Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Break hours

Yesterday, there were 4 hours break in between my day in college from 10am to 2pm. By then, we were discussing what to do for that 4 hours and also Thursday 6 hours break. After crapping here and there, said to go Cheras for lunch, bla bla bla and so, at last our Finance lecturer told us that Thursday's class will be postponed @_@ Mean? Mean no 6 hours break for tomorrow, only left Economic class at 4-6pm, so we don't need to wake up early tomorrow.

Ok! No outgoing for this Thursday, so how about the 4 hours?

Final decision was we went to Sunway Pyramid. We went for a movie and have lunch over there. Movie-Sell Out. I also don't know how can I describe about this movie. Funny? Ya! It's funny. Bored? Ya! Some shots quite boring. Nice? I would give 20 marks as it entertained me. It's funny but boring. Now I can still remember those funny shots, like there are people called Chow Chi Fai and Rafflesia(understand the meaning by yourself), 1 aunty and 1 ah po fight for taxi until the aunty didn't notice that she reach her house but need to pay for RM3.50 as she already get into the taxi and the taxi driver just reverse the car XD And so it's the first movie I left the cinema earlier without finish watched the movie. At last, everyone just blaming that "who suggest for the movie??!!!" haha!!

Yesterday dinner-homemade yong tau fu. One of my favourite food^_^ Yesterday, my mum made yong tau fu as dinner. Wow! Fully 'packed'(I mean my stomach XD) NICE!! Got bittergourd, lady fingers, taufu and my favourite taufu pok^_^

Today, there is no break hours. 1 strike 6 hours class. So tired and feel sleepy -.-Zzz Somemore hungry. But it is just until 2pm, is better than 6pm^_^

After sweating, hot-ing- and 'dying' for a few weeks, finally, rains 'drop by' today. "Rain God! Rest for so many days already, is time to work!!" Rain heavily just now, feel so happy for this rain. haha!! Now, xu fuk sai^_^ So nice and cool now, before that, sleep also sweating if without air-cond.