Wednesday, 17 September 2008

my 2nd semester

Second semester will be a good start for me as I've passed all the subjects in last semester. But in this semester, I still scare I'll fail my ENL-English, may be some of you may laugh at me why this subject so easy also will scare fail la! but when you are the one, I think you cant even smile with it although you are a 'banana' if your basics of English are not so good. aih... what to do?! Read more English newspaper? Will it help? Anywhere, it is just the starting of this new semester, so got to hardworking a bit lo!

This semester have 3 compulsory subjects-Mathematics 2(MAT), Language Skills and Literature(ENL) and Moral Education(MPW); there are 3 optional subject also-Introduction to Financial Accounting(ACC), Introduction to Business 1(MGT) and Economics 1(ECO), while I've chosen ACC and MGT. The reason to choose MGT but not ECO is because last semester I've learned about it and somemore when go into degree, this subject will be learn again, so just want to learn a new thing about management. ACC is sure I will take it already, coz I want to learn accont as I dint learn before.

Can you guess the ratio of my 5 subjects' lecturer?? Is 4:1, 4 Indians and 1 Chinese -.-lll
The Chinese is last semester who taught me ENL one, this semester also is her, so retake or not retake also got to see her. haha! but good la!!^_^

Among 4 Indians lecturer, ratio 2:2 is mean that I dislike and like the lecturer. Talk about the like first, who teach us ACC and MGT de. ACC one quite good as he likes to joke and always talk france, improper chinese, cantonese... haha! He very take care of us and not such sombong sombong type. While MGT one is a lecturer who is in pregnant. Firstly, we are very scare about her 产期, haha! but luckily is on next year January, coz this semester for me will only end at the middle of December, I've a long semester, no short semester for foundation. She also quite good in teaching, not bad not bad^_^
The dislike part... is the remaining one lo! MPW and MAT one. aih... MAT one is better than the MPW one la!! he is just like the "白须公" in my secondary school who also teach MAT. blur blur type. You know what the first thing he teach us?? We start at Matrix Chapter, which we've learned before. He teach us:"Matrix is singular, matrices is plural." Our response is "Hello uncle!!you are maths or english teacher oh??" alamak!! but luckily what he teaches we can still understand until now. If Mr. Teng(my maths&add maths tuition teacher for form 5) can teach in INTI jiu perfect lo. I no need worry about it liao... MPW one, my friend-Fui Teng call him as 死老. haha!! although the maths lecturer is older than him. But he really make us cant tahan laaaaa... every people say he is very good one... and ... but until now we cant feel that, somemore start to hate him liao. I dint even see a lecturer scold at students, he is the first one. what the XXXX!! we pay for you la, 老!! cannot talk softly, what moral he shows?? He scold us about we cant arrange the group properly... you so good jiu arrange yourself la! lol... tomorrow we'll have a presentation in his class, but yesterday we heard that another class students were kena scold by him 够够力, so as we know, we'll do more preparation today as to 塞住把口. Just hope our presentation will be fine tomorrow.