Monday, 31 August 2009

Busy day 3

Aiyo! Everything were prepared and did by this day. Early in the morning, I woke up to wash everything, my bag, pencil case, jeans and shirts. Then, we went out to Jalan Loke Yew to have our breakfast. The purpose to go there was my dad has to buy a luggage for oversea and a sweater/jacket.
-Walk around in the shop-choose-buy-

Then, next round, we went to brickfield. I have 1 uncle who does pharmacy over there, so my dad went there to buy some sufficient medicine, and we just followed.

Next round again after that. Only left my dad and I, they dropped us at Mid Valley. I walked around with my dad to search something, almost every floor we had passed by, but he still cant find the teapot that his office needed. That time my legs were so tired already leh @_@ Find nothing but my dad still want to buy some shirts, so we walked around Jusco for his shirt, long sleeve, short sleeve and T-shirt, each one got one.

lol... pain pain pain la!! Finally can go back already. Haha! Went back by taxi pula. Then went back home, works coming. T_T sweep the floor. Cant even have a sit and rest yet lol T_T

Night, no cooking for the day, dinner at night market.

What such a busy day fulfill with activities for the whole day!

p/s: Luckily I'm free at that time.