Sunday, 22 February 2009


arlo... Seldom do and having any exercise since I left my High School. Exercise I have frequently do I think is playing badminton, I mean last year^^

Today, Sin May invited me to play badminton as she booked a court at Komuniti hall there. It was the first time I was playing badminton in this year. hehe!! Just felt like want to exercise my body and meet my friends so just join it. 12-2pm was our time... I reached after half an hour because just finish lunch at 12pm. Heard Sin May said everyone can't hit the first ball when they started the game, including me^_^ Sin May, Su Pei and her boyfriend and me were just playing while waiting for Sheryl, I also forgotten what time she reach already. As she reach, we just act like don't want to play already and ask her to pay for the bill. Then whoever knows her must know she sure shouting us to play with her lo^^ She didn't bring any sportshoe cause she just came from her church, then no choice, got to play without shoes. Some more we felt she wear like swimming, so actually she was playing beach badminton. haha!!

Game per game... ...
Playing until quite tired and sweating around, that was our limit already, cause long time didn't exercise woh!! So don't expect too much. keke XD They were going to have lunch after then but I didn't join cause I want to do some assignment work.

What a wonder exercise I had made it today^_^ So see you all again for the next match ya!!

Happy Birthday Wai San



p/s: we will celebrate with you lately lah! Present have been bought, but need to give you lately also. Hope you wont mind woh...

Wedding dinner

Yesterday night I just went to my friend's wedding dinner. Yup!! My friend!! Same age with me!! While her husband is just 1 year older than me.

As the invitation card was stated and Christine mentioned that we should reach at 6.30pm sharp, so I'd already started to prepare at 4pm. After Fui Teng reached my house, then about 5.20pm I start my journey to go and fetch other 3 friends. I went to fetch Yi Zhen and Wai San first... Well, I'd already ask her to prepare nicely and wait me at 5.25pm, but at last still the word--WAIT!! I already promise those guys I would reach at 5.45pm, but because of waiting for our BIG BOSS--Yi Zhen for about 15 minutes, so my promise was actually broken. Then 5.45pm only I left Yi Zhen's house and went to fetch Edward. When she get in to my car, she also didn't realize anything. lol... (I'm not angry with it, just want to let you know la!! Be punctual!!^^) At last about 6pm only I reach to meet them up. Just luckily that they were still discussing the road, if not sure blaming by everyone already because of waiting for my car.

We went to the Palm Hotel-IOI Resort by driving through Seremban Highway. If girl is driving, there will always have the benefit that we can be the second car but not the last. Hehe^^ Sih Hen still thought I'll drive like a tortoise, but when he saw, he said 'wow! Drive until I can't see your car'. lol... It is normal already lah!! I drive smoothly and safety right??(asking my passengers^^) Cause I don't like speeding then brake, speeding then brake, I like comfortable and smooth like how my family drive. Some more it was having heavy rain along the road to our destination, so must be more caution. I think about 6.45pm, we reached. As a driver, 4 of us got to drop all passengers in front of the lobby where under the roof, because really damn heavy rain. So got to pity 4 of us to park our car then take a small umbrella walk to the lobby. One word--WET... lol...

The wedding was actually a buffet dinner around the swimming pool, but because of the damn weather, so it was change to a ballroom. I think Christine may felt a bit disappointed. We wait for the stuff to be prepared about half an hour... All of us just crapping all the way... Saw Richie was helping Christine to hold her PINK bag walked around, make us felt he like 'dai kam jeh'. keke^^ Meet many friends, some really long time no see already, especially Emily, Sih Hen, Win Jiun, Chun Wei, OYMY, Ming Jian and others. Crap crap crap then after the ballroom have been prepared, 5 boys 5 girls get into one table. My table-Chee Kong, Sih Hen, Kin Lim, Lek Lun, Yong Shen, Wai San, Yi Zhen, Fui Teng, Sing Eng and ME^^ Make a lot of fun with them. Besides Sri Sentosa gang(High School gang) who had already occupied 3 tables, she also had invited her primary school's friends and her college friends.

Buffet dinner start!!! Take our 1st round food, it was actually not so suitable for me cause all those food was cold one... Second round, dessert first, cause seems like nothing to eat... Third round, only we saw hot food then go and take some, saw my favourite lamb^^ but can't eat too much lah. Then, everyone was full, cause no appetite to eat already. As our future chef say so, all food was actually in malay style. Well, after eating then?? Crap again... Sih Hen was the one like drunk people, talk talk talk nonstop. haha!! Must thanks him also lah! If not we would be so silent for the whole night, must be happy mah!!

I don't know what time was that, but the emcee(actually is Christine's sister) ask to play the groom, so the groom and bride each of them choose 2 of their friends. For the groom side, we didn't know his friends, then for the bride side, Christine choose Richie and ME @_@ What Richie played the groom was he ask a cup of wine and a empty cup, ask the groom to drink the wine-pass to the bride-the bride put the wine to the empty cup. lol... Richie ar!! At last Richie was actually ask the groom to drink the rest of the wine, but he drink those tat spew out by Christine one. WOW!!! Then my turn... I don't know what to do and felt so pai seh to go out lah! Then my table fellow just ask me to ask whether can I bring a partner, she allow. Then my table fellow again ask Sih Hen to go out with me, since he talk so much. haha! He asked the groom to say 7 different language of 'I Love You'.

Our table was the most HAPPIEST and NOISIEST one because we always joking and crapping as compare to others just sit silently all the way. YAM SENG also we won loh!! haha!! -.-lll But don't know why yam seng so many time. Some more yam seng with Christine's dad, then Christine walk over and asked her dad is't his wedding. haha!!!XD I really felt so happy with them. So many photographers... When we wanted to take photo, those photographers were taking with their professional camera, but when we passed our digital camera to them, they were like don't know how to use it. lol... wahaha!!! May be they are too professional already.

About 10.45pm, all of us say goodbye to each other and also the groom and bride for sure then walked to the car park. One thing hate the hotel was they lost our umbrella :-( My mum still purposely put into the car when I depart, that is new one lah!! haizz... But luckily didn't get scolded. Fetching Yi Zhen to Kuchai, Wai San to OUG to meet their friends, then fetch Edward back to his home and at last Fui Teng and me at my house(Fui Teng parked her car at my house).

Wish Alex and Christine 新婚快乐。。。。。。

Wow!! Type so many for this blog, cause the mood is here^^

[Hope I could get those picture about the wedding then post it here to share with you all...]

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Test week

I was having 3 test and 1 quiz by last week and this week, while for next week, there will be 1 more test... arh!!!

Last Friday was the Management test. How I felt with it leh?? erm... As the tips were not given so detail, so everything also need to study. But I just focus on those past year questions that she showed us in the previous the class, cause too much things to memorize ar!! Still saw my friends cheat in class. haha!! lol... so obvious...

Well, English was the next test on this Monday. It was a compare and contrast essay. It is quite normal for us as we always do this type of essay. Not to say very easy or very hard, just depends on the title. When the test was in progress, heard someone 'break wind'. So loud HE 'break' @_@

Wednesday, Statistic quiz 1. hehe!! This one quite easy for me^_^ But, easy questions will more easy to get wrong. Luckily I got do checking^^ The quiz only has 3 questions that we can finish in 10 minutes but sir gave us 30 minutes, which means each question 10 minutes. wow!! haha! First time after quiz we need to continue our study...-.-

For Friday, means yesterday, I was having Accounting test. Everyone was studying until mad as too many things to memorize and hard to 'fill' all information in our brain la!! When the lecturer walked in to the class, he looked quite weak, he said he was having food poison thats why stomachache for the whole day. Then many people were requesting to postpone the test, but some of us include me were shouting 'huh'!!! Cause we were studying so hardly the day before but now they want to postpone it!! They willing to suffer one more week rather than having the test by that day. apa ni??! At last, although the people who want to postpone were more than those they don't want, but sir still continue with it. When the question papers were distributed, walao!! They must thanks us(those who insist to have test) as they no need to suffer 1 more week with such 'not so hard' questions. Ist?? (I know I wont get the answer here^_^) I'd done it quite smoothly and didn't skip any question. Hope I can pass ba^_^ I think second test will be harder...

This is why I didn't update here for 1 week...=D

Friday, 13 February 2009

Toll of PJS 2

Edited at 15-Feb-09 11.53am
The toll of PJS 2 along the NPE(New Pantai Expressway) highway have abolished. So, means... what to mean?? thought I will benefit with it, but my friends went to Sunway in this two days said we still need to pay for the toll... APA NI la!!! 空欢喜一场。。。

Links about this "GOOD" news:

p/s: hope lately the residents around there may help to close another toll...

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Ice Skating

11-February-2009 (Wednesday)
wow!! This semester is already the last semester for my foundation, but this was the first time I went to ice skating with my college's friends at Sunway. lol... Although just only 7 of us--Fui Teng, Bee Yee, Janice, Xin Yee, David, Edward and me were going, but also quite fun to skate togather la... Already 1 year I didn't go for skating!!! Before that we planned to go Sunway at 10am one, but suddenly the English replacement class at 3pm was cancelled and just left Statistic class at 4pm, so we delay the time to 1 hour later.

I think Janice and David were the first timer, while Bee Yee was the second time to skate after 10 years. haha!! Left 4 of us who know to skate... Among 4 of us, I'm the slowest one cause I scare my legs can't affort then suddenly fall down. ^_^ I just know how to skate la! but still will fall down one, not pro mah!! Well, I didn't fall down for this time =D In between, we asked for McD delivery from 2 of our friends who were not skating but shopping!! haha!(Thanks for delivering ya^_^) But don't know why David just skate for 1 round then stop already -.-lll RM19 for 1 round... wow!! We skate until 3.20pm then ready to go to college for Statistic class^_^

-pain after skate @_@-

Monday, 9 February 2009


整整9天的新年假期,一眨眼就过喇!我看是我最充实的一个假期了^_^ 就连功课都没时间去做。开课当天当lecturer说星期三要检查时,当晚我才去完成它,那时才知道原来也只不过是那几题而已。哈哈!上个星期各科的lecturer已陆续地在给assignment了,这些assignments真的会令我们做到透不过气来耶!还有还有,接下来的几个星期也会陆续的有test & quiz咯!!@_@ + T_T

Well,那天星期二去了缘火锅店吃一餐顺便庆祝Crystal的生日。续初六和初七早出晚归后,这一天已是第三天了,but这一天就skip了早上10点的课2点才去学院,因为太累了。破纪录!这几天整天出去都没被我妈mumble哦!哈哈!可能新年她ok吧!她还expect我这三天weekend+holiday会不在家pula^_^ Finally,我都没出街。。。不然有时间让我更新我的部落咩??XD



我的习惯就是收到全部红包才拆的,今天last day应该没有红包了吧?!so拆咯^_^

现在已是week 6了。。。接下来好忙的几个星期。。。
Week 6
- Management Test 1

Week 7
- pass up English Group Assignment
- Accounting Test 1
- Statistic Quiz 1

Week 8
- pass up Management Individual Assignment

Week 10
- pass up Accounting Individual Assignment

Week 12
- pass up Management Group Assignment
- pass up Accounting Group Assignment

haizz... @_@

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Happy Birthday Crystal!!!


A belated wish^_^

p/s: Don't know whether have any photo which taken from Yuen Steamboat or not, not yet received


1/2/2009 (星期日) - 拜年2
这一天又跟了另外一gang(中学朋友)一起去找老师拜年。这一天就不必七早八早啦!But也差不多一样咯!9点就出门。。。还好不用驾车了,昨天真的是驾车驾到xiao lol... Fui Teng载了Shi Yeong, Huei Min和我; Yi Zhen载了Yan Leng then我们就在Cik Kok's house(form 4&5's teacher) meet. 还记得去年还是以英文跟老师交谈的,可今年就讲广东话咯!哈哈!谈了一会我们就叫老师跟我们一起去Kuchai Entrepreneur的JoJo板面那里吃早餐。原本是我们要请老师吃一顿的,哪里懂反过来她请了我们。哈哈^_^ Well,吃饱了又回到老师的家坐一会才离开,到我们的下一个目的地去,就是去Mid Valley看戏。看了Underworld 3... Then,next round,Yi Zhen's house. 其实我们最怕就是去她家了。哈哈!But is ok^_^ 兜去了我家拿麻将才去她家,刚好Lek Lun, Kum Tat和Shi Kang也到她家去坐坐,让我能顺便见见好久不见的朋友=D

在Yi Zhen的家打三人麻将。lol... 两个高手而我只懂怎样玩^_^

玩呀玩。。。玩呀玩。。。7点多我们就离开了,剩下我,Yi Zhen, Wai San和Yan Leng,我们一起去Cheras吃扒。那里是我十年前整天去的地方,还好还有好几间还在营业,虽然我想光顾的那间已搬迁了。还有,一张桌子刚好我们四个人坐,but不知Wai San为什么去搬多一张椅子。arlo... 吃饱了,谈下废话,then Yi Zhen就送我们回家。我们只是去Wai San的家看看她的小狗而已,她的妈妈竟然这样就给了我们一人一封红包。哈哈!谢了,aunty^_^


Saturday, 7 February 2009


31/1/2009 (星期六) - 拜年
wow!! 这一天的拜年行程就劲咯!!第一次跟了college的一班朋友一起去拜年。从Klang一家一家到Happy Garden去。讲好了8am要到'midpoint'(Klang和Happy Garden的中心点-Subang)也就是Edward的家集合,然后才一起上到Klang去。这天我得载3个朋友,so 6am我就起床准备了,大概7.10am出门,去载了Old Happy Garden, Taman Sri Sentosa和Puchong的朋友。这样早起床真是累死了-.-Zzz

我, Lay Peng, Fui Teng, Weng Kit去了会合Edward, David, Terence, Crystal和Rebecca后,就一起出发到Klang去。我们先去找Sam,她带我们去吃肉骨茶。我和Edward驾车的竟然都没带Sam之前画给我们的地图。lol... 只能凭记忆了咯!还好前一天有看看那张地图。好笑的是,Sam明明讲了过了一排colourful shop才转弯,but Edward就因为看到一档colourful MAMAK,还没到colourful shop就转弯了。lol...


After bak kut teh breakfast,我们就一起去到Poh Jin的家去。好多狗哦!!不习惯被狗缠的我也习惯咯!哈哈!

Xin Yee's house。。。也是有养狗的。这只狗就有点geli啦!瘦瘦小小只又不毛毛地。。。我比较喜欢毛毛的小狗^_^

David's house。。。the only place where have nami to play, and I've learn it also^_^

就是这位“仁兄”,应该是仁姐hor?! XD 在David's house玩nami赢了RM30++

Edward's house。。。Food Heaven... lol... 他的家是最多东西吃的喇!整桌FOOD!! 两箱junk FOOD!! 我们就在帮他扫进我们的肚子^_^ 我还喝了两罐Ribena pula XD

Crystal's house。。。小赌场-mahjong, blackjack。。。也是养很多狗的一家。。。看最后一张picture,那两个(左边的)去到有养狗的家就是全程都在缩着脚。。。

Fui Teng's house。。。chatting...

原本的行程是大概会到10+的家去的,最后cut了几家,then有几个人又没出现,so我们也只去了Poh Jin, Xin Yee, Crystal, Edward, David, Ee Von(我)和Fui Teng的家only咯!Then晚上就只剩我,Crystal, Fui Teng, Terence, Edward和David一起去Puchong Bandar Puteri那里吃Shabu-shabu^_^ Then,散会。。。

p/s: 这一天实在是好累哟!还要驾车一整天。累坏啦!!一面驾车就一面在擦眼睛让自己处于清醒状态,因为整辆车都是人呀!!终于体会到做乘客的幸福了。。。




这个巧克力骗人的,by right应该要有5个不一样的口味的咯!But只有3个口味-.- 这是我哥讲的喇!因为是他要吃,我就不是很喜欢很喜欢巧克力的,只是偶尔吃一粒酱而已。


下午去了Sungai Way吃福建餐,then about 3、4点大伯和大伯母从麻坡到我家来坐坐,傍晚就和Shah Alam的叔叔一家一起去Telok Gong吃海鲜餐。爽啊!一年一次ok吧!
Telok Gong的一间海鲜饭店,如果没错应该是叫榈檬芭。。。




这是我堂姐的盘哦 XD

吃饱后原本打算去Jenjarum东禅寺走走的,因为新年期间总是很多人的,so最后就改了去Bukit Tinggi的Jusco去逛。Then顺便到我Kota Kemuning的叔叔家坐坐,谈谈天。


年三十 until 年初四

randomly update... quite long for this post...

25-Jan-09 (星期日) 年三十




26-January-2009 (Monday)年初一
My mum's BIRTHDAY^_^


Really need to thanks all aunties and also my mum for cooking, 辛苦晒!!It really make them busy and tired...

looks messy?? It's call pen cai(盆菜). It was our dinner on 年初一. Do you know what are those slices on top??^_^ is abalone. haha!!-.-lll

my ah gong's house is just like a small vegetables farm or can say is a small orchard also, the fruits and vegetables shown above all are planted around my ah gong's house compound. banana, jambu, pineapple, pomelo, 无花果(the last picture) and others(don't know what's the name, just know there are lady fingers)^_^...

年初三 we went out to have dinner. I think this is the first time lou sang at hometown, and somemore the material are so "MANY". For my family, I think 2 or 3 people can finish it. haha! But this plate is for 11 people...

this brand of soya really nice, not so sweet. I'd tried it when went to somewhere else to visit relatives(拜年) Now my house end up with 2 dozen of it -.-lll

I dont like those sour food

年初四 my mum decided to try and make it. Don't know whats the name, but is something with sesame...

this one pop pop, small case la... hehe! XD so for small kids

but my youngest cousin sister still scare with it

"what a hot day, still want me wear samfu".. haha! He really feel hot..thats my cousin bro

wow! this one quite new, this year only see it, no sound one, they call it bee firecracker(蜜蜂炮)

wah!! this one don't make fun of it, I also beh tahan its sound...

there are some edited picture from my cousin sis...(click to see clearer if you want)

this one is the most nicer one^_^ one of my uncle buy and burn it at their yard(their house is just next and next to my ah gong's house) normally pass year he may burn it at night of 年三十 when 接财神. Cause this year the law quite straight already so he burn it lately on 年初二 ^_^

luckily there is a big compund in front my ah gong's house to park all the cars

there is a dog at my uncle house also... so cute^_^ (the girl in the picture is not me la!! She is my leng lui cousin sister =D)

any special?? haha!! 7 boys(my cousin bro) with 1 girl(my cousin sis) one day when having dinner... but don't you feel curious. The ratio of grandson:granddaughter of my ah gong is really... mean grandson more than granddaughter la!!!

As you all know, one day of CNY we can see the moon block the sun(don't know what's the scientific name^_^), so we try to make something to see it, but the sun is really too bright...

After dinner, everyone walk around the yard...

mahjong time^_^ without mahjong, we really cant think anything to do already, one year once is ok la!! Besides mahjong, I had watched 《命中注定我爱你》, a taiwan drama, quite nice for this drama as for me who actually not so like taiwan's drama^_^ Don't have internet service is also a good thing, if have it, you can think that everyone is busy in front of the computer, therefore no interaction among cousin already, if like that no meaning to go back also. Am I right??

my cute youngest cousin sis... now already so talkative...

this two sibling...always stick with me...

SHE ATE TOOTHPASTE!!! alamak!! Don't know why suddenly play with it. Heard that she use the toothpaste to wipe her sis's photo pula -.- I think she was too boring already...

4, 5 and 6 years old cousin^_^ looking at a 13 years old cousin play PSP...

saw this in a restaurant, is this really practising??

two different gang of people visit to ah gong's house, how to serve them leh??! 20+ people, luckily there are enough cup to serve them a drink...

do you ever seen people line up to fill a bowl of rice?? My ah gong's house happened this situation when every family balik kampung. Somemore we need 3 tables due to our big family...

day to back to KL(年初四)... packing again...

this cousin sis want to follow us go to KL oh! haha! seldom hear kid will want to follow... she still ask us to wait for her... lol!! ^_^

fully pack again, cause bring many fruits back to KL...

went back to KL at night after staying 6 days 5 night... so fast, CNY holiday have finished :-( want to stay there more longer with those cousin ler...