Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Selangor holiday

woohoo... when going to college, the holiday will be different, it is rare to get a holiday. Well, today is Selangor holiday, only Selangor oh! hehe! my elder brother and I also have a holiday, while my younger brother at school now, SMK Sri Sentosa is in KL what!!

my breakfast tea for today-teh o' panas^_^ that is my personal cup. hehe!

It is a hot weather today, so I also dint go anywhere as to save money also la, coz last Friday Bee Yee, Fui Teng and me went to Shogun to have a buffet. hehe! cost RM50/person. We've buffet there is because that is our promise. Last semester before exam, we've promise that if 3 of us have passed all the subjects, we must go and celebrate in Shogun. haha! so, we did it so must follow the promise also. I think that day I had eat more than RM50 ba! hehe!

My mum is cooking lunch-炒米粉, so no need to go out to eat also, and I'm update my blog post lo! hehe! since that I'm free. Afterward got to go to do some preparation for the presentation of moral education tomorrow, if still got time, want to do account also. If not, I want to watch drama liao. hehe! Later got to fetch my brother. aih... every time not feel like want to go out, but is just because need to fetch my brother. Coz every time when is his time to back then that is my time to take nap. Today no need to take nap ler... coz no class for today, wouldnt be tired.

okler...I'm hungary already, want to have my 炒米粉 liao. Happy Holiday for Selangor people, while others add oil ba!! next time will be your turn...