Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Hiking at Broga Hill

Wow!! What a happy, tired and wonderful day!!^^

~Group photo~
Front:-David-Edward-Terence-Weng Kit-
Back:-ME-Teng's cousin-Fui Teng-Teng's brother-

Early in the morning, get ready and going out to fetch my friend nearby then headed to gather at INTI. Suddenly there was a call, 'What? Cancel?? T_T'  Cause they said there was a heavy rain at midnight, scare the road to the hill will be slippery. At that time, if cancel I'm still ok, cause I can go to join other friends to play badminton. But the decision was still gather at college only made decision. That time I was thinking that 'better don't cancel ar!' Wait and wait and wait, wait for David and Terence. Yeah! Finally the decision is...^^

When the time we reached, it was about 10++am already. The sun is so bright and we were damn hot@_@ The road is so... So 'sam tong' the car... lolz... Start our journey to the hill. Only 10 minutes walk, we were already tired and without energy already @_@ Really long time didn't do exercise, after today, I'm sure suffer with muscle pain. Since we were already there, no matter how we should go up to the hill!!! The way to hill is just like jungle trekking, at the beginning better don't miss the way, as Terence's experience, if miss, then the way to the hill will be different and difficult, have to go across those grass. Wow!! Really tired@_@ I have friend felt a bit dizzy so never went up also.

Scenery up the hill... Although the scenery is not as expected, well, the feeling at the hill is so NICE^^


There is another hill other than the one that we have successfully went up, but due to the limited energy, hopefully there is next chance la^^  After hiking, we went from south to north, Broga to Klang for bak kut teh, san fu our drivers ler... We were really tired all the way back@_@  After that, those guys still want to go Tze How's house, I have no choice, cause got to fetch Weng Kit back, so the only girl follow them. 7++pm only back home...


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Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

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