Sunday, 21 September 2008

New Layout

Hello!! Is me-Ee Von!! still is me. Just some changes in layout. haha!
Since from last year when I started my blogspot, I didn't ever change the layout. At first, I don't know how to change it except just choose from the blogspot which they provide. Well, until now, after take some idea from my cousin sister, brother and friends, so I've make it now. Actually last night I've try and try and try many time for this scrapbook layout, but cant, some more I ask my brother to try it for me, but also cant. So, I decide to ask my cousin sister today when I saw her in msn. hehe! But don't know why when I try it again today by copy the code from other source, it success. yohoo!! Got it! Finally... now just need to add on such things at the side like last time. I'll make it in this week when I'm free, hope will make it la^_^ And hope you all will like the changes that I've made also. Thanks for supporting^_^ Enjoy reading about me...

Half day had already been used for this blog thing, so now is time to have tea time, rest=sleep and do some homework. Coz tonight want to watch Moonlight Resonance, tonight it'll be last episode, very 'gan jiong'^_^ don't know 'gan jiong' for what hor?! hehe!


Quite a good day for today, coz for me, I just have 2 hours class, 8-10am only. haha!! But what??! 'glong..' thunder?? why suddenly got thunder? then... 'sha sha sha' oh! what's the matter?! Oh My God!! Is raining!!! alamak!! I still remember the first thing I'm not think for how to get my car, I feel luckily coz I didn't wear my Adidas shoe. lol... don't know why the first thing I just care about that. wahaha!! Anywhere, coz last night I dint arrange my bag, until morning I overslept also(some more my bad younger brother didn't call me up, he still brushing his teeth so bad), so straight away take the file and bag and drive to fetch my friends liao. Luckily I had bring my bag, coz the umbrella is inside, well, my friends all didn't bring. aiyoyo!! "two bed" haha!

It was quite a heavy rain, so we decide that two of us who drive go and take our car, then drive in to college to fetch others. The two people are Fui Teng and me. So we go first. When we're going to reach the parking area, Fui Teng suddenly shout:"aiya" I still think what happen tim. I thought she leave her wallet in Janice's beg, so I told her that:"never mind, I lend you money first(for the parking)". But not the wallet problem, you know she 'aiya' for what?? lol... you will very swt of it also. She not leave her wallet in Janice's beg, but is her CAR KEY!!! lol... until going to reach she only realize... That's the result lo! always like to leave things inside people bag. aiyoyo!! ok. Then I got to fetch her together to fetch others. Luckily is squish in my Ford car but, not Iswara, and all of them are thin la. haha! When I drive until college, the rain has stopped, what the?? lol... Then fetch Fui Teng go and take her car, I just stop at a path where can walk to the carpark, then let her and Janice walk through there, haha! Is quite near right? aiyo! so this lesson cost RM0.50, haha! coz just now I went out not yet reach 10am so RM1, but she late a bit so RM1.50(RM0.50/hour). Nevermind la! quite a cheap lesson for you only^_^ Then I fetch another 2 friends to the bus stop opposite Subang Parade, they went back by KTM.

That morning I was overslept, so I bring along a small cake and eat in the journey walking to college after I've park my car. Thats why so hungry. But when I went back home, my mum had bought me a packet of noddle. hehe! About 12pm, my mum went out for haircut, while I go for facial wash. After that jiu sleep liao the whole afternoon.

Quite happy at night, coz my mum cook 'la la' oh! hehe! I thought will wait until my elder brother back from Uni only cook d. yummy!! almost 1 year only once. hehe!

Thursday, 18 September 2008


Today everyone is very worrying about the presentation for moral education. Before that, we get some information from F2-class, they said that the lecturer(i dont want to mention the name) was very angry with their presentation, therefore we are very very care about it. He angry until ask the F2 class students to present again. lol... no marks but have to present again, when marks is given but cant present again if we ourselves are not satisfy. Never mind, we will do our best also.

Seems like his mood is quite good for today, when we entered the class, he gives us 30 minutes to sleep also, I think got people say very tired gua?! coz I get in late a bit. So just wait for the time to past.

1st Group... ...

2nd Group... ...

3rd Group...

4th Group... ...
very fast until our group already, coz the 3rd Group present tomorrow as they not so understand about their topic, and we're also the last group for today's class. Luckily nothing bad is happenning on us or can say 4 group for today. His mood is very good. He also praise for every groups' presentation.

My groupmate-Bee Yee, she just give the definition which is from the text book then he praise "very good very good" -.-lll then when Fui Teng turn, he say her talk like Teresa Kok, still ask her whether is Teresa Kok's sister or not. wahaha!! then when I say the conclusion, he also praise that is a good conclusion, but hello! is just from the text woh! so weird -.-lll
ok! as long as everything is fine. haha! Got to thanks him satisfy our presentation also ^_^

8 hours class straight is really very tired, somemore need to suffer in traffic jam also. but tomorrow can go back home early la!! so worth d.

ok. now is about 10.42pm already. Want to sleep ler...niteZzz

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Selangor holiday

woohoo... when going to college, the holiday will be different, it is rare to get a holiday. Well, today is Selangor holiday, only Selangor oh! hehe! my elder brother and I also have a holiday, while my younger brother at school now, SMK Sri Sentosa is in KL what!!

my breakfast tea for today-teh o' panas^_^ that is my personal cup. hehe!

It is a hot weather today, so I also dint go anywhere as to save money also la, coz last Friday Bee Yee, Fui Teng and me went to Shogun to have a buffet. hehe! cost RM50/person. We've buffet there is because that is our promise. Last semester before exam, we've promise that if 3 of us have passed all the subjects, we must go and celebrate in Shogun. haha! so, we did it so must follow the promise also. I think that day I had eat more than RM50 ba! hehe!

My mum is cooking lunch-炒米粉, so no need to go out to eat also, and I'm update my blog post lo! hehe! since that I'm free. Afterward got to go to do some preparation for the presentation of moral education tomorrow, if still got time, want to do account also. If not, I want to watch drama liao. hehe! Later got to fetch my brother. aih... every time not feel like want to go out, but is just because need to fetch my brother. Coz every time when is his time to back then that is my time to take nap. Today no need to take nap ler... coz no class for today, wouldnt be tired.

okler...I'm hungary already, want to have my 炒米粉 liao. Happy Holiday for Selangor people, while others add oil ba!! next time will be your turn...

my 2nd semester

Second semester will be a good start for me as I've passed all the subjects in last semester. But in this semester, I still scare I'll fail my ENL-English, may be some of you may laugh at me why this subject so easy also will scare fail la! but when you are the one, I think you cant even smile with it although you are a 'banana' if your basics of English are not so good. aih... what to do?! Read more English newspaper? Will it help? Anywhere, it is just the starting of this new semester, so got to hardworking a bit lo!

This semester have 3 compulsory subjects-Mathematics 2(MAT), Language Skills and Literature(ENL) and Moral Education(MPW); there are 3 optional subject also-Introduction to Financial Accounting(ACC), Introduction to Business 1(MGT) and Economics 1(ECO), while I've chosen ACC and MGT. The reason to choose MGT but not ECO is because last semester I've learned about it and somemore when go into degree, this subject will be learn again, so just want to learn a new thing about management. ACC is sure I will take it already, coz I want to learn accont as I dint learn before.

Can you guess the ratio of my 5 subjects' lecturer?? Is 4:1, 4 Indians and 1 Chinese -.-lll
The Chinese is last semester who taught me ENL one, this semester also is her, so retake or not retake also got to see her. haha! but good la!!^_^

Among 4 Indians lecturer, ratio 2:2 is mean that I dislike and like the lecturer. Talk about the like first, who teach us ACC and MGT de. ACC one quite good as he likes to joke and always talk france, improper chinese, cantonese... haha! He very take care of us and not such sombong sombong type. While MGT one is a lecturer who is in pregnant. Firstly, we are very scare about her 产期, haha! but luckily is on next year January, coz this semester for me will only end at the middle of December, I've a long semester, no short semester for foundation. She also quite good in teaching, not bad not bad^_^
The dislike part... is the remaining one lo! MPW and MAT one. aih... MAT one is better than the MPW one la!! he is just like the "白须公" in my secondary school who also teach MAT. blur blur type. You know what the first thing he teach us?? We start at Matrix Chapter, which we've learned before. He teach us:"Matrix is singular, matrices is plural." Our response is "Hello uncle!!you are maths or english teacher oh??" alamak!! but luckily what he teaches we can still understand until now. If Mr. Teng(my maths&add maths tuition teacher for form 5) can teach in INTI jiu perfect lo. I no need worry about it liao... MPW one, my friend-Fui Teng call him as 死老. haha!! although the maths lecturer is older than him. But he really make us cant tahan laaaaa... every people say he is very good one... and ... but until now we cant feel that, somemore start to hate him liao. I dint even see a lecturer scold at students, he is the first one. what the XXXX!! we pay for you la, 老!! cannot talk softly, what moral he shows?? He scold us about we cant arrange the group properly... you so good jiu arrange yourself la! lol... tomorrow we'll have a presentation in his class, but yesterday we heard that another class students were kena scold by him 够够力, so as we know, we'll do more preparation today as to 塞住把口. Just hope our presentation will be fine tomorrow.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

weekend at my kampung

Last weekend I went to my kampung-Muar with my family for some purpose. Erm... before that I am still thinking want to go or not, well, at last I'm going. Some of my cousin brothers and sisters also went back that day, if not I sure not going also. haha! Every time we go back we will think there must be very boring de ler... so, we will think something to do or play at there. The first thing, COMPUTER is very important!! haha! although we cant online there, at least we can watch movie there. So, my brother sure will bring his one and I'll bring my dad one. haha!! ok! thats the first entertainment for us. TV, erm... the package of Astro at there has been changed, so no more ch311-wah lai toi, boring liao, coz most probably is hokkien channel, I 'beh hel' also. aih... my cousin brother was borrow the mahjong CARD from his friend. haha! although we cant play the real mahjong, play with card no people know gua?! except us la^_^

Staying 2 days 1 night at there also good d, coz we also long time dint go back since CNY. I feel happy to see all family stay together and cousins play together. haha! my youngest cousin sister so cute^_^ By then, every time go back also eat so much, got supper somemore. haha!

There are some pictures taken at my kampung. hehe!! all just grab from my cousin sister's blog. haha!! sorry and thanks ya^_^ lazy to take picture...

the big duck!! i dint see it, when my cousin sister told me, it already say goodbye to us

that is the 'duck' soap, the duck is the duck which say goodbye with us...

everytime balik kampung also will bring many fruits balik KL...this time will be pamelo, duno duku or langsat or duku langsat^_^(cant recognize)...and pulangsan(duno spell correctly or not)

it will be a big family when all family are balik kampung, so for us, taking meal will be different, we not like the 家好月圆 drama have such a big table, so we take turn. haha! 1st round will be my grandfather and uncles, 2nd will be our turn then 3rd round will be aunties...

finally, thanks for my cousin sister's photoes.hehe!!

Monday, 15 September 2008

what a "good" timatable?!

My 2nd semester of foundation have started last and last week. This is already the 3rd week. The time I enrolled, when I saw the timetable, I was quite satisfy of it. While started from Monday(1st day of class), the timetable has been changed and change and change. Make me 'wan to to' also. aih... I think that has already been changed about 5 times, now I think can say is already settle, until today la! The changes is because of some problems, clashes of time of some people and so. I just know 1 problem is we are having 8 hours straight for Thursday without any break, so lecturer still think for us. But most of us are willing to stay with it. Because of this 8 hours, the head of SOBIZ(I think so) was discussing with us about it last week. Although we are willing with it and it is a long semester for us, but she still very care with us about it. She give some options in order to make there is no 8 hours, there are take moral education subject at 3rd semester, change the moral education class to another class and so. Well, the decision is we sign for the 8 hours.^_^

This is the 1st timetable I get... It is quite ok, just Friday...

The 2nd timetable... so late T_T

3rd one... quite ok already

the 4th one... seems terrible than the 3rd one

this is the 5th one and until now is also the last one... just hope at Thursday the accounting can change to morning...while I'm not require to attend the English class class at Friday but at Monday morning...^_^

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


这应该早就post上来了,但就迟迟都没post到。hehe! 现在开课了才要来post。
这也是我在college的第一个考试,又不知是怎样的,所以有点怕怕,最怕的还是英文,因为lecturer说3班foudation最差的是我班。好怕哟!之前的test我都fail了,你说我怕不怕leh?! But最后我还是战战兢兢的考完了五科。
还记得考Malaysian Studies前一天是北京奥运的开幕,两样都那么重要,所以没有放弃任何一样,观赏完了才温习,还记得大概12点酱才开始温习。之前lecturer也有给了tips,so我也只是跟着tips来温习,只温习structure和essay part。也没想到只用了4个小时就搞定了。
Then就到英文,明明就整天在家没出去但就偏偏不到last minute都不开始温习。这就是Malaysian的性格喇!哈哈!So最后我在晚上10点才开始温习,就只温习之前做过的练习,网上的练习也懒得动了。Grammar真让我摸不着头脑。。。aih... 好乱哟!
Computing... 不很稳的一科。很多东西读了不是不明就是忘记,除非真的非常了解它。如果我哥去考,我肯定他pass了,我就不敢包啦!哈哈!
最后一天啦!Economics. 还记得我分了两个时间去温习。我用了太多的时间在最后两课,so读太久了。到凌晨2点刚好温习了4课,then去休息2个小时,4点起身继续读完它。刚刚好!hehe!

1个礼拜的考试就这样过去啦!也就是说我的1st semester读完啦!

这就是我1st semester的书本啦!根本没有占据我的书橱,书桌都已足够。还短过一把15cm的尺,不错吧^_^

玩lu!! hehe! 该是放松的时候。考完试就立刻去了Sunway逛逛,回到家还发烧T_T
第二天一约,就跟了朋友出去打羽球,可是只打了一场风,因为去了两个羽球场都没有court。aih... 唯有去吃吃东西聚一聚咯!还玩到晚上12点。中骂了!中骂了!
第三天,又再次出去了。跟朋友去Mid Valley看戏,看《内衣少女》。哈哈!好好笑!不错leh! 晚上就聚在一起吃晚餐当庆祝我和诗咏的生日。
接下来。。。^_^ 休息啦!整天煲剧煲到又被骂啦!aih... 在家也烦,出街也烦,真烦!


拜三,朋友约了一起去enrol顺便拿成绩。好怕哟!好怕哟!如果fail了某科,我接下来几天的假期泡汤咯!看到有的朋友拿了,有的pass也有的fail,都是英文,心跳跳得超快,虽然外面的天气好热,但我的手就特别冷。到我们三个了,Fui Teng先拿到,那人没对我们讲话也就是说pass了,然后Bee Yee。啊!!!她们都pass了!!到我了!当我拿到了我的成绩,看到自己也pass了,我们三个就立刻喊了起来。wow!! 真幸运!无论多差(我是最差啦!)但都是pass了。真的真的很高兴!想到自己真的很幸运!觉得是幸运,所以觉得2nd semester要努力了,不是每次都那么幸运。

拜五,朋友晚上约了到大马眼(Eye On Malaysia)去,目的也其实是庆祝两位朋友的生日-Chee Kong和Mei Yon。蛮高兴D,因为就好像聚会,好久没见到一些朋友啦!!Sin May, Cing Yee, Xiao V, Mei Yon, Chia Jinn, Lek Lun... 他们也没想到我和Fui Teng都有去。哈哈!大家聚一聚真的很开心。这晚又玩到更晚了,1点才回到家,因为回家途中有road block。Sin May讲话还是那么搞笑,她问我:“你那粒头弄了多少钱”。lol...

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


这就是我的生日礼物喇!朋友送上的卡。去年的也是她的作品,今年的真的有进步喔!hehe! 不错不错!但是。。。整天都写错字咯!你的生日要买一本字典给你啦,慧婷!!


还有更意外的礼物,外来的礼物,Astro送出的,then我就是很幸运的被抽到。Thanks Astro too!!^_^