Thursday, 21 January 2010


Free at the opening, now the busy life of this semester has started. OH!!! Law individual assignment was given, has to pass up before CNY week; Management & Marketing group assignment, after CNY(still mean before CNY has to finish it lo! Who will do it in CNY week??=.=); Professional Development group assignment, nearly end of the semester, but has to finish part by part under lecturer's instruction and care. 


Long time didn't really do such much of assignment already, aiyo, lazy disease comes along... ... aRh!!! I think I've to start all by this week, but it seems like so many activities this weekend=.=

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Hello!! Have been disappear for half of a month^^ Just lazy la... Dont know what to write about... ...
Okla! Simply write about the trip I went. The Singapore trip I went on the end of holiday(last month) was really fun, although quite a number of friends were 'put aeroplane', but it was still a fun trip for me XD Love it!! Expected to spend around RM1k over there but end up it was under my expectation. Good!! By the way, got to thanks to my friend, Fui Teng's uncle to get us around. Yea!! It was quite a long story, and it is really a different place compare to here, but scare kena ISA later la, so you know la^^ When there is a chance, hope to travel over there again to visit the Universal Studios Singapore at Sentosa Island which is just opened. Hehe!! Lazy to do the upload work again over here, can try to visit this LINK... thx~~

This is the second week of my third new semester(tomorrow will be 3rd week T_T), 4 subjects to study, works become harder semester by semester, so still the same, I'll try my best not to fail it. Assignments' topic were started to distribute one after another, the most recent one(business law individual assignment) has to pass up before the CNY week T_T It is 50% good and 50% bad for us la, but I still not yet start it. No guideline at all, we really have no idea to start it off =.=

This semester Friday is off to me, so good^^ Thanks for such arrangement. Haha!! The day before yesterday I just went to shopping with my mum and younger bro for the whole day @_@ We went to Bandar Puteri for lunch at first, then walked around Tesco Puchong, then IOI Mall, then dinner and headed to Jusco at Taman Equine. lolz.. My bro has finish bought his new clothes while I bought mine for college use, and mum bought for normal wear too, didn't really buy for new year yet. Haha!! Shop until the time people close shop XD

And the news about the word start from 'A' is prohibited to use by all non-muslim, then I got question, does it mean that all non-muslim can avoid or no need to study the part of Sejarah about Islam?? (like that wont kena ISA hor??) aihzzz...