Sunday, 29 November 2009


Outgoing lagi... Today, 3 people, my parents and me. We went to Jusco, Klang. This time is to search for dad's shoe. Arlo... 1 day search for 1 person's shoe = =  Nevermind, since I have nothing to do also, and have a good mood to walk around =)

Have a light breakfast in the morning... Clean some stuff--The wheel chair!! The wheels were damn dirty!! When 'walked' here and there, dirt following up. End up we have cleaned all 3 wheel chairs. Then 3 of us headed to have Bak Kut Teh lunch at Taman Rashna. That restaurant is always full house one, but this is also the first time we no need to queue for a table^^

After lunch, then go shopping. We met an incident. I also don't know how to describe it = =  Every car is searched for parking lot, when my dad took the ticket, so lucky that there is a car ready to remove. So, after the car removing from the parking lot, naturally, my dad park at the place. The place to drive along the road is so narrow, somomore there is double parking also. While in front of the parking place that we parked, there was a Singapore's car, is actually CRV with Singapore's car plate number la! Don't know whether the people are Singaporean or not. It shown double signal. So, we also didn't bother it but have noticed about it, we thought it is waiting anyone or what, so just proceed our parking. Wow!! Can't imagine. Suddenly, a couple, a middle age couple get down from that car and trying to talk with us to get back "THEIR" parking lot. Erm... Are we wrong because of parking at "YOUR" lot?? But what you mean with the double signal that you are showing?? Waiting people? Car break down? Or that is Singapore's rule? (When want to park, show double signal) What do people think off when you showed double signal? Lagi, WHEN TALKED TO PEOPLE, PLEASE BE POLITE!!! LOUD AND SHOWING YOUR FIERCE FACE IS NOT THE WAY TO TALK TO PEOPLE!!! By the way, don't blame my parents talk to you loudly, when you are trying to scold or talk to people loudly, everyone's respond will just the same. And even the easiest words: "EXCUSE ME" also left out. The middle age male looks like want to punch people also. LOLZ... I can't believe they are Singaporean (If they are)@_@  So as you all know, most people say Singaporean GIA SX one, my parents just said 'let you park, we let you park'. When my dad ready to remove from the parking lot, they also drive away already =.=  What the $%#$%!!! Wasting people time, somemore let you park but you drive away. Apa ni?!! Aih...

We also don't want to bother such people already, get down from car and proceed our shopping. In between, I also scare we will meet over again. But my mum said we didn't do wrongly, what should we scare? Lolz... But the couple may just think that they are right lo!! Weekend sales around, and now also having year end sale, everything sales... haha!! My dad bought a pair of Larrie shoe, a rack, mum bought bags and I bought a discounted Polo watch^^

When want to go back, my dad also a bit worry about his car cause we just met such an impolite people. Luckily nothing happen. lolz... On the way back to KL, along Federal Highway, we met 2 accidents.

p/s 1: Lots of good and bad things happen today...
p/s 2: Don't simply use DOUBLE SIGNAL lo!!!
p/s 3: Now only I realize that there are some previous posts I not yet upload =)