Thursday, 27 August 2009

Dad is 'flying' soon

Is a good news or bad news??
My dad will be going to work oversea very very soon. It has been talked for months ago, but it is confirm by this week only. He will follow his boss get over there, help to manage some of the management work. Well, he will go there by next Thursday, ya!! Is next Thursday!!! Walao!!! Really soon. Luggage not yet ready, and ... ... So, this few days, we walk around to search for everything. I think everything that he needs and wants to buy has to be prepare before Sunday as relatives will come over. Now, everyday also busy, everyone also busy. I am busy for my stuff and accompany mum for dad's stuff, younger brother is busy preparing his exam, elder brother also busy about his study, dad busy with his and family stuff and mum too. Here and there everyday...

My dad will be going there for 2 months, around 8 weeks, while my semester will be ended after 7 weeks. Then it means that when my dad came back, I am already in holiday. lol... -.-

Elder brother comes back every Thursday if there is nothing special for him to stay at Uni, so in normal days, left only my mum, younger brother and me at home. Wow!! Never experience such quiet days like that...

Hope everything will be fine soon. Good Luck to my dad! Yea^^