Monday, 27 April 2009

Redang Trip ~3rd day~

Last day, nobody set alarm. So everyone woke up quite late. But actually I already woke up 6am for packing and some purpose(just in case one of my roommate can't wake up then I got to help her packing). But luckily she woke up. After preparing, I went out to corridor walk around. I saw all rooms were cold like hell, the window and even the door knob also full of water droplets. While our room's air-cond remote control gone. At last they said another room took already, so our room's air-cond just force to off it. By the time, still nobody wake up. Our boat would be dapart at 9.30am. I sms Lay Peng, Edward and David, but no one reply. lol... Then suddenly saw Tze How came out from his room. He is the one who wake up only. I go and knock Sam's room, cant believe Poh Jin is the one who open the door. lol... Seems like everyone is still in their dream, so Terence, Tze How, David, Fui Teng, Bee Yee and me go for our breakfast first. Totally no appetite for that morning, but force to eat so, cause I scare I would dizzy in the boat again. The boat for that day is different with the first day one, so I felt relieved. Last fun for us is before we arrived at the jetty, the 'driver' of the boat drift here and there. haha!

Bus again, everyone looks like very sad with it, me too. One word-TIRED. When we arrived at the bus station, we went to McD to wait for another bus back to KL. Again-TIRED. We went back by Transnasional double-decker bus. We sat upstairs. Another word-HOT! What a hot bus was that? Can't even breath la! Everyone sweat around, and can't get into sleep although the sits are quite comfortable, everyone just looking for rest station.
Wah!! Take so long time already but we still not on the highway yet. hmmm... boring+tired. At last, we reach right at 8pm. Hooray!

Miss the trip so much, but now my hands get some dot and sometime quite itchy. Lip too, feel itchy. No cough but no sound. I think something I'm allergic to and also because of the hot weather. EVERYBODY, DRINK MORE H2O(WATER) ya! Everytime I went out for trip sure get some light sickness one. haizz... But get use to it already, everytime just get ready. Really enjoy with the trip^_^