Friday, 4 September 2009

2 months at Papua

Not me la!! If I have the chance to go I will go lo!! I like travelling yea!! But I have never traveled oversea before, even Singapore-.- aih... because... secret :-X

Yesterday, my house turn quiet and quiet with only 3 people in the house. This status may last for 2 months time. Because... because... my dad was going to Papua New Guinea for working purpose. Aiyo! Miss him ler... Since year 1997(I think so if not mistaken), it were already 10 years he didn't go oversea already. Well, now we have to temporarily take over those his jobs he did before. He just teach me how to do some transaction incase he cant do it over there, but hope I remember -.- We got our pocket money for 2 months time too. Now, my mum has to fetch my brother to school in the morning already, wash brother's uniform, we have to wash and dry our socks ourselves, hope brother will wash those his after sport's dirty shirt, and ... ...

Today, my dad just called me after 5pm. My mobile phone rang, the phone number shown was not my dad one, I just picked up, I dont know who was that, then keep on asking "who are you" bla bla bla, cause I cant clearly heard the people spoke, then suddenly heard he say " YOU DONT KNOW WHO AM I MEH??" w@l@o eh... Is my dad. haha! swt lol... My dad is using Malaysia sim card, but I also dont know why the phone number different one. Then he tried to call again, this time clearer with another phone but another different number again @_@ Dont know whats the rate of calling??^^