Saturday, 21 February 2009

Test week

I was having 3 test and 1 quiz by last week and this week, while for next week, there will be 1 more test... arh!!!

Last Friday was the Management test. How I felt with it leh?? erm... As the tips were not given so detail, so everything also need to study. But I just focus on those past year questions that she showed us in the previous the class, cause too much things to memorize ar!! Still saw my friends cheat in class. haha!! lol... so obvious...

Well, English was the next test on this Monday. It was a compare and contrast essay. It is quite normal for us as we always do this type of essay. Not to say very easy or very hard, just depends on the title. When the test was in progress, heard someone 'break wind'. So loud HE 'break' @_@

Wednesday, Statistic quiz 1. hehe!! This one quite easy for me^_^ But, easy questions will more easy to get wrong. Luckily I got do checking^^ The quiz only has 3 questions that we can finish in 10 minutes but sir gave us 30 minutes, which means each question 10 minutes. wow!! haha! First time after quiz we need to continue our study...-.-

For Friday, means yesterday, I was having Accounting test. Everyone was studying until mad as too many things to memorize and hard to 'fill' all information in our brain la!! When the lecturer walked in to the class, he looked quite weak, he said he was having food poison thats why stomachache for the whole day. Then many people were requesting to postpone the test, but some of us include me were shouting 'huh'!!! Cause we were studying so hardly the day before but now they want to postpone it!! They willing to suffer one more week rather than having the test by that day. apa ni??! At last, although the people who want to postpone were more than those they don't want, but sir still continue with it. When the question papers were distributed, walao!! They must thanks us(those who insist to have test) as they no need to suffer 1 more week with such 'not so hard' questions. Ist?? (I know I wont get the answer here^_^) I'd done it quite smoothly and didn't skip any question. Hope I can pass ba^_^ I think second test will be harder...

This is why I didn't update here for 1 week...=D