Monday, 5 January 2009

5/1/09-3rd semester

After 3 weeks of holidays, FINALLY... college reopen... now I am already in 3rd semester for my foundation. Luckily, I have no resit and retake subject until now, so it is really quite lucky for me as I got all passed. If not, sure bla bla bla by parents cause it waste time and money.

I still remember first day when in semester 1, my class-F2 was damn silent, cause we were new with the place, lecturer and also among each other by that time. Then continue to semester 2, the first day was a bit noisy, but we can see that noise are only made among the students from gang of F1 and F2, cause at that time our class-F1 had mix. There were half students from F1 and F2 from the 1st semester been in a class. By now, semester 3! wow!! The first day, means today la! My class is just like a market already!!! It is like a upgrading session. haha!! And yet, it is also prove that we really know each other already mah! hehe^_^

Today, first day of class for semester 3, felt a bit lazy already, lazy to wake up, lazy to prepare... But force to do so, wake up-prepare-wait for Bee to fetch me. As it is the first day of class, so we make it early a bit.

whiteboard start to "work" again.. for my bro and me to write down our time as to let our parents know..

10am to 6pm, quite a long time @_@ We had English, Statistics and Management class for today. When we saw the course structure for this 3 subjects, faint @_@ Why statistics also have assignment and project?? Why this time Management have individual assignment?? Many things have changed, like the grading scale, then start from this semester coursework-60% while final exam-40%. WOW!!! I got 4 subjects, ist mean that there are 8 assignment?? ALAMAK!!! Thought this semester only Management have assignment only, and will be more free, but now... fate lo T_T