Thursday, 27 August 2009

Busy day 2

Yesterday was also a busy day. Bee, Teng and me have planned to make our enrollment by yesterday. The feeling was back. Scared~~~ Scare I will retake @_@ Arh... As my mum not free to follow me to make payment, so my dad accompanied me. I wait him back from office at around 10am then we depart to college.

When I arrived, 2 of my friends were already in college. Bee sms asked me straight away go to level 3, no need to take result at level 2. Nervous nervous nervous~~~ So, I headed to level 3 as I reached. 2 of them have passed, me leh me leh?!?! ARH!!! Fortunately, passed all. Oh!! Luckily... But we don't know what is our gred yet, need to wait for the official result lately. Pass is enough!!! Wow!! Pass ENL207, but ENL208 is the toughest one T_T

Next semester will be a short semester, 7 weeks only with 3 subjects. Wow! It is not easy to pass the days. Ok! Do enrollment work. Sign for the subjects, walk around different department for signature or chop too then make payment, update our student ID, print out the timetable, finish.

As it will be a short semester, study weeks have been divided into half mean there are 7 weeks only, but each subjects' study period have been doubled. Almost everyday also study and meet the same subject and lecturer -.- Hope I can take it on. But I really scare ENL208, Mr Oliver is teaching us T_T Difficult, tough, suffer and hard to get a good mark but we get a good and responsible lecturer -.-

By the way, my friend called and ask me why don't we take only 2 subjects as it is a short semester, but 3 of us didn't think of it before, just proceed with what the people in-charged have chosen for us. Think it deeply, for us, it is actually same. Touch wood first. We think that IF we fail ENL208 in this Sept semester, we still can retake it in Jan semester; but IF only we start to take ENL208 in Jan semester, IF fail, then the time have to be delayed to retake. So, suffer it first, there is always the risk. Scare~~~ Aih...

Holiday is ended soon, so fast... aih... But after the short semester, there is almost 2+ months of holiday. Aiyo! Too much la -.- Suffer to wait for the dead or live of the result T_T