Friday, 7 August 2009

Random post for the week

After working for 3 days, it was still ok for the next Monday, but a bit tired, maybe not get used with it as I woke up late, cause the 3 working days I also slept at 12+am, wake up at 7am and took my breakfast outside. Haha!! That time I was still excited with the job^^ So, purposely skip the lab class at 10-12pm as it was the last lab class and go to college at 2pm. What a "good" thing happen was, 4-6pm presentation postpone as lecturer absent. lol... All of us actually just went for the presentation only, if we knew it early, I think we wont go college for the day. aih... So, my friends decided to go Mid Valley to have a walk. I went to the Apple store to have a look about those products I have sold in PC Fair too, WOW!! much more different with the prices@_@

Tuesday, have to go to the Finance class at 8am as lecturer not yet finish the syllabus yet. By right we have to wait for 4 hours for the presentation at 2pm, again, we were in formal wear but the lecturer absent. Luckily my friends went to check about it. So, went back home at 10am.

In ecampus website, I checked that there was a replacement class on Wed for ENL, so I asked my friends whether going or not, but marks is given, so we just follow what have been posted in ecampus. BUT!!! AGAIN!!! Put aeroplane!!! [just translate from cantonese] lol... Our formal wear is limited la!!! aih... Many people beh song about it. So, it means that we no need to do presentation. But how is she going to give the marks?? Ok! Don't bother about it already, is not our fault from ignoring the presentation.

Last day for yesterday before the exam week, feel nervous already. It seems like every subject is not easy to score. So, same as last time, pass is more than enough, hope I have the chance to pass.
Finance, wow! The calculation and tabulate it is not that easy@_@
English, wow! Paraphrasing, summarising... @_@
Statistic, wow! Hard! 50 MCQ in 2 hours. Although is MCQ, all are COUNTing stuff@_@
Computing, wow! So many terms and processes to remember T_T @_@
Economics, wow! So many graft to remember @_@
Every subject will just make me suffocate. Really will pengsan @_@

Yesterday night, Min and me went to have dinner with our boss and supervisor. We went at 8pm to the office. Salary for that day was also given. Hehe!! Cant believe we got a good pay for the job. THANKS a lot to our boss and supervisors^^ For this time, Min and me are actually prefer E is more than M [E-experience; M-money], but both also we got it. A happy job I have worked for^^ They brought us to the nearest steamboat restaurant to actually just eat together. Boss treat us for the dinner. Hehe! Chit-chat some funny stuff... ... Haha!! One of the supervisor is in sick, that's why they always ask us do we feel not comfortable or sick?! But we are fine^^ [cause the anti-virus booth was just opposite my standing position XD] And also talk about the following fair and so. Next fair will be more and more promoters, it is really a good memory for this time and everything =D

Today, 123456789 will appear in 1 second time. It is not anything special la... But it is hard to meet this time^^
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