Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Semester 3---END!!!
NOW---Semester 1... for degree

Yes, now I proceed to degree already. My degree life will be started next Monday. Arh... I also don't know what is my feeling now @_@ Fees, X.X Now just hope I can get ptptn loan as lesser the burden for my dad to pay all at once. A bit feel like so bad to study so expensive, not such a rich person and clever in study but need to spend so much to study. Arh... Now, as not to disappoint my parents, I think I should study 'properly', how 'properly' should I study? I also don't know, may be add more effort as compare to my foundation??!

One day burn that much of money, but my dad got to work for don't know how many months only can get that amount. I really feel bad with it. Sorry!! Well, I also quite scare to discuss the fees with my parents before the day of enrolment. But need to thanks my dad to support it. I will do fewer unnecessary 'burn money activity' compare to last time lah..

My timetable, another thing we are so @_@ with it. In 5 days of classes, almost 4 days are 8am-6pm... ALAMAK!!! More even, in between there are 4 hours break T_T If I am living around college, I won't blame with it, but the fact is NOT... aiyo... 16 hours wasted 1 week. Some more everyday need to suffer from traffic jam when go and also back. aih... Hope there are changes when college reopen!