Thursday, 2 October 2008

last tuesday...

No mood to update my blog for last week. hehe! so my blog hong liao liao. When the blog-ing- mood is here, I'll update sekali gus. hehe! can 一饱眼福 mah!! ^_^

What had I did for last tuesday leh?! erm... Actually not any big thing la, just went out gai gai. I still remember last tuesday my big bro back from his Uni for 2 weeks holiday. That day don't know why I was very tired, I sleep from 3pm to 7pm also didn't realise the time was so late. When I woke up, no one was at home except my younger bro still sleeping. oh! At last only know mum didn't cook dinner then my bro fetch my mum go Sri Petaling d night market to buy lap lap zap zap thing. Many food were bought, fried rice, fried noddle, 芋头糕, 萝卜糕, don't know what 中国汉堡包, 糯米饭... Well, I also don't know there are so many food in Sri Petaling's night market. One thing can't believe, my mum and bro saw 李宗伟 and 黄妙珠。wow!! haha!

After take our dinner with those lap lap zap zap food, my bro fetch my mum and I go to the night market again, not go to see Malaysia's badminton king and queen la, just want to go and buy a pant, and I also bought a shirt for RM10. Then we walked around again.

Following the few days, I was quite free, but didn't update my blog also. aih... 2 word, lazy and moodless. So I ask my brothers to play the mahjong card(that was bought on that tuesday at the night market) with me. haha! my house actuallly have the real mahjong, but no table to play la! Now, got the cards, haha! can play anytime anywhere liao. so good..

yeah!! can play lu. next time can bring to hometown. hehe!!

hello!! can't 摸牌 la!! all flat one. lol... ^_^