Monday, 27 April 2009

Redang Trip ~2nd day~

Early in the morning, about 6am, Edward and David were knocking every room. They actually wake us up to look for the sunrise. But my roommates slept like a pig, no respond at all when they knocked the door and even my alarm was rings. lol... Fui Teng still ok, but THE Bee Yee-dai xiu jie, aih... really need to shake her up. Waiting and looking for the sunrise for almost 1 hours more, then someone went for jogging. Lately, we played volleyball. Haha!! I cannot run due to my injured toes, so I just stand still and wait for the ball^_^

Today had 2 session of snorkelling, 9.30am and 2.30pm. So, after breakfast, I went for a bath and wait for the session. Morning session's snorkelling, again, I followed one abang with Bee Yee. He bring us a lot of fun la!! I still remember is he swim under the water and take a sea cucumber to show us, when I ask him is't sea cucumber, he answer me:"NO! DON'T YOU SEE IT IS A MOTOROLA HANDPHONE." -.-lll Along the journey, he makes lots of joke, we got to get up to laugh before continue. lol... While 2.30pm, we went to marine park. There have more coral and fish, but more dangerous than previous one. This time, no abang at all, so we just follow and hold guys. Pity you all to take care us la!!^_^ Wave around over there, we almost float out of the limit already.

Tea time, then go and play for the last. Sam taught us swimming^_^ I have learned wa shi style(don't know ist call breast stroke) So happyXD Without life jacket, I can float here and there also. But in swimming pool I cant make it la^_^ Yeah!! So excited to swim.

Then, next round. I don't think it is a right choice for me to write it out. So, for those who are going, you must have a good memory!! ^_^