Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Celebration at Full House

Date: 22nd September 2009
Time: 7pm++ gather; 8pm++ reach
Venue: Full House, NiuZeXui, NZX @ Ara Damansara
Event: Poh Jin & Sean Birthday Celebration
Firstly, wish JINN & SEAN H@PPY BIRTHD@Y! Wish you two have a wonderful birthday and all the best!!

Yesterday, college gang were celebrate with them at Full House. Well, at first we were planned to gather at Inti's gate and depart togather. Everything was prepared and planned. But a sudden excuse from Bee Yee, she said she was unable to turn up. So, Peng, Teng and me were finding for transport among each other. By right we no need to worry about transport one, but a sudden excuse made me headache and almost heart attack. aih... Is over, but the feeling still there. Well, finally I drove.

7 cars but just around 20+ people, were going to Fullhouse by following cars. Yor.. Night leh!! You all drive so fast how you want me to catch you up leh? I think only 1 or 2 cars in front know the way to go, the rest @_@ just follow, include me. I just know if going through Federal. So, sure get lost in the middle. U-turn, find and find. I be the last car( Good to be the last^^) But we followed quite safely, no sudden break, no sudden overtake, GOOD!!

Reach!! Why so dark one? I mean NZX. lol... I just saw Big Apple and Fullhouse are running business, the rest... Headed to Fullhouse.. Wow!! Those decoration not bad yea~~ Haha!! Settled down, order, chit-chat around. Bla Bla Bla all the night~~ and Chik-Chak Chik-Chak (take photo) around~~

Oh!! Celebration~~ Happy Birthday to you ~~~ ~~~ Playing around, the waiter also.. @_@ Some photos:--
Sean & Jinn B'day cake^^
(the love was decorated by the waiter there one, don't misunderstand WOH!!)

~Group photo~

Oi!! Bee, I thought you were not going, but I saw you oh...
Saw you and your bf tim!!! XD