Thursday, 12 February 2009

Ice Skating

11-February-2009 (Wednesday)
wow!! This semester is already the last semester for my foundation, but this was the first time I went to ice skating with my college's friends at Sunway. lol... Although just only 7 of us--Fui Teng, Bee Yee, Janice, Xin Yee, David, Edward and me were going, but also quite fun to skate togather la... Already 1 year I didn't go for skating!!! Before that we planned to go Sunway at 10am one, but suddenly the English replacement class at 3pm was cancelled and just left Statistic class at 4pm, so we delay the time to 1 hour later.

I think Janice and David were the first timer, while Bee Yee was the second time to skate after 10 years. haha!! Left 4 of us who know to skate... Among 4 of us, I'm the slowest one cause I scare my legs can't affort then suddenly fall down. ^_^ I just know how to skate la! but still will fall down one, not pro mah!! Well, I didn't fall down for this time =D In between, we asked for McD delivery from 2 of our friends who were not skating but shopping!! haha!(Thanks for delivering ya^_^) But don't know why David just skate for 1 round then stop already -.-lll RM19 for 1 round... wow!! We skate until 3.20pm then ready to go to college for Statistic class^_^

-pain after skate @_@-