Sunday, 22 February 2009


arlo... Seldom do and having any exercise since I left my High School. Exercise I have frequently do I think is playing badminton, I mean last year^^

Today, Sin May invited me to play badminton as she booked a court at Komuniti hall there. It was the first time I was playing badminton in this year. hehe!! Just felt like want to exercise my body and meet my friends so just join it. 12-2pm was our time... I reached after half an hour because just finish lunch at 12pm. Heard Sin May said everyone can't hit the first ball when they started the game, including me^_^ Sin May, Su Pei and her boyfriend and me were just playing while waiting for Sheryl, I also forgotten what time she reach already. As she reach, we just act like don't want to play already and ask her to pay for the bill. Then whoever knows her must know she sure shouting us to play with her lo^^ She didn't bring any sportshoe cause she just came from her church, then no choice, got to play without shoes. Some more we felt she wear like swimming, so actually she was playing beach badminton. haha!!

Game per game... ...
Playing until quite tired and sweating around, that was our limit already, cause long time didn't exercise woh!! So don't expect too much. keke XD They were going to have lunch after then but I didn't join cause I want to do some assignment work.

What a wonder exercise I had made it today^_^ So see you all again for the next match ya!!