Thursday, 18 September 2008


Today everyone is very worrying about the presentation for moral education. Before that, we get some information from F2-class, they said that the lecturer(i dont want to mention the name) was very angry with their presentation, therefore we are very very care about it. He angry until ask the F2 class students to present again. lol... no marks but have to present again, when marks is given but cant present again if we ourselves are not satisfy. Never mind, we will do our best also.

Seems like his mood is quite good for today, when we entered the class, he gives us 30 minutes to sleep also, I think got people say very tired gua?! coz I get in late a bit. So just wait for the time to past.

1st Group... ...

2nd Group... ...

3rd Group...

4th Group... ...
very fast until our group already, coz the 3rd Group present tomorrow as they not so understand about their topic, and we're also the last group for today's class. Luckily nothing bad is happenning on us or can say 4 group for today. His mood is very good. He also praise for every groups' presentation.

My groupmate-Bee Yee, she just give the definition which is from the text book then he praise "very good very good" -.-lll then when Fui Teng turn, he say her talk like Teresa Kok, still ask her whether is Teresa Kok's sister or not. wahaha!! then when I say the conclusion, he also praise that is a good conclusion, but hello! is just from the text woh! so weird -.-lll
ok! as long as everything is fine. haha! Got to thanks him satisfy our presentation also ^_^

8 hours class straight is really very tired, somemore need to suffer in traffic jam also. but tomorrow can go back home early la!! so worth d.

ok. now is about 10.42pm already. Want to sleep ler...niteZzz