Sunday, 21 September 2008

New Layout

Hello!! Is me-Ee Von!! still is me. Just some changes in layout. haha!
Since from last year when I started my blogspot, I didn't ever change the layout. At first, I don't know how to change it except just choose from the blogspot which they provide. Well, until now, after take some idea from my cousin sister, brother and friends, so I've make it now. Actually last night I've try and try and try many time for this scrapbook layout, but cant, some more I ask my brother to try it for me, but also cant. So, I decide to ask my cousin sister today when I saw her in msn. hehe! But don't know why when I try it again today by copy the code from other source, it success. yohoo!! Got it! Finally... now just need to add on such things at the side like last time. I'll make it in this week when I'm free, hope will make it la^_^ And hope you all will like the changes that I've made also. Thanks for supporting^_^ Enjoy reading about me...

Half day had already been used for this blog thing, so now is time to have tea time, rest=sleep and do some homework. Coz tonight want to watch Moonlight Resonance, tonight it'll be last episode, very 'gan jiong'^_^ don't know 'gan jiong' for what hor?! hehe!