Sunday, 22 February 2009

Wedding dinner

Yesterday night I just went to my friend's wedding dinner. Yup!! My friend!! Same age with me!! While her husband is just 1 year older than me.

As the invitation card was stated and Christine mentioned that we should reach at 6.30pm sharp, so I'd already started to prepare at 4pm. After Fui Teng reached my house, then about 5.20pm I start my journey to go and fetch other 3 friends. I went to fetch Yi Zhen and Wai San first... Well, I'd already ask her to prepare nicely and wait me at 5.25pm, but at last still the word--WAIT!! I already promise those guys I would reach at 5.45pm, but because of waiting for our BIG BOSS--Yi Zhen for about 15 minutes, so my promise was actually broken. Then 5.45pm only I left Yi Zhen's house and went to fetch Edward. When she get in to my car, she also didn't realize anything. lol... (I'm not angry with it, just want to let you know la!! Be punctual!!^^) At last about 6pm only I reach to meet them up. Just luckily that they were still discussing the road, if not sure blaming by everyone already because of waiting for my car.

We went to the Palm Hotel-IOI Resort by driving through Seremban Highway. If girl is driving, there will always have the benefit that we can be the second car but not the last. Hehe^^ Sih Hen still thought I'll drive like a tortoise, but when he saw, he said 'wow! Drive until I can't see your car'. lol... It is normal already lah!! I drive smoothly and safety right??(asking my passengers^^) Cause I don't like speeding then brake, speeding then brake, I like comfortable and smooth like how my family drive. Some more it was having heavy rain along the road to our destination, so must be more caution. I think about 6.45pm, we reached. As a driver, 4 of us got to drop all passengers in front of the lobby where under the roof, because really damn heavy rain. So got to pity 4 of us to park our car then take a small umbrella walk to the lobby. One word--WET... lol...

The wedding was actually a buffet dinner around the swimming pool, but because of the damn weather, so it was change to a ballroom. I think Christine may felt a bit disappointed. We wait for the stuff to be prepared about half an hour... All of us just crapping all the way... Saw Richie was helping Christine to hold her PINK bag walked around, make us felt he like 'dai kam jeh'. keke^^ Meet many friends, some really long time no see already, especially Emily, Sih Hen, Win Jiun, Chun Wei, OYMY, Ming Jian and others. Crap crap crap then after the ballroom have been prepared, 5 boys 5 girls get into one table. My table-Chee Kong, Sih Hen, Kin Lim, Lek Lun, Yong Shen, Wai San, Yi Zhen, Fui Teng, Sing Eng and ME^^ Make a lot of fun with them. Besides Sri Sentosa gang(High School gang) who had already occupied 3 tables, she also had invited her primary school's friends and her college friends.

Buffet dinner start!!! Take our 1st round food, it was actually not so suitable for me cause all those food was cold one... Second round, dessert first, cause seems like nothing to eat... Third round, only we saw hot food then go and take some, saw my favourite lamb^^ but can't eat too much lah. Then, everyone was full, cause no appetite to eat already. As our future chef say so, all food was actually in malay style. Well, after eating then?? Crap again... Sih Hen was the one like drunk people, talk talk talk nonstop. haha!! Must thanks him also lah! If not we would be so silent for the whole night, must be happy mah!!

I don't know what time was that, but the emcee(actually is Christine's sister) ask to play the groom, so the groom and bride each of them choose 2 of their friends. For the groom side, we didn't know his friends, then for the bride side, Christine choose Richie and ME @_@ What Richie played the groom was he ask a cup of wine and a empty cup, ask the groom to drink the wine-pass to the bride-the bride put the wine to the empty cup. lol... Richie ar!! At last Richie was actually ask the groom to drink the rest of the wine, but he drink those tat spew out by Christine one. WOW!!! Then my turn... I don't know what to do and felt so pai seh to go out lah! Then my table fellow just ask me to ask whether can I bring a partner, she allow. Then my table fellow again ask Sih Hen to go out with me, since he talk so much. haha! He asked the groom to say 7 different language of 'I Love You'.

Our table was the most HAPPIEST and NOISIEST one because we always joking and crapping as compare to others just sit silently all the way. YAM SENG also we won loh!! haha!! -.-lll But don't know why yam seng so many time. Some more yam seng with Christine's dad, then Christine walk over and asked her dad is't his wedding. haha!!!XD I really felt so happy with them. So many photographers... When we wanted to take photo, those photographers were taking with their professional camera, but when we passed our digital camera to them, they were like don't know how to use it. lol... wahaha!!! May be they are too professional already.

About 10.45pm, all of us say goodbye to each other and also the groom and bride for sure then walked to the car park. One thing hate the hotel was they lost our umbrella :-( My mum still purposely put into the car when I depart, that is new one lah!! haizz... But luckily didn't get scolded. Fetching Yi Zhen to Kuchai, Wai San to OUG to meet their friends, then fetch Edward back to his home and at last Fui Teng and me at my house(Fui Teng parked her car at my house).

Wish Alex and Christine 新婚快乐。。。。。。

Wow!! Type so many for this blog, cause the mood is here^^

[Hope I could get those picture about the wedding then post it here to share with you all...]