Friday, 4 September 2009

Short semester

Well, just started my short semester for the first week. First time I'm experiencing short semester. Almost everyday also meet with the same lecturer over and over. Each subject 8 hours per week, there are 3 subjects, ENL, STA & FIN. There will be 3 assignments for this semester. 3 lecturers also male and with spec. lol... haha!!
ENL-writing paper
STA-all counting MCQ paper
FIN-counting stuff + theory paper
Theory part I definitely surrender, always study but not remember. I like counting but too many and hard, just have to try my best to score cause there is theory. aiyoyo~~ Headache headache!!

Nowadays, everyday also has homework for every subject, wow! Didn't experience such day in college before, now the day just like primary and secondary life, everyday go back home also need to do homework for the day.

And the thing that we always argue every semester one!!! TIMETABLE!!! haha! This semester seems ok, just Tues and Fri a bit unsatisfied with it. 8am-6pm with 4 hours break in between but separately. haizz!! And Friday, 8am-5pm -.- 3 hours break in between, end up 5pm only can go back -.- Aih... Every semester everyone just criticize about the timetable. hehe^^

Ours one have 3 subjects with 2 subjects 50% coursework and 50% exam while STA is 100% exam. But, marketing course has only 1 exam with 8 assignments. So which one better?? Each has its advantage, we have to suffer when exam but they will be relax when exam. fate... Finance students mah!


Good Luck yea!!^^