Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Working @ PC Fair

31 July-3 August 2009
Yeah! Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was having my part time job at Pikom PC Fair, KLCC. It was the first time I worked at a fair with XPEAK company. By the way, thanks Huei Min about the job, she is the one who ask me about it. hehe^^ It is such a good experience for us.

Before the week of PC Fair, we were having a small briefing about the products. We were actually selling those PDA accessories like screen protector, casing, batteries, car charger, IPHONE accessories and others under the brand of CAPDASE, MELKCO and MOMAX.

~1st day~
Working for the first day, we always think that we should be early no matter there is anything to do or not. Supervisor asked us to reach at 9.30am, so we just follow the instruction and reach KLCC on time. We were going by LRT and change to Putra line at station Masjid Jamek. It was the first time I went to KLCC by train^^ There are a lot of people outside the convention centre by that time, they were also one of the crew who worked for different booth and companies. Over there, we met our friends too. Then, we met up with our supervisors and took the pass as permission to go in to the centre. It was also the first time I no need to pack with people in the centre. Haha!! So many experience...

OK!! Start to work... At first, I don't even know how to sell. Haha!! So just try my best to do it. 2 of us take some products and just keep on 'shout' : "phone accessories! phone accessories!..." Until there are customers, then only we try our best to introduce, explain, and sell. Most of the time we are not sure about the price of the products, so just keep on asking to verify about it.

Wow! Really tired for the first day, my LEG... PAIN!!! When went back home, I just rush to take my bath, drink soup, bla bla bla and SIT!!! For the whole day, I just have few minutes to sit only, do you know when is the time for me to have a sit? Ans: WASH ROOM time... XD

~2nd day~
A new day, but I don't even feel tired =D Before that, we plan to drive, but still choose to go by train cause scare about traffic jam. Well, lastly Huei Min's mum fetch us. Haha!! THANKS a lot!!! Cant believe we reached there in 30 minutes time. I still remember that day there was a demonstration about ISA in KL, luckily we didn't go by train, if not we sure stuck somewhere else cause police have block some places. It was just a routine work, so we continue our job like yesterday. I'm satisfy with my performance at 2nd day, cause a lot of customers to serve and I have sold lots of products^^ It seems like 2nd day not that tired as compare to the 1st day after standing for the whole day.

~3rd day(last day)~
Same as yesterday, Huei Min's mum fetch, again, THANKS^^ Late and late, haha! As don't want to wait for so long, but we still early, we still have time to walk around the Taman KLCC for a short journey. Then, take pass and go in. Again, work. The lunch for the day, Min and me have to eat separately. Wow! First time take my lunch alone, really feel lonely~.~ End, we also help to pack then only we leave. Totally satisfy and happy with the part time job, not so willing to leave for the last day^^ Having a small celebration among Min, Teng, Sin May, Min's parents and me after working. Hehe!! Min's parents brought us to Jalan Imbi to have supper[can consider as our dinner XD]

Some photos have been taken...


As a KL-ian-, this was my first time to take the photo of Twin Towers at this distance...

Wow!! I just at the ground of Twin Towers^^
[like kampung girl XD]

Jokes around..haha!! This is Fui Teng's housing area-Taman KLCC

She said this is her basin -.- such "small"??

Well, I have made some mistake in between too, hope it was fine T_T And we can actually keep fit. Haha!! But it is not good for health, cause we normally take our lunch at tea time, then didn't take dinner.

Actually I'm happy to work for this first time, may be small company small booth easy to handle, and the supervisors and boss are also good and not much restriction like big booth we see. It is happy to cooperate. They also expect us to help in the next fair, just hope we can do so.

Not to expect anything about the pay, as long as it is reasonable. By the way, the more important thing is I have gained some experience from the fair. WoW!! Don't know why I'm so happy to have such try. But, if there is the option, I may still choose my life now. Hehe!! Working everyday also boring what XD