Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Balik kampung

Last week just went back dad's kampung with my family. By then, this time only 4 of us went back, not get use with it tim! Cause usually is my dad check the car when go for long journey, pack all things inside the car boot... Aiyo.. So, my elder brother become the driver this time. About half year did not go back already, since it was a holiday, so we went back for 4 days 3 night.

What a hot weather! lol... Sweating while sleeping, really hot. Nearly beh tahan. What I can't stop to do over there is EAT!!! Didn't even feel hungry one, cause eat non stop, somemore every family also brought mooncake. wow!! Really fat fat ler... That's why at KL should diet. haha!! Can I?? I also doubt with it.

So excited to see my cousin come back, we were very boring before they back. No internet over there, at least we can watch drama through laptop la^^ Aiyo!! My cute cousin sis also, hehe!! Long time no see ler...

haha!! Play with my mobile phone camera frame, they were so excited to take photo. The youngest one so action...XD

Actually I scare to go back to hometown, due to some reason la! But I'm happy to meet with my relatives and all cousin. Hehe!!