Monday, 31 May 2010

Long long gasssss

4days 8am classes while 3 days 4 hours break per week for my college life in this semester... WHAT THE X!!! Wasting money and time all the way, but can't do anything also. It is really difficult to arrange the time to do something useful, if not every 4 hours break also hide in the library??! Now I think it is great if my house is just nearby. Aih... A bit regret that I reject to live outside when dad searched and asked for it last time. lol...

As usual for today, 8am-4pm class while 10am-2pm is my 4 hours break. Let's see what the event for today? Watch movie... My bro doubt that am I go for class or entertainment? lol... I really have no idea but just follow my friends. We went to Pyramid to take our breakfast or brunch or lunch and watch Prince of Persia as I don't know what is the story of movie at first. Getting the seat in the theatre, the front seats were my Diploma Mass Comm's friends while the back seats were my Marketing friends who were all having 4 hours break as us. I was just wonder, ist INTI have not enough classroom for us so make such sucks arrangement of 4 hours break@@

2pm... Back to the 'long gas' lecture, feel sleepy. Get in late so have to be a kind person to donate for the 'tabung haji' as well =.= Talk talk talk talk non-stop... lol... Everyone feeling is just the same I think, waiting her to stop!! We have really no chance and even right no speak, once you speak, she will argue, explain, discuss, suggest... ...with you. lol... Just ask one question, she will link to the other planet and talk talk talk talk. Really feel dizzy to listen and act to give some response. Aih... Sometime I also don't know how to response, because no mood to listen and can't get it. I think marathon should be suit her as it need long gas people XD


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