Sunday, 29 November 2009


Outgoing lagi... Today, 3 people, my parents and me. We went to Jusco, Klang. This time is to search for dad's shoe. Arlo... 1 day search for 1 person's shoe = =  Nevermind, since I have nothing to do also, and have a good mood to walk around =)

Have a light breakfast in the morning... Clean some stuff--The wheel chair!! The wheels were damn dirty!! When 'walked' here and there, dirt following up. End up we have cleaned all 3 wheel chairs. Then 3 of us headed to have Bak Kut Teh lunch at Taman Rashna. That restaurant is always full house one, but this is also the first time we no need to queue for a table^^

After lunch, then go shopping. We met an incident. I also don't know how to describe it = =  Every car is searched for parking lot, when my dad took the ticket, so lucky that there is a car ready to remove. So, after the car removing from the parking lot, naturally, my dad park at the place. The place to drive along the road is so narrow, somomore there is double parking also. While in front of the parking place that we parked, there was a Singapore's car, is actually CRV with Singapore's car plate number la! Don't know whether the people are Singaporean or not. It shown double signal. So, we also didn't bother it but have noticed about it, we thought it is waiting anyone or what, so just proceed our parking. Wow!! Can't imagine. Suddenly, a couple, a middle age couple get down from that car and trying to talk with us to get back "THEIR" parking lot. Erm... Are we wrong because of parking at "YOUR" lot?? But what you mean with the double signal that you are showing?? Waiting people? Car break down? Or that is Singapore's rule? (When want to park, show double signal) What do people think off when you showed double signal? Lagi, WHEN TALKED TO PEOPLE, PLEASE BE POLITE!!! LOUD AND SHOWING YOUR FIERCE FACE IS NOT THE WAY TO TALK TO PEOPLE!!! By the way, don't blame my parents talk to you loudly, when you are trying to scold or talk to people loudly, everyone's respond will just the same. And even the easiest words: "EXCUSE ME" also left out. The middle age male looks like want to punch people also. LOLZ... I can't believe they are Singaporean (If they are)@_@  So as you all know, most people say Singaporean GIA SX one, my parents just said 'let you park, we let you park'. When my dad ready to remove from the parking lot, they also drive away already =.=  What the $%#$%!!! Wasting people time, somemore let you park but you drive away. Apa ni?!! Aih...

We also don't want to bother such people already, get down from car and proceed our shopping. In between, I also scare we will meet over again. But my mum said we didn't do wrongly, what should we scare? Lolz... But the couple may just think that they are right lo!! Weekend sales around, and now also having year end sale, everything sales... haha!! My dad bought a pair of Larrie shoe, a rack, mum bought bags and I bought a discounted Polo watch^^

When want to go back, my dad also a bit worry about his car cause we just met such an impolite people. Luckily nothing happen. lolz... On the way back to KL, along Federal Highway, we met 2 accidents.

p/s 1: Lots of good and bad things happen today...
p/s 2: Don't simply use DOUBLE SIGNAL lo!!!
p/s 3: Now only I realize that there are some previous posts I not yet upload =)

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Mid Valley

These days a bit busy, walking around here and there, not with friends but with my family.

Today I just went to Mid Valley with my mum. Don't know why, aih... Showing the temper that I can't really accept. Nevermind, everyone has own temper, just be patience. Cause you also hope people to accept your temper right?! So must deserve it if you want to. = =  Well, after lunch just headed over there. Our car was parked at The Garden side. So start to shop at ISETAN. I have been to ISETAN, but it was happened decade years ago. lolz... I have also forgotten when and where I have stepped into. The name is such like it sells all branded, class and expensive stuff, so I didn't even shop with my friends at ISETAN. Ya!! It's not wrong. It really sells all those classic goods, where I not really willing to spend with my own money by now^^ So, I was just have my window shopping today.

The purpose of shopping was, my mum wanted to find a middle high heel. So, we walked around ISETAN, Jusco, Metrojaya, and even the shop lots = =  My legs were nearly patah lolz... If I am the one who is looking for just a pair of shoe, my mum sure mumble all the way. Like walk around the whole mall but end up have no result. I have also discovered that there are a lot of formal shirts at ISETAN. Hope to get one, at least one la, but due to the time, I have only scanned around = =

After walking around 2 to 3 hours, my legs really beh tahan already. Tired + pain, muscle pain. Aiyoyo... End up, we bought a coffee tea maker at Metrojaya as dad requested, some breads at Jusco and my mum shoe's at ISETAN. Me?? Next shopping first lo! Everytime also so unlucky, don't have my size T_T

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Hiking at Broga Hill

Wow!! What a happy, tired and wonderful day!!^^

~Group photo~
Front:-David-Edward-Terence-Weng Kit-
Back:-ME-Teng's cousin-Fui Teng-Teng's brother-

Early in the morning, get ready and going out to fetch my friend nearby then headed to gather at INTI. Suddenly there was a call, 'What? Cancel?? T_T'  Cause they said there was a heavy rain at midnight, scare the road to the hill will be slippery. At that time, if cancel I'm still ok, cause I can go to join other friends to play badminton. But the decision was still gather at college only made decision. That time I was thinking that 'better don't cancel ar!' Wait and wait and wait, wait for David and Terence. Yeah! Finally the decision is...^^

When the time we reached, it was about 10++am already. The sun is so bright and we were damn hot@_@ The road is so... So 'sam tong' the car... lolz... Start our journey to the hill. Only 10 minutes walk, we were already tired and without energy already @_@ Really long time didn't do exercise, after today, I'm sure suffer with muscle pain. Since we were already there, no matter how we should go up to the hill!!! The way to hill is just like jungle trekking, at the beginning better don't miss the way, as Terence's experience, if miss, then the way to the hill will be different and difficult, have to go across those grass. Wow!! Really tired@_@ I have friend felt a bit dizzy so never went up also.

Scenery up the hill... Although the scenery is not as expected, well, the feeling at the hill is so NICE^^


There is another hill other than the one that we have successfully went up, but due to the limited energy, hopefully there is next chance la^^  After hiking, we went from south to north, Broga to Klang for bak kut teh, san fu our drivers ler... We were really tired all the way back@_@  After that, those guys still want to go Tze How's house, I have no choice, cause got to fetch Weng Kit back, so the only girl follow them. 7++pm only back home...

Monday, 23 November 2009

Sakura Cafe & Cuisine

Erm... Yesterday, so sudden, my mum suggested to have lunch at Sakura @ Jalan Imbi, KL. She said when we were kids, we went there before, but my younger bro and me totally have lost such a piece of memory. Haha!! Opening the menu, WAH!!! So...@_@ I asked my mum, 'sure we can order any meal hor?' haha!! Just a class price @_@

Elder bro and my nasi bojari set...@_@

Dad and mum nasi lemak set...@_@

Younger bro stick set...

Add on: nasi bojari

2 cendol come along with nasi bojari set...

WOW!! All food are damn yummy. Delicious-nya- =P

Saturday, 21 November 2009


wOw!! 好久没打华文了,也没像以前那样整天更新部落了。

现在都已是我第三个星期的假期了,朋友都一直在喊闷,在家没事做,可我就整天都出去=.= 第一个星期的假期节目特别丰富,也填满了我整个星期的时间。先去了槟城3天2夜,做3天兼职,这样一个礼拜就过去了。

第二个星期,很开心,因为终于可以享受假期了。哈哈!终于有得睡到饱饱,可是我觉得我应该还是比我朋友早起吧!因为我不喜欢迟起的感觉,还有越睡就越累。现在我会比较喜欢在家,因为。。。(会想的人会懂为什么,不会想的人就怎么讲都不明白的啦!所以自己ok就好)Well,有得去运动打打羽球更好^^ 可是只有我一个人=.=  现在比较亲近的朋友也不是很喜欢运动打球之类的,哥和弟又考试,等他们考完试我弟就会自己跟朋友踢球去,很难才约到以前一直相聚打球的朋友出来。哎。。。我也不是整天在家咯!差不多天天都跟我妈这里去那里去,整个星期没得驾车脚也有点痒啦!^^ 总之这两个星期都到处去。OUG, Kuchai, Central, Carrefour, Parkson, Jalan Imbi, IOI Mall, Bandar Puteri, Amcorp Mall, PJ, Shah Alam... 北上南下,还有的我也忘了=.= 昨天也回了乡下去,刚才傍晚才回来。回到乡下,那懂我阿公一会儿就得去新加坡第二天飞去香港了。就回去探望我阿公那一下子,也是有原因的,因为接下来我爸可能会好一段日子甚至几个节日都不能回到乡下去。哎。。。

来来去去,哎哟哟!!我的书桌还是考完试的那个模样,凌乱不堪@_@ 是时候收拾了!下个星期先,呵呵^^ 之前一直进进出出,进进出出搞到我也没心情想去收拾。

这漫长的假期得好好地珍惜哟!在多一年半载应该再也没有这样舒服地在家里无所事事或跟家人整天进进出出了吧!所以我也选择了不去找工,几天的兼职已足够了。享受是应分的,难道要到了以后连忙里偷闲的机会也没有才来埋怨、后悔嘛?! XD

Friday, 13 November 2009


Wow!!So far I've missed lots of movie=.=
Long time didn't step into the cinema already


And also long time didn't meet up my friends^^

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Part time work at Mid Valley

Last week, after a convoy trip to Penang, I have only 1 day rest on Thursday to proceed with a part time job. Wow!! What a tired week for me@_@

After exam(Saturday-31/Oct), bunch of friends went to Klang to have our celebration + gathering. Oh!! NICE^^

One day rest on Sunday... Get prepared to Penang...

Monday(2/Nov), lets convoy convoy convoy!! Haha!! Went to Penang to play play play~eat eat eat~walk walk walk~drive drive drive~look look look around... WooHoo!! Nice trip with bunch of friends. Love it^^

Ok! Thursday... I supposed to have an appointment of skin doctor, but so good, cancelled, cause medicine has being bought^^ Finally I can rest for a day. Oh! Miss my mum's dishes very very much. At Penang, everyone was actually craving for vegetables. Haha!! Long time no vege, most people feel beh tahan. Lol! But got people "allergic to vege" lolz@_@... haha!!

Well, Fri, Satur and Sun worked for a Grand PC & Electronic Fair at Mid Valley Exibition Hall. Working for X-Peak company too. Haha!! Almost forgotten what are those products already, only remember the screen protector and leather case stuff XD Same as last time, first day, tired and pain... This time they need 4 part-timer as well, 2 work at Mid Valley and 2 at Wangsa Maju. I found Ah Peng to make it. But the business at Wangsa Maju was in 'egg' result @_@ Ah Peng also decline the work for the following days. lolz...
This time we got another job, distribute cash rebate voucher... Huei Min stood around Nokia area while me stood around Sony Ericsson area. lolz... We just looks like the mobile promoter more than our company's promoter @_@ Haha!!
Sales for the first day of fair was also not that good, but the following days seems to be better. I like such part time, cause lazy to work everyday XD

Wanna have a good rest this week, then only start to arrange and clean my stuff.
Woo!!Happy Holiday everyone!!

Penang Convoy Trip 2009

Wow!! Convoy trip!! I like it
Always in my mind^^

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Busy week

This week is a busy week...
Play for 3 days & work for 3 days...
Hopefully next week will be a rest and enjoy week for me to arrange my stuff...

Well, post will be uploaded after the week^^

Got to have rest.
Good NightZzz...

Sunday, 1 November 2009


Just finish off my exam yesterday, last paper-ENL ^^

Hope every subject also pass!!

Well, just the first week of holiday, my schedule has already full lolz...
Tomorrow will be going to Penang with my college friends for 3 days 2 night, then 1 day rest, perhaps(but as I know I have an appointment-.-), then Friday to Sunday will have a part time job.
Wow!!damn full. my friends would like this kind of pack pack life, but I'm not the one.

Rest and enjoy for the day...

GOOD LUCK everyone^_^