rest HARD, Sleep HARD... ... Cause I may return to the busy status after CNY as well =.= There is management and marketing assignment due on Thursday after new year@@

Tomorrow got to go back to my dad hometown as well as my mom hometown after that. As usual, I celebrate chinese new year at hometown every year since I was borned, not even once I stay at KL during new year. Haha!! Should enjoy the day to have opportunity to balik kampung right?? Perhaps there is no chance in future. So, enjoy hardly^^

Enjoy the day yo!!

新 身 步 虎
年 体 步 虎
快 健 高 生
乐 康 升 威

恭喜 恭喜^^

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Free at the opening, now the busy life of this semester has started. OH!!! Law individual assignment was given, has to pass up before CNY week; Management & Marketing group assignment, after CNY(still mean before CNY has to finish it lo! Who will do it in CNY week??=.=); Professional Development group assignment, nearly end of the semester, but has to finish part by part under lecturer's instruction and care. 


Long time didn't really do such much of assignment already, aiyo, lazy disease comes along... ... aRh!!! I think I've to start all by this week, but it seems like so many activities this weekend=.=

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Hello!! Have been disappear for half of a month^^ Just lazy la... Dont know what to write about... ...
Okla! Simply write about the trip I went. The Singapore trip I went on the end of holiday(last month) was really fun, although quite a number of friends were 'put aeroplane', but it was still a fun trip for me XD Love it!! Expected to spend around RM1k over there but end up it was under my expectation. Good!! By the way, got to thanks to my friend, Fui Teng's uncle to get us around. Yea!! It was quite a long story, and it is really a different place compare to here, but scare kena ISA later la, so you know la^^ When there is a chance, hope to travel over there again to visit the Universal Studios Singapore at Sentosa Island which is just opened. Hehe!! Lazy to do the upload work again over here, can try to visit this LINK... thx~~

This is the second week of my third new semester(tomorrow will be 3rd week T_T), 4 subjects to study, works become harder semester by semester, so still the same, I'll try my best not to fail it. Assignments' topic were started to distribute one after another, the most recent one(business law individual assignment) has to pass up before the CNY week T_T It is 50% good and 50% bad for us la, but I still not yet start it. No guideline at all, we really have no idea to start it off =.=

This semester Friday is off to me, so good^^ Thanks for such arrangement. Haha!! The day before yesterday I just went to shopping with my mum and younger bro for the whole day @_@ We went to Bandar Puteri for lunch at first, then walked around Tesco Puchong, then IOI Mall, then dinner and headed to Jusco at Taman Equine. lolz.. My bro has finish bought his new clothes while I bought mine for college use, and mum bought for normal wear too, didn't really buy for new year yet. Haha!! Shop until the time people close shop XD

And the news about the word start from 'A' is prohibited to use by all non-muslim, then I got question, does it mean that all non-muslim can avoid or no need to study the part of Sejarah about Islam?? (like that wont kena ISA hor??) aihzzz...