Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Part time work at Mid Valley

Last week, after a convoy trip to Penang, I have only 1 day rest on Thursday to proceed with a part time job. Wow!! What a tired week for me@_@

After exam(Saturday-31/Oct), bunch of friends went to Klang to have our celebration + gathering. Oh!! NICE^^

One day rest on Sunday... Get prepared to Penang...

Monday(2/Nov), lets convoy convoy convoy!! Haha!! Went to Penang to play play play~eat eat eat~walk walk walk~drive drive drive~look look look around... WooHoo!! Nice trip with bunch of friends. Love it^^

Ok! Thursday... I supposed to have an appointment of skin doctor, but so good, cancelled, cause medicine has being bought^^ Finally I can rest for a day. Oh! Miss my mum's dishes very very much. At Penang, everyone was actually craving for vegetables. Haha!! Long time no vege, most people feel beh tahan. Lol! But got people "allergic to vege" lolz@_@... haha!!

Well, Fri, Satur and Sun worked for a Grand PC & Electronic Fair at Mid Valley Exibition Hall. Working for X-Peak company too. Haha!! Almost forgotten what are those products already, only remember the screen protector and leather case stuff XD Same as last time, first day, tired and pain... This time they need 4 part-timer as well, 2 work at Mid Valley and 2 at Wangsa Maju. I found Ah Peng to make it. But the business at Wangsa Maju was in 'egg' result @_@ Ah Peng also decline the work for the following days. lolz...
This time we got another job, distribute cash rebate voucher... Huei Min stood around Nokia area while me stood around Sony Ericsson area. lolz... We just looks like the mobile promoter more than our company's promoter @_@ Haha!!
Sales for the first day of fair was also not that good, but the following days seems to be better. I like such part time, cause lazy to work everyday XD

Wanna have a good rest this week, then only start to arrange and clean my stuff.
Woo!!Happy Holiday everyone!!