Monday, 15 September 2008

what a "good" timatable?!

My 2nd semester of foundation have started last and last week. This is already the 3rd week. The time I enrolled, when I saw the timetable, I was quite satisfy of it. While started from Monday(1st day of class), the timetable has been changed and change and change. Make me 'wan to to' also. aih... I think that has already been changed about 5 times, now I think can say is already settle, until today la! The changes is because of some problems, clashes of time of some people and so. I just know 1 problem is we are having 8 hours straight for Thursday without any break, so lecturer still think for us. But most of us are willing to stay with it. Because of this 8 hours, the head of SOBIZ(I think so) was discussing with us about it last week. Although we are willing with it and it is a long semester for us, but she still very care with us about it. She give some options in order to make there is no 8 hours, there are take moral education subject at 3rd semester, change the moral education class to another class and so. Well, the decision is we sign for the 8 hours.^_^

This is the 1st timetable I get... It is quite ok, just Friday...

The 2nd timetable... so late T_T

3rd one... quite ok already

the 4th one... seems terrible than the 3rd one

this is the 5th one and until now is also the last one... just hope at Thursday the accounting can change to morning...while I'm not require to attend the English class class at Friday but at Monday morning...^_^