Sunday, 19 April 2009

Relax after exam

After exam, for sure we must relax. haha! So next week, I will be going to Redang with my college friends, and it is also the first time we are going to have overnight trip. Tomorrow night, we will be leave from KL. It is time for preparing now.

Recently, I was bought a pack of contact lens, it is also due to this trip only I requested for it. It is one day disposable type, and it is also the first time I bought it. Quite curious that when I requested for it, my mum didn't even mumble me, but ask me to go and ask. wow! unbelievable. For this time, my dad does mumble a bit. haha! He said waste money. aih... I just don't want to wear spec while having activities jek... Just 15 days to use it only. As the short-sightedness for my left eye and right eye not a big different, so the seller recommend me to buy one pack enough. If not, got to buy one pack for left eye and another pack for right eye. I also quite lucky, cause there are stock for me. hehe!!

this is the one... ^_^ 15 days for one pair of eyes... looks like toothpaste box hor?! haha!

Yesterday was my younger brother's birthday. Wish him a HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! Well, your beg will be get it soon la... hehe!! Finding... Yesterday I ask him to open a sparkling juice act as a small celebration. haha!! sott sott@_@