Saturday, 28 November 2009

Mid Valley

These days a bit busy, walking around here and there, not with friends but with my family.

Today I just went to Mid Valley with my mum. Don't know why, aih... Showing the temper that I can't really accept. Nevermind, everyone has own temper, just be patience. Cause you also hope people to accept your temper right?! So must deserve it if you want to. = =  Well, after lunch just headed over there. Our car was parked at The Garden side. So start to shop at ISETAN. I have been to ISETAN, but it was happened decade years ago. lolz... I have also forgotten when and where I have stepped into. The name is such like it sells all branded, class and expensive stuff, so I didn't even shop with my friends at ISETAN. Ya!! It's not wrong. It really sells all those classic goods, where I not really willing to spend with my own money by now^^ So, I was just have my window shopping today.

The purpose of shopping was, my mum wanted to find a middle high heel. So, we walked around ISETAN, Jusco, Metrojaya, and even the shop lots = =  My legs were nearly patah lolz... If I am the one who is looking for just a pair of shoe, my mum sure mumble all the way. Like walk around the whole mall but end up have no result. I have also discovered that there are a lot of formal shirts at ISETAN. Hope to get one, at least one la, but due to the time, I have only scanned around = =

After walking around 2 to 3 hours, my legs really beh tahan already. Tired + pain, muscle pain. Aiyoyo... End up, we bought a coffee tea maker at Metrojaya as dad requested, some breads at Jusco and my mum shoe's at ISETAN. Me?? Next shopping first lo! Everytime also so unlucky, don't have my size T_T