Thursday, 13 November 2008

Tired @_@

(seldom type in English, there must be many grammar mistake^_^ hope you will understand what I've written.hehe!!)
Yesterday I was being outside almost half of the day although I only have 2 hours class which end at 12pm. Actually, I felt tired to do so but my friends and I just don't want to do nothing but just stay at home for the whole day. So, we went to Puchong to have our lunch and meet our friend. I din't ever have time to take a nap on yesterday also. At night, I think about 11pm, I start to prepare for my Maths quiz and Moral test for today. It took me about 2 hours to study both of it, at last I get into bed at 1++am. Outgoing half of the day already but still late to sleep sure I felt very sleepy in class today.

I really felt sleepy and almost no spirit to have class for the whole day. But what to do? I have no choice, just take a rest in between of the class when there is the time lo! For the Maths quiz, aih... just like last time. There are don't know how many section with different questions. Then this time I just let my friends to choose the section first as last time I got section B, which is quite easy to do it. After we have do it, only we realize that actually only 1 or 2 questions are not the same. lol...

Lunch time!! We'd our lunch as usual lo! at Asia Cafe. very boring with it already. aih... no choice also. Hate SMOKERS la!!! lol... got 1 friend-girl who same class with us when English class de, she sat with us. Then, she SMOKE!!! some more IN FRONT OF ME!!! wth!! at that time I felt my face is so dirty with those smokes already.
At that time actually I wana run away already, is just because she sat with us at the same table so I dint do so. I really hate SMOKERS!! I don't know why they feel so nice to smoke?! Before and after meal also smoke, if like that, means that minimum 1 day they will smoke about 6 cigarettes lo!!! "GOOD"!! They have done such a "HEALTHY" job!! Because of them, the air is so "FRESH".
Well, I really feel proud of my dad that he manage to leave from this "HEALTHY" job before we born!!^_^

2pm... is time for Moral class. arh... mean is time to have test. By the time we were not so scare with it, coz we have prepared to copy as fast as possible. hehe! It is open book for the theories part while the religion part is not open book, but after request from our lecturer, haha!! you know what will be the answer?? That is, he let us have an open book test for both part. lol... We sure very happy with it la! It seems like we were just doing an exercise. Half an hour before ended the test, there was an evaluation session. So, there was no choice that our lecturer have to stop the test. Do you know what he ask us to do??! He ask us continue it tomorrow. lol... We still can bring the test paper back and bring it tomorrow to college to continue it. wow!! What a GOOD test I ever have. haha!!^_^