Saturday, 3 October 2009

Fui Teng's Birthday Celebration with College Friendsss

Date: 2nd October 2009 (Friday)

Time: Start from 5pm right after class
Venue: Garden(Playground) near Fui Teng's house, Puchong
Event: Fui Teng Birthday Celebration

~Group photo~
Guess who was taking photo for us??
haha!! Those malay kids. lol...

Wow! Fui Teng, your celebration with college friends not bad yea.. Haha!! A different celebration. Although were few of us, let me list them out first^^ Sam, Jinn, Peng, Bee, Samantha, Terence, Chun Lim, Tommy, Tze How, Sean, Kian Ming and me lol... Hope you were enjoy yea~~

After class, we were gathered and headed by following car to Fui Teng's house. It was traffic jam on the journey. So, it was actually quite difficult to follow. Every car was missing
after paying toll. Luckily still safely reach a petrol station at meet up. Jinn them had lost on the way, so others went to Fui Teng's house first, while Sean and me were waiting for them. Wow! Really san fu them. When met them up, we went to bring Kian Ming too. Can't believe they were watching [Chicken Little] at Fui Teng's house -.-lll haha!! Then, headed to dinner at Taman Kinrara. A restaurant eat curry fish one.

Finish our dinner, we went to the nearest shop to buy some candle and lantern, then go to the playground that near Fui Teng's house to play+celebration.

When boys were paying, we were...
Let's see what was Peng doing... Paying 50sen and find out her height and weight. XD

~Childhood memory~

Don't know why suddenly there were few of malay kids came over, so we just let them played with our lantern. Thanks 2 of our "pak cik" and "mak cik" ler. wakaka!!


After... wow!! NICE!!!

Happy Birthday Teng!!

This is our Teng jie..

Teng! your...... XD

Fui Teng
Enjoy your birthday ya!!


Our work-clean it -.-

Huei Min leng lui
to you too
Have a nice birthday
to everyone^^