Monday, 31 August 2009

Busy day 5

~MON~31 AUG 2009~
ARH~~ Woke up at 8.30am @_@ The earliest time I woke up in the holiday... My 3rd uncle's family is going back today, so we take our break-lunch together with 4th uncle's family too.
Meet them up at hotel first then only we went to Taman Rashna to eat bak kut teh. haha!! 15 people but 3 tables cause all small tables lol...

Today is Malaysia 52th birthday, but this year sounds quiet because of AH1N1 virus and hari raya puasa I think. Normally this day, I will awake by the jet performance, but today's morning, not even heard my alarm sound lol... haha XD The weather is so nice and comfortable make me feel to continue my sweet dream.

Today only busy for half day at outside, but half day is busy with my ownself. After back from bak kut teh, my mum, younger brother and I went to Parkson to look for his slack, since the promoter said that there is sale tomorrow, so tomorrow only he go with mum to look for it again. His size ar... Hard to find lol...(size too small, normally minimum size is 30) Luckily Alain Delon have his size... Then went back home, hehe!! Is my entertainment time^^ Tomorrow start my short semester already, everything pack and pack, so enjoy enjoy first :-D TV time... Until night still TV time and blogging time...

p/s: woo... holiday end. busy around. But still so spirit yo^^