Tuesday, 16 September 2008

weekend at my kampung

Last weekend I went to my kampung-Muar with my family for some purpose. Erm... before that I am still thinking want to go or not, well, at last I'm going. Some of my cousin brothers and sisters also went back that day, if not I sure not going also. haha! Every time we go back we will think there must be very boring de ler... so, we will think something to do or play at there. The first thing, COMPUTER is very important!! haha! although we cant online there, at least we can watch movie there. So, my brother sure will bring his one and I'll bring my dad one. haha!! ok! thats the first entertainment for us. TV, erm... the package of Astro at there has been changed, so no more ch311-wah lai toi, boring liao, coz most probably is hokkien channel, I 'beh hel' also. aih... my cousin brother was borrow the mahjong CARD from his friend. haha! although we cant play the real mahjong, play with card no people know gua?! except us la^_^

Staying 2 days 1 night at there also good d, coz we also long time dint go back since CNY. I feel happy to see all family stay together and cousins play together. haha! my youngest cousin sister so cute^_^ By then, every time go back also eat so much, got supper somemore. haha!

There are some pictures taken at my kampung. hehe!! all just grab from my cousin sister's blog. haha!! sorry and thanks ya^_^ lazy to take picture...

the big duck!! i dint see it, when my cousin sister told me, it already say goodbye to us

that is the 'duck' soap, the duck is the duck which say goodbye with us...

everytime balik kampung also will bring many fruits balik KL...this time will be pamelo, duno duku or langsat or duku langsat^_^(cant recognize)...and pulangsan(duno spell correctly or not)

it will be a big family when all family are balik kampung, so for us, taking meal will be different, we not like the 家好月圆 drama have such a big table, so we take turn. haha! 1st round will be my grandfather and uncles, 2nd will be our turn then 3rd round will be aunties...

finally, thanks for my cousin sister's photoes.hehe!!


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