Thursday, 3 June 2010

Today's 4 hours break

Thursday, another day with 4 hours break = boring, wasting time & $$. Earlier, decided to go back home as I did not know that my friends had decided to Sg. Wang yesterday, after discussing, ok! Following.. haha!! This time quite a lot of people. Barry, KL, Bee, Teng, Max, Yie Theng, Venasa, Natalie, Sam, Peng, Steven, Vinz and me. 3 cars headed to KL...
T-bowl restaurant

Natalie's tom yam toilet bowl set @@

don't know whose one the 'shit' set @@ geli-nya~~

After enjoying such a lunch that I couldn't describe as well, everyone headed and separated to shop for a while. Searching a dress for the prom night. lol... I walked around with Bee and Teng and tested 2 pieces of dress. At last, hehe! Next time first la.. haha!! Window shopping dulu, lately only buy^^ 

p/s: Just feel interesting on the restaurant concept only we went to have a try, but what I can say is just ok, normal lo, and not to say very very tasty la! While the concept is alright.
Rating for it ☆ 


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