Saturday, 28 March 2009

My new mobile phone-W902

Finally, I have changed a new handphone. The first time which is belonging to me. This is the fourth handphone I have, but this is the first one that I bought. The previous one all are second and third hand one. haha!! Which mean being used by my father and brother before I used. So happy with it. I just got it yesterday night^_^ At the same time, my cousin sister also has changed her phone due to her phone has really reach the time to be "refrigerated". It was also just happen yesterday, two of us buy at the same day. haha! She bought SE W705.

After looking for so many model-Nokia 5800, SE C510, SE W705, SE C902 and SE W902. Finally I have chosen W902. Although it is wider and longer than the previous K608i, but it specifications are better. Why I don't choose the other 4 models that I prefer before?? For Nokia 5800, my brother thinks it is not so advance yet, if one it, he will thinks for Idou. SE C510, quite normal and the cover for camera not so good. SE W705, the keypad too hard to press. SE C902, many people said this phone very lag, especially when having a call. That's why at last I choose SE W902. Although its camera is not as good as a real camera and its look is a bit weird, I think it is nice to use. Hope it won't make me dissapointed.

compare with the previous one, W902 is thinner, but longer, wider and heavier than K608i

3 of my previous handphone...