Sunday, 21 September 2008


Quite a good day for today, coz for me, I just have 2 hours class, 8-10am only. haha!! But what??! 'glong..' thunder?? why suddenly got thunder? then... 'sha sha sha' oh! what's the matter?! Oh My God!! Is raining!!! alamak!! I still remember the first thing I'm not think for how to get my car, I feel luckily coz I didn't wear my Adidas shoe. lol... don't know why the first thing I just care about that. wahaha!! Anywhere, coz last night I dint arrange my bag, until morning I overslept also(some more my bad younger brother didn't call me up, he still brushing his teeth so bad), so straight away take the file and bag and drive to fetch my friends liao. Luckily I had bring my bag, coz the umbrella is inside, well, my friends all didn't bring. aiyoyo!! "two bed" haha!

It was quite a heavy rain, so we decide that two of us who drive go and take our car, then drive in to college to fetch others. The two people are Fui Teng and me. So we go first. When we're going to reach the parking area, Fui Teng suddenly shout:"aiya" I still think what happen tim. I thought she leave her wallet in Janice's beg, so I told her that:"never mind, I lend you money first(for the parking)". But not the wallet problem, you know she 'aiya' for what?? lol... you will very swt of it also. She not leave her wallet in Janice's beg, but is her CAR KEY!!! lol... until going to reach she only realize... That's the result lo! always like to leave things inside people bag. aiyoyo!! ok. Then I got to fetch her together to fetch others. Luckily is squish in my Ford car but, not Iswara, and all of them are thin la. haha! When I drive until college, the rain has stopped, what the?? lol... Then fetch Fui Teng go and take her car, I just stop at a path where can walk to the carpark, then let her and Janice walk through there, haha! Is quite near right? aiyo! so this lesson cost RM0.50, haha! coz just now I went out not yet reach 10am so RM1, but she late a bit so RM1.50(RM0.50/hour). Nevermind la! quite a cheap lesson for you only^_^ Then I fetch another 2 friends to the bus stop opposite Subang Parade, they went back by KTM.

That morning I was overslept, so I bring along a small cake and eat in the journey walking to college after I've park my car. Thats why so hungry. But when I went back home, my mum had bought me a packet of noddle. hehe! About 12pm, my mum went out for haircut, while I go for facial wash. After that jiu sleep liao the whole afternoon.

Quite happy at night, coz my mum cook 'la la' oh! hehe! I thought will wait until my elder brother back from Uni only cook d. yummy!! almost 1 year only once. hehe!