Monday, 27 April 2009

Redang Trip ~1st day~

Finally, I'm here to blog for my Redang trip.

They are 16 people went to this Redang trip, they are Sam, Poh Jin, Lay Peng, Lee Yee, Bee Yee, Fui Teng, Edward, David, Terence, Tze How, Weng Kit, Chris, KS, Jaz, Xian and me. We were getting there by bus. For the first night, we were actually having our "sweet time" in the bus. For a long journey, but I cant even get into sleep@_@ About 5am, we reach. What?? 5am!! We got to wait for another 2 hours until 7am only have bus to travel us to the jetty. lol... That time, everyone was actually quite tired because didn't get a good sleep along the journey. Then just blaming that why don't we go by aeroplane. haha! ok! 7am, get into another bus to jetty. This is also a long journey. But quite curious is, everyone was get into sleep although the bus is not as comfortable as the previous one. wow!! Don't know what time only we reach the jetty, then another 45minutes to travel to Redang Island by boat. No breakfast for that morning+the boat 'jump' here and there, make me feel dizzy and vomit@_@ By the time we reach, it was almost lunch time already.

Listening for short briefing, pay for snorkelling equipment, collect keys, change shirt, lunch then wait for snorkeling session. First time been to snorkelling, quite excited XD And can tell you one thing is all girls don't know swimming, except Sam, she is still learning. While all guys know swimming except 1 or 2 of them. But luckily is guys more than girls. haha! When snorkelling time, I followed a crew over there, normally we call them abang. If you are not scare to them, there are some advantages to follow them. That one I followed he bring me to see a lot of thing, include nemo fish.

After tea time, we went to look for small shark. But I think only 1 or 2 people saw it. Then swim to climb on a stone, bring by someone la! Don't know how to swim la^^ The stone is so slippery, so hard to get on it. When got it, I still think that "how I'm going to go back to the beach leh?" A while later, I saw Fui Teng's toes were bleeding, then I shout at her. So funny is, she look back to my toes, my toes seems like more serious than hers, cause more blood around. lol... Actually those blood on her toes is my blood -.-lll what the... 4 toes injured, the most serious one is my left leg's big toes, bleed none stop, but I had no feeling at all, until my friend hold me back to the beach only I felt the pain. He still want to open my wound. OMG! Another friend still scare me, he said if too serious need to stitch. wahT_T

Quite excited to have such fun, but this make our hair and lip so dry...